Weeden sucked in the Senior BowlHow funny is it to visit the official site of the Cleveland Browns and see an article about Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden remembering the Senior Bowl?  You would have thought with the way Weeden played it would have been a game he would have tried to forget about. Weeden played in the 2012 game as a member of the South team. He stunk in the game. People said after Weeden’s performance in the Senior bowl, he erased a  good showing in the week of practice leading up to the game.

Weeden went 5 for 9 and threw 2 interceptions in the Senior Bowl. Immediately Weeden’s draft stock started to fall faster than the 2008 market crash.  That means Weeden went just 2 for 9 in the game. Weeden was asked to run a pro-style offense after coming from Oklahoma state where he ran the spread style of offense and Weeden failed miserably in the Senior bowl.

Another comment that was made about Weeden’s draft chance after his Senior Bowl apperence went like this; “If this elder prospect is going to make any significant impact in the NFL, he is going to have to adapt to the NFL game quickly. He showed with this performance that he has a long ways to go”. (Taken from a Bleacher Report Article).

So what do the brain trusts of the Cleveland Browns do? they wasted their second draft pick (22nd over) on Weeden who isn’t smart enough to adapt himself to the Pro Style offense. I find it hilarious that Weeden would call attention to his senior bowl on the Cleveland Browns web-site. It goes to show you that Weeden is not the sharpest tack in the drawer. Why bring attention to his performance in which he sucked in?

Brandon Weeden is not going to be a great starting quarterback in the NFL. The writing is on the wall in Cleveland and Mr. Weeden should be making plans for his early exit from the Cleveland Browns. The NFL is not going to change and it is evident that Brandon Weeden is unable to adapt his style of play to fit the NFL. The only reason Brandon Weeden had any level of success in College was the fact his head coach made it so easy on him. At Oklahoma state, they simplified everything to fit Weeden’s mentality.

Here is what Weeden had to say about his Senior Bowl appearance as posted on the Browns web-site; “I remember it was a long four days,” Weeden said. “You walk through the lobby of the hotel and teams are grabbing you. It’s kind of a meat-market. You’re being pulled in a million different directions, along with the football stuff.”

You notice he doesn’t bring up the game at all. At least he is smart enough not to refocus the spot light on his miserable performance.


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  1. tigersbrowns2

    hmmm … always the weeden-hater. i hope you get a chance to sit & talk with the young man one of these days.

    as a weeden supporter , i did not give him a glowing grade for this season … but , i would like to see what he could do with chud & turner mentoring him.

    i am sorry , but i still think you cannot call someone a bust after only 1 season.

    • LG

      TB2 I told you before, I don’t hate Weeden at all. It is just the glowing facts about Weeden I report. Sorry man but it is the truth…..The guy should have never been drafted at the number 22nd spot in the first round. If he were a 5th or 6th round pick I would be so hard on him….

      • tigersbrowns2

        mornin’ LG … i do agree with you on the browns taking him at 22nd overall.

        he wouldn’t have been there in the 5th or 6th round … i know denver & some other teams had interest in him. i think holmgren sensed somebody was going to nab him , so they jumped on him too early.

        • ABrown

          Denver said they were thinking 5th or 6th round as a project.

  2. RICK

    LG, It’s gonna be a long season for you if they decide to go with Weeden this season.(OH well it will give you something to write about)I agree with TB2 It,s too early to tell especially with the coaching he had last season.

    • LG

      Hey if he wins then I’ll reconsider my opinions, if he continues to suck, then I will continue to voice my opinions…

  3. Bob

    What’s amazing is that Weeden still has fans pushing for him. In any other city, no coach (except NY Jets of course) would allow a quarterback like this to continue past the bye week. He was the luckiest poor playing quarterback in the NFL. Just ask Alex Smith. Getting chance after chance to perform his “deer in the headlight, media disaster, poor decision making” act week after week until Denver said enough. Colt beat his QBR stats with a lot less (players, full preseason as a starter, etc… ). Colt also beat the likes of Brees & Brady. And Colt beat Weeden’s QBR stats with not a healthy shoulder, poor receivers, poor offensive line protecting him and 2 different offensive systems.

    For those of you who support Weeden, you should be upset that they threw him in the fire too soon. Personally I don’t think he’ll ever succeed in the NFL due to lack of football smarts at the NFL level. LG summed up Weeden very well with his statement, “The only reason Brandon Weeden had any level of success in College was the fact his head coach made it so easy on him. At Oklahoma state, they simplified everything to fit Weeden’s mentality.” – SO TRUE!

