Brandon Weeden SucksIn a recent interview Browns 29-year-old rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden said he just has to let it rip in the last two games. Wow, we thought he was already doing that. If he thinks he has to throw the ball more than he has already been throwing it, how many more interceptions can we count on? Weeden is only one interception away from taking the lead in the NFL for the most interceptions, if he plans on letting it rip as he says, how many more interceptions do you think we will see out of Weeden?  With 17 of them already and one of the worse T.Q.R. in the N.F.L. I get a kick out of how many people continue to say you can’t hold it against Weeden because even though he is 29, he is still a rookie.

Wow, again I am blown away by all the excuses people will make for Weeden. Wasn’t Kirk Cousins a rookie too? As a matter of fact when Cousins played the Browns last Sunday it was his first N.F.L. start. No one had to make excuse after excuse for Cousins after he beat the heck out of the Cleveland Browns and Brandon Weeden who was in his 14th start. Then you have the Weeden backers that want to tell you that it was the defense that lost the game for the Browns and it had nothing to do at all with Brandon Weeden. Again you just have to sit back and laugh, how long do people think the defense should stay out on the field? The problem is they get tired trying to react defensively. It takes more energy to play defense than it does to play offense. That is why good football teams can keep their defense on the bench to rest them. Their offense can stay on the field for more than three plays at a time.

Weeden is one of the worse N.F.L. Q.B.’s when it comes to converting on third downs.If you look at time of possession last week you would see that the Browns lost that too. The Redskins offense had the ball for 36:17 and the Browns offense had the ball for only 23:43, the defense played longer than the Browns offense did. They have done that for much of the season, Brandon Weeden fails to keep his Browns offensive unit on the field. In each game the Browns lost the time of possession was in favor if the winning team. When the Cowboys beat the Browns they held the ball for almost 13 minutes more than the Cleveland Offense. If Weeden was capable of converting on 3rd downs, the table would be turning in the Browns favor.

This Sunday when the Browns travel to Denver, they have to try and keep Manning off the field.With Weeden at quarterback this is going to be a very difficult task. The Broncos 4 time league M.V.P. Peyton Manning is a master at controlling time of possession. In his last game the Broncos offense held the football for over 38 minutes. With Weeden going 3 and out more often than not, the Browns are probably going to lose the T.O.P. battle again. You can count on a tired Cleveland Browns defense and you can count on Brandon Weeden looking to take over the top spot in the N.F.L. in interceptions, letting it rip as he says may not be the ideal thing to do in the Mile High city.


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  1. tigersbrowns2

    mornin’ LG … shhhh , don’t tell anyone , but I’m going to let you in on a little secret …

    mr. weeden will NOT take over the interception lead this week … yes, he will throw one, but only one, as he throws for over 300 yards & 3 td’s & puts the hurtin’ on champ bailey’s crew in a thrilling 28-27 victory for the browns in the mile-high city.

    just when most are ready to give-up on weeden , he comes through with one of his best performances of the year.

    yes , you may think i’m high on crack … i’m high on the browns playing well this week.

    Merry Christmas to all & GO BROWNS !!!!

    • LG

      I certainly hope you’re right TB2. But the news I heard this morning had Peyton Manning talking about how much work he and the Broncos still needed to get ready for the play-offs. I think he is going to go for broke this weekend…

  2. tigersbrowns2

    hi ABROWN … the browns did play the cardinals in 2011 … they lost 20-17 in OT … however , seneca wallace played that game.

    thank you for the smiley face in your last post , you ‘ol softy , you.

    have a great Christmas.

  3. KC

    tigersbrowns2 I appreciate your strong support in Weeden, sometimes I am wondering if you are not Weeden as once Weeden commented using your site. If this is Weeden you should never think or say I will get one interception, you should believe and know I will go out and not throw any interceptions. I just do not understand this thinking; if you believe you are a good QB or tigersbrowns2 if you believe Weeden is such a good QB do not believe he will get any interceptions. have Let’s look at who we are playing Peyton Manning a QB we all know is GREAT and well experienced. Weeden, who we have to continually be told is just a ROOKIE and is allowed to make mistakes. Why in the world do you or you Weeeden believe you will bet this man? Let us just hope that the Brown’s will not be blown out and embarrassed.

    • LG

      KC, wasn’t Cousins a rookie who never started in the NFL too? Have A Merry Christmas KC

      • tigersbrowns2

        cousins couldn’t carry weeden’s jock !!!! … lmfao !!

