The Cleveland Browns got a terrible performance out of their named starter Brandon Weeden in Indianapolis. The Colts brought some pressure and Weeden looked terrible. The rap has always been,bring some pressure and Weeden panics.

Weeden completed 12 out of the 25 passes he threw and came out of the game with a 4.2 yard average. Correct me if I am wrong, but the old QB the Browns had could produce numbers equal the those if not better.

Heck the second string guy the Browns have faced a ton of pressure and he almost double the yards per pass with 8 yards per pass. Is this the vertical offense the Browns coaching staff talked so much about during their media interviews?

Week 3 of the preseason is suppose to be a dress rehearsal for the regular season. The Browns offense looked like crap in the game. The only bright spot was the rushing from Trent Richardson. Weeden continues to show struggles when he is under pressure.

He wasn’t sacked in the game but as soon as he hears footsteps he makes bad throws. If he has time to stand there and throw the ball he is alright. But he isn’t going to be able to stand there and throw the football without facing pressure.

The Browns have to do something with Weeden to get him to take a little more time in the pocket. He still has a terrible problem ready the defense and he needs to improve those skills quickly if he and his Browns are going to be successful this season.

Weeden would do well to watch the game film on this one. This way he could see how Andrew Luck escapes some pressure and makes completions. Sometimes you have to be able to buy yourself some time when playing quarterback in the NFL…

This is one more thing Weeden can’t do well. His feet get glued to the ground once he drops back….




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  1. DAVID

    Same ole same ole ..this is nothing new with weeden tighten the screws and he panics throws to patrons in the stands~ Its no secret….Plus he is not a smart QB
    Lazy in fact….not a student pf the game..was always a just get by guy least amount of effort…As soon as the Colts started rushing him I watched the Indians, a dummy could have figured out this outcome…DUH

  2. Chris Kellar

    Here we go again, another season singing the phrase “There is always next year”. What are the coaches seeing that we do not? I’m 53 with a bad shoulder and could do better than that, well maybe not. But my point is Weeden is the worst choice for this team. We just had a preview of what is to come, another losing season.

  3. marty

    LG, I said it before, you can’t change a lepord spots. Weedon has showed some improvements, but not that much considering the offensive line is improved and the more talented receivers. Weedon doesn’t have it to be a nfl quarterback. I don’t care what the weedon followers say. This is what the Browns put on the field for a francised player. Give a monkey a typewriter—sooner or later the monkey will spell a word. Let Brandon be a quarterback, sooner or later he’ll complete a pass. Indy’s quarterback, shows confindence and talent. How can any fan say he is as good. I think he threw more passes away than completed. Lg, take all the criticism you can. Facts don’t lie!. This is what we are stuck with.

    • LG

      You are right Marty…..

      • jim v

        We all agree! I’m 68 been a fan since I was 8…Weedon has a arm! That’s it! He’s not mobile,you don’t last in the NFL if you can’t run with the ball, and he appears to play scared! I’ve still got a arm at 68. Give me protection in the pocket or shotgun I’d look good. Who in the Hell is doing the scouting for the browns?

        • LG

          Must have been Ray Charles when they drafted this Weeden……

          • jim v

            I want a Scouting Job for the Browns. I’ll do it for Half of there pay! I was a COP for several yrs. on the firing range u can be a great shot! But when the Target shoots back! Whole different ball game!

  4. 1stAnubiis

    Haters love to hate; I knew the first bad game the team has and LG you and the rest of your negative zone crew would come out with the same old message. LG and the rest of you; the whole team had a let down in Indy, not only Weeden. All three QBs did not perform well in the game. Balls were dropped and inaccurate throws, poor decisions by all three. In fact it got worse from 1 to 3. Oh and dwellers of the negative zone, let me remind you that it is not the offenses job to stop the opposing offense it is the defenses job and they as a group did not play well. There were some bright spots such as T-Rich’s play. But overall the BROWNS laid an egg yesterday. Hey the good news is it was a preseason game and if the team’s focus was off and it appears it may have been then this will get all the players to refocus and better understand that they as a team must practice and play they way they did when the dominated the first two games and win.

    • LG

      You may have a point but weeden is the named starter…..He misses wide open receivers and he panics in a pressured situation…..

    • jim v

      If you look like a Duck, Walk like a Duck and Quack like a Duck….Well you know the rest!

  5. JohnnyV

    I agree he looked like crap however almost all of the 1st team looked like crap. Andrew Luck… clearly the better QB but I’ll bet he would have sucked for us too.

    • Tom Wynne

      I noticed the offense immediately take a step back when Richardson’s back-up Lewis went down. Before that, he seemed to inject great energy into the unit when TRich took a breather. I was hopeful brandon jackson would pick up the slack…but he has looked like Jamal Lewis stutter stepping in his final days. Cook looked good!

      • LG

        Tom lets hope now that Jackson knows he is the guy he picks it up….

      • jim v

        I don’t care what the Sport writers or Pro-Coaches say, Weedon is “NOT A GOOD QB” for the NFL! He is another Anderson! I’ve been a Browns Fan for 60yrs. I know a little about QBs I’ve seen a few. They got rid of Colt McCoy. Now he is back-up for 49s. If you are not “moble in the NFL. and can’t read a defense, Well we All know how that turns out!

  6. dick

    howdy doody is back and he does have wooden pecker

  7. superdouche

    pretty bad lg when ya gotta post as a different user on your own article if you didn’t notice you are being avoided like the plague your outlook is that with a man of optical rectalitise you have your head shoved so far up your bum you have a shitty out look on life haha

    • LG

      What in the hell are you talking about

  8. Mike

    1 and 4 before they take Weeden out. The season is lost already. Cambell is a QB that could get the Browns to a wild card or at least 8 and 8.

  9. Mel

    Can you say 3 and 13 ?
    Still trying to justify wasted pick by Browns braintrust. Get ready for another disaster season. Welcome to Cleveland

    • jim v



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