Brandon Weeden interceptions The Cleveland Browns quarterback 29-year-old Brandon Weeden says he isn’t a moron and he knows he has got to stop making stupid throws,Weeden says these interceptions go back into his pee-wee football days and it is part of his competitive nature to try and force throws to make big plays. In the NFL you don’t last very long throwing the ball to the other teams defense, even though Weeden is 29 he cautions the Cleveland Media he is still a rookie and this is his first time playing in the NFL.

There has been a lot to learn according to Weeden and he gets it. That has to be a line right out of his head coaches mouth, Shumur often says “He Gets It”. The Browns head into Dallas this Sunday and they need a win. Weeden has to play a smart game to prove he isn’t a moron as he says and the Browns need a win. The team could be faced by a crowd that could be very Colt McCoy friendly and if Weeden doesn’t perform well in the game the Texas fans who remember the heroics of McCoy could demand he plays.

Weeden has to perform well in this game. The Browns are watching Mr. Weeden very closely in this game and if he continues to struggle under pressure his chances of returning as the Browns starting Q.B. could diminish rapidly. Lets hope the Cleveland Browns can get a win in the lone star state this Sunday. Lets hope Brandon Weeden doesn’t crack under the pressure…..

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  1. ABrown

    It’s hard to know what to say when someone says, “I’m not a moron.” It just hangs there in the strike zone.

    Here’s a Jimmy Johnson story about learning the importance of drafting smart players. He told his staff to “Hit me in the head with a hammer if I ever think about drafting another dumb player!”

  2. Bob

    After hearing this statement, I can bet that he will not be starting for the Browns next year.

    Why? A professional sports athlete should not make statements like “I am not a moron” to the press. I don’t believe anyone even called him a moron. Did they? Very unprofessional. This shows that he’s defensive and insecure. A leader is not defensive and insecure. A leader is inspirational. A leader does not focus on blame, but rather focuses on rallying a team and himself to play their best. In the past he also patted himself on the back and said he played well and he didn’t and then had to retract. Does this guy also throw his fellow players under the bus too? Someone needs to tell this guy how to handle himself with the media. A leader does not talk to the media like this. How do his teammates feel after hearing their leader speak like this? I think he is Derek Anderson Part 2. Remember how Anderson was in front of the media in Arizona?

    For me, this “I am not a Moron” statement shows me that he is not a leader and more then likely does not have respect from his fellow team players. Instead of be so in to is image, he should be focusing on this Sunday’s game against the Cowboys and his words should be of inspiration for his teammates, fans, coaches and owner. We were all told how mature he was and that’s why they drafted him and that why he started. So much for being NFL ready on the field or off the field. Interesting because he comes off as the most immature overrated QBs of last year’s draft.

    • ABrown

      Bob, you are absolutely on target here. Weeden sounds like a 3rd grader throwing a tantrum when his Mom tells his not to play peewee ball without his helmet.

      If a team believes in a quarterback, they praise him and talk about his leadership, like they did with McCoy, or like the Falcons do with the QB they call “Mattie Ice” because he is great under pressure.

      We don’t hear anything about Shurmur or Weeden, even when the press if filled with questions about whether they should stay with the team.

      When the offensive linemen heard the 22nd pick in the draft this year, they said in an interview that they felt like they had been punched in the gut.

      You don’t hear anyone feeling like that at the possibility that Weeden wouldn’t be the starter.

      Can’t play under pressure, can’t hit the broad side of a barn, can’t move to avoid a sack and trips over his own feet, can’t talk to the media, apparently can’t learn the playbook, and can’t inspire the team.

      He may be not be a moron, but he’s definitely not a “franchise quarterback.”

      • Bob

        It’s also baffling that he would reference pee-wee football. He should have mentioned his college days in a positive light instead. Can you imagine Aaron Rodgers, Brady, Ryan, any of the Mannings or any NFL QB on or off the bench saying, “When I played pee-wee football, there was this play that we did and by the way, the snacks that my mom brought were awesome.”

  3. Bob

    Did you see the latest from Josh Cribbs. See .

    When a player starts talking in the media about how he is not utilized, he obviously does not care about what the current coach thinks because there is obviously a problem with leadership. Didn’t Cribbs & MoMass have some issues/run-ins with Shurmur over the summer? Cribbs is fighting for his job because of Shurmerball. Shurmur is toxic & so is Weeden. Leadership can’t be found on the field because leadership is on the bench.

    On a side note, this whole Weeden Cooper thing is interesting. They seem to be great friends and they have chemistry. What I’d like to see is for the Browns to pick up Jordan Shipley, so Cleveland can see record setting chemistry of the McCoy Shipley combo. If Shipley is fully healed next season, Haslam & Banner should make this happen. Both McCoy & Shipley have played a lot longer together then Weeden & Cooper & they both bring excitement to a team.

    • Bob

      Should have also said that the McCoy Shipley combo brings what’s most important. That’s WINS.

      • ABrown

        On target again, shipley never drops a catchable pass and he catches some that no one else could get. He runs great routes and can almost always get open. His first year at Cincinnati, he became Carson Palmer’s favorite receiver, beating out Ocho Cinco and TO.

        He’s a great possession receiver and he moves the chains and wins games. And like all great players, his play ramps up when the game is on the line.

        The only question would be how well his knee has healed after surgery.

    • Bob

      Regarding Cribbs, See also



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