        • LG

          Have you already started your Holiday drinking TB2?

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi KC … i don’t want him to throw any int’s … but i feel he may throw 1 … on the positive note : i did say more than 300 yards 3 td’s & a 28-27 victory … that’s positive , isn’t it ??

      peyton manning IS great & he may very well throw an interception as well.

      merry christmas !!

  4. Jeremy

    Interceptions happen to all QBs… even the immortal P. Manning has 10 and will be adding 2 more this week :) . Here’s to hoping the play calling is set up to release Weeden on some bigger plays… we WONT win if he is playing the check down game. The Broncos lb play is too good…. They are going to have to put the ball into the second level to start…. If they throw down field this Sunday, the game should be competitive… Go BROWNS!!!!

  5. KC

    LG you are right, but what I get tired of hearing from Tigersbrowns2 is how great Weeden is. I cannot believe he believes Weeden will beat Peyton. I also wonder if this site does not belong to Weeden himself or this is his friend who is always taking up for Weeden. And they always make excuses for Weeden’s mistakes stating he is a rookie and is allowed to make those mistakes, however, look at all the other rookies this season and compare them to Weeden. Let us all have a Merry Christmas.

    • LG

      What site belongs to Weeden? This one? No way KC….or are you saying TB2 site is Weedens…

  6. APCI

    I think you are confusing what he meant by letting it rip. I am not a Weeden defender but it is clear to me that the guy is being too careful with the ball. He is so worried about making bad throws/decisions that it is affecting his accuracy. Its always in the back of his mind. The underthrown interception against the Redskins was a clear example of that, in my opinion. I think by letting it rip he is talking about not playing scared. It may result in more interceptions and might not. We’ll see. Also, I don’t care how old he is. He is still a rookie. Should we have drafted him? Probably not but we are stuck with him and we shouldn’t throw him to the curb after one bad season. If you expect every rookie to come in and tear it up like RG3 then you are in for a surprise. Andrew Lucks numbers are very similar to Weeden’s with the exception of W’s. I really don’t understand the hatred for Weeden. He has made rookie mistakes. If he doesn’t learn from it next year then maybe we should move one. We have too much invested in him to move on now. He should take a lot of the blame but I think a fair share of it goes on the coaches as well. They should be trying to play to his strengths, whatever those might be.

    As far as Cousins goes, he was put in a great position by his coaching staff. They ran that stretch play over and over again. His receivers were wide open at all times. Actually, they were College football wide open, not NFL open (smaller openings in the NFL). Yes it was his 1st game but he had a serious advantage. Nick Foles 1st game as a starter he threw for almost 400 yards. He didn’t do so good in his 2nd game though.

  7. Roderick Law

    Let me set the record straight for ya’ll Weeden basher’s 1) Weeden never was seasoned as a QB in high school like the other’s he was drafted in the major’s from high school.2)HE was a walk on in college sat on the bench the 1st yr.3)The other QB’s coaches modify the offense to the strenght of there QB’s Cleveland don’t.4)Weeden just learning to read defenses which is difficult at the pro level was not seasoned like other QB’s .5)Weeden is far better QB to make the throw’s than Colt McCoy just be realistic & honest.6)Weeden only has a total of 3 & 1/2 yrs in learning the QB position unlike the other QB’s every1 try to measure him up to.7)His NUMBER’S is decent considering what he was up against,he didn’t have a veteran reciever like the other QB’s to help his growth.8)He was with nothing but rookies making mistakes running wrong routes etc. No can ya’ll please get out of fantasy land & be and think realistic with a open mind..You can accept the truth or bash it up to you.

    • LG

      that is why he should have never been picked in the first round of the draft. And he played High School football too…..

    • Bob

      You my friend is the one that needs to be realistic and open-minded.

      lol. You live in fantasyland or you are an Oklahoma State fan. Sorry, McCoy’s stats and accuracy are better then Weeden’s period. You would know that if you followed the Browns other then this year. Your boy Weeden has a much better team around him then McCoy ever did and he stil is one of the worse qbs and the WORST rookie qb. Go look at McCoy’s stats and qb rating from 2010 & 2011 with a worse Browns team and you’ll see McCoy was much better then Weeden in 2012.

  8. RB

    How about we just try to enjoy the last 2 weeks of football without the Weeden bashing. We will know, soon enough what’s going to happen as far as the coach, gm, qb etc.

    I know you’re high on Haslam, but if he brings in Lombardi, the Browns are screwed. I respect your assessment of talent more than I do his.

