Brandon Weeden is getting very pissed off about losing, that is a good thing. The fact that he has never been part of a losing team has gotten under Mr. Weeden’s skin. After all he is the leader of the Cleveland Browns offense, he touches the ball on every play and some of his mistakes have helped the Cleveland Browns to a 0-5 record. Take the fact Brandon Weeden can’t complete a full game in the NFL without throwing an interception. This isn’t going to help the Browns win.

Brandon Weeden threw 2 interceptions in New York, one was a stupid pass when he should have thrown the ball out-of-bounds. He knew it and the world knew it as soon as he let it go. It was one of the worse passes Weeden ever threw since coming to the NFL. All the losses aren’t Brandon Weeden’s fault. The Browns defense has failed to show up to 3 of the games the Browns lost this season. If Brandon Weeden was indeed the leader he claims to be he would find a way to talk to his defense and get them to play the way they played in the Philly and Ravens game. You can’t win football games in the NFL if your defense doesn’t give the 100% it takes to stop your opponents.

The Cleveland Browns have a lot of problems on this team. They are not all Brandon Weeden’s problems but he does need to find a way to pull his team together and get them to play as a team on  both sides of the ball. Weeden has to stop turning the ball over too. You cannot give a guy like Eli Manning extra chances to put points on the score board. Turn-overs kill you in the NFL and Weeden is quickly learning the hard way.

Weeden has the chance to prove he can be the leader of this Cleveland Browns team. He has to find a way to rally his team behind him to get their first win. He has to get the rest of the team as pissed off as he is about losing. The Browns take on the Bengals next and their defense isn’t that good. If Weeden and his Browns can stop the turn-overs and the Browns defense can play the way they played against Philly and the Ravens they could pull off a win.

Weeden has to get his guys on the same page before Sunday.


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Readers Comments (4)

  1. muttklingon

    Brandon weeden need’s a coach with a strong leaddership! now ! that bark oder s the browns need a real leaddership! not coach that will wined .at a turn over or a offsides . ?

  2. marty stys

    According to shurmur and holmgren, It is all Weedon fault. He is the offensive leader. Just like they said before, it was all Colt McCoy’s fault.Common sense tells us It was never Colt’s fault.I don’t see the sense of replacing the quarterback when we needed so much.I guess our #1 draft pick will be a quarterback. Weedon does not play with heart.

  3. marty stys

    He doesn’t have what it takes to be a leader.He is mature rookie with no heart for the game.

  4. ABrown

    QB passer ratings don’t measure leadership, but wins do. New York is almost crippled by injuries, but they still manage to win.

    This week they needed to play a rookie WR from LSU and very few people on the team had much faith in him because he wasn’t very developed and hadn’t caught very many passes in college. But Eli Manning met with him last week and worked with him and then thru more passes to him than any other receiver, and he caught almost everything that came his way. That’s an example of leadership.

    But it’s not just something an experienced QB has. Cleveland has a QB who as a rookie could go into a huddle and tell the team “We’re going to win this game.” and make everyone believe it and no one doubt because this QB rarely made mistakes.

    Some quarterbacks are just part of the team, important, but not crucial. When Weeden graduated, Oklahoma State started a freshman and he picked up right where Weeden left off. When McCoy graduated at Texas, UT didn’t even go to a bowl game the next year after playing for a national championship and the school had to revamp the whole program.

    Some of you may have watched Indy play against Green Bay this past weekend. If you did, you watched Luck lead a drive down the field in the last 2 minutes of the game to score a TD for the win. He was clearly the leader of that team and he did whatever was necessary for the win, even running for a first down.

    I don’t know if someone can learn to be a leader, or if it’s something, like speed, that you either have or you don’t.


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