Weeden sucked in the Senior BowlHow funny is it to visit the official site of the Cleveland Browns and see an article about Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden remembering the Senior Bowl?  You would have thought with the way Weeden played it would have been a game he would have tried to forget about. Weeden played in the 2012 game as a member of the South team. He stunk in the game. People said after Weeden's performance in the Senior bowl, he erased a  good showing in the week of practice leading up to the game.

Weeden went 5 for 9 and threw 2 interceptions in the Senior Bowl. Immediately Weeden's draft stock started to fall faster than the 2008 market crash.  That means Weeden went just 2 for 9 in the game. Weeden was asked to run a pro-style offense after coming from Oklahoma state where he ran the spread style of offense and Weeden failed miserably in the Senior bowl.

Another comment that was made about Weeden's draft chance after his Senior Bowl apperence went like this; "If this elder prospect is going to make any significant impact in the NFL, he is going to have to adapt to the NFL game quickly. He showed with this performance that he has a long ways to go". (Taken from a Bleacher Report Article).

So what do the brain trusts of the Cleveland Browns do? they wasted their second draft pick (22nd over) on Weeden who isn't smart enough to adapt himself to the Pro Style offense. I find it hilarious that Weeden would call attention to his senior bowl on the Cleveland Browns web-site. It goes to show you that Weeden is not the sharpest tack in the drawer. Why bring attention to his performance in which he sucked in?

Brandon Weeden is not going to be a great starting quarterback in the NFL. The writing is on the wall in Cleveland and Mr. Weeden should be making plans for his early exit from the Cleveland Browns. The NFL is not going to change and it is evident that Brandon Weeden is unable to adapt his style of play to fit the NFL. The only reason Brandon Weeden had any level of success in College was the fact his head coach made it so easy on him. At Oklahoma state, they simplified everything to fit Weeden's mentality.

Here is what Weeden had to say about his Senior Bowl appearance as posted on the Browns web-site; “I remember it was a long four days,” Weeden said. “You walk through the lobby of the hotel and teams are grabbing you. It’s kind of a meat-market. You’re being pulled in a million different directions, along with the football stuff.”

You notice he doesn't bring up the game at all. At least he is smart enough not to refocus the spot light on his miserable performance.


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