    I do not look forward to new defensive coordinator. I welcome a new offensive coordinator as long as they develop the offense around the talent that we have instead of forcing a square peg into a round hole type of approach.

    Happy holidays everyone, and be safe this weekend. Go Browns, Cavs and Indians.

    Btw, when are we going to get an owner for the Indians who has some money to spend.

    • LG

      Rb Merry Christmas to you too & have a happy New Year. As far as the Indians go, great question. As far as Lombardi goes I don’t get why they want him. Lets hope after all these years he has grown up mentally and could do something positive…

  9. David

    Well LG, based on this article of Weeden “letting it rip”, I believe this is all the more reason to be telling Shurmur not to let the door hit him on the way out. When you have Shurmur demand that Weeden throws no more picks, then no wonder Weeden is Captain Checkdown. Any time a QB acts like he’s to worried about making mistakes with the football, chances are mistakes will be made. Shurmur coaching scared = Weedem QBing scared.

    Now, tomorrow we will be playing against the Denver Broncos. If Weeden has trouble with his throws in normal conditions, then I shudder to think how he will do in a high altitude city like Denver. And Peyton Manning is a prime example of a player-coach with the way he makes offensive play adjustments on the field at a moment’s notice. Will Pat Shurmur once again be taken to school?

    Finally, Happy Holidays LG.

    • LG

      I think he will David. Manning is one of the best and I think the Browns offense will have the ball very little. I wish we could have gotten rid of Shurmur during the Bye week, this way we wouldn’t have to wait until next year to see what team could do. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year David…….

    • ricktenny

      Well it’s midnight on Saterday and I hope Branden is in bed asleep. I’m sure he’s dreaming about the thrill of Beating The Broncos and meeting Peyton after the game to revel in his praise. Or he could be dreaming about the Denver defense and “Von Miller the QB killer”. Oh lord that wouldn’t be a dream. I just hope he doesn’t get hurt.

      Merry Christmas LG and all of the other Yard Barker commentors.

      GO BROWNS!!!

      • LG

        Merry Christmas Ricktenny

  10. Bobby D

    Ok I was a big Weeden supporter. I have seen the light. He just plain out sucks! We can’t go on like this. There is not anyone in the up coming draft that would be worthy of our 1st round pick at QB. I say trade it to the 49ers for Alex Smith. They don’t wnat him and he is a gamer.

    Merry Christmas.

    Santa please bring me a winning saeason next year.

    • LG

      Merry Christmas To You Too Bobby D

  11. marty

    I can’t and won’t ever give weedon the benefit of the doubt. I openly looked at weedon before the draft and wasn’t impressed. He really isn’t ever going to improve. He has no natural feeling for the game. I see a man that has’nt found his calling.The browns in the past had so many problems that Heckert did make some good moves. Colt got railroaded out from 2012 season. Promises a fair chance of competition. LG you know the decision was made as soon as they were looking at QBs. There was no mention anywhere about QB talks till sometime after Colt’s concussion. The brown’s defense has a level of playing to their competition. Brown’s offense will be the downfall in this game. Weedon’s supporters will blame the crowd noise. Pressure will be too high for weedon to handle. Maybe he’ll get lucky for no interceptions, but his passes will be too high for any receiver under 12 foot tall.

  12. RB

    As far as the upcoming draft, I’m guessing the Browns could give Barkley a shot even though that last to QBs from USC were busts. I’m also guessing that the QB issue will not be addressed until they pick a new head coach and gm. We need to bring in a veteran receiver to work with our young ones. I feel our receivers are lacking in what to do once their 5 yard route is complete. That will increase QB efficiency, regardless of who’s behind center.

    It will be interesting to see how the team responds this week. There were poor performances across the board from special teams, offensive schemes and lack of defensive adjustments. Coaching really doesn’t matter at this point. I’m guessing all of them will be gone within an hour after the end of the Browns/Steelers game.

    At least Heckert will be able to find a job. He’s the one bright spot that has done an above average job.

    I’m not much into the conspiracy theory Marty. Colt didn’t play that well. Yes he didn’t have much to work with, but if you go back and watch game film he was constantly throwing behind receivers. His “perceived” lack of arm strength (I am not sure how strong his arm really is) was probably more of his undoing than anything else, but I’m not an expert, so I can’t say for sure.

  13. Tom Wynne

    like 3 and out for the offense is something that has its origin in Weeden at QB…its been years!


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