Brandon Weeden doesn’t want the Cleveland Browns to trade him. He now wants to stay in Cleveland and get another shot at leading the Browns offense.  He is a little thick-headed I would say.

Weeden can’t grasp the fact the Browns don’t want him to be their quarterback. This is the second time this season they benched Weeden. He did miss 2 games with his injured thumb, then when he