    • LG

      I think the Weeden lovers are in for a shock sooner rather than later Bob.

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi BOB … until they bring in someone better than weeden , i will continue to pull for him.

      mccoy had his chance … he went 6-15 & made critical mistakes late in games … i don’t care who was blocking for him , running the ball or catching & dropping passes.

      you & LG both agreed about “the only reason he had success in college” , well , if chud & turner decide to stick with weeden & work with him , i think they will realize that as well.

      chud & turner may not want to go weeden … but if they do , i think you will see a marked improvement in weeden.

      • Bob

        Hey TB2 – I see we’re on two different sides, which is fine and makes a great debate.

        McCoy made critical mistakes late in games? When? McCoy usually thrives late in games, especially the 4th quarter. He did better on 3rd down conversions and also in the red zone which is KEY compared to Weeden. Did you see the touchdown by McCoy in Denver? I believe he had a 80 yard drive touchdown. Did you see McCoy’s mobility? He knows how to move unlike Weeden. It’s Weeden who made mistakes late in games throwing interceptions or overthrowing receivers, starring down receivers or not throwing to wide open receivers, which by the way announcers repeatedly pointed out. He also had a terrible time in the red zone and with 3rd down conversions.

        In regards to McCoy’s late mistakes in games in 2011 (which I feel you may referring to), funny I remember botched snaps to Dawson, the broken o-line NOT protecting McCoy, a HORRIBLE receiving core (Little a leader for drops). The interesting thing is McCoy’s QBR was still better then Weeden’s.

        You also said “i don’t care who was blocking for him , running the ball or catching & dropping passes.” REALLY? Wow! Interesting comment when in order to be a successful quarterback, you need someone to catch your balls & block for you. McCoy did not have his chance by the way of a full camp and a full season with protection and better receiving like Weeden did. Players & analysts are on record saying the Browns would have done better then McCoy. Did you see his first season in 2010? He thrived compared to Weeden’s rookie season before his high ankle sprain beating the Saints & Patriots. In 2011, he had no full camp, a had new first time coach and a new system (west coast) which by the way Holmgren and others say it takes 2 years to learn. McCoy did not get the chance Weeden did. We were all told Weeden was mature and ready to go and would not be like a rookie. He ended up being the worst rookie QB this year and a media blunder.

        Did you hear what Norv said about McCoy today? “I have watched Colt and seen him play. He brings a different style than Brandon. He’s been a productive player when he’s played.” Why didn’t Norv say Weeden was a productive player when he’s played?

        Sorry, I don’t believe Weeden will be the starter next year. The new coaches and front office don’t appear to be leaning his way. And if it’s between McCoy & Weeden, McCoy will be the starter.

        Personally though, even though I like McCoy, I think he will be traded.

      • ABrown

        TB2, you’re singing that old imaginary “McCoy made critical mistakes late in games” song.

        The last time you mentioned it, I went back and looked as the play-by-play for all 21 games, but only found 2 mistakes late in games. One was the interception he threw when he went back into the Pittsburgh game with a concussion — that was Shurmur’s mistake.

        I’ve forgotten what game it was, but the only other problem I think I saw was another interception that McCoy threw in the last few seconds of a game on 4th down. A QB has to go for broke on that play, and it didn’t lead to a TD for the other team.

        Maybe you can come up with at least one example of what you claim is a pattern.

  4. RICK

    WHO knows maybe they both wont be around

  5. ABrown

    LG, I love that you wrote about Weeden looking back fondly on his practice for the Senior Bowl. He really was getting a lot of love because he was playing well in practice.

    But then he showed everyone who was paying attention that he can’t play well when it matters, under pressure or when the game is on the line. He has two left feet and is an interception machine.

    I’ve mentioned this in debates about Weeden and the Weeden supporters come back with excuses like no one pays attention to the Senior Bowl — really? all the coaches are down there this week evaluating talent. Or no one tries to play well in the Senior Bowl — really? everyone’s evaluating him. why wouldn’t he try to play well.

    It’s also the point when Weeden’s draft stock dropped like a rock — except in Cleveland where our former leaders didn’t notice the problems everyone else saw.

    Meanwhile, Carrol and Trestman were watching how good Russell Wilson looked.

    • LG

      Yes, they tend to make all kinds of excuses for Weeden. I remember his Brother Ty on my show, even he said the Senior bowl is just like a party and no one really cares. Excuse after excuse…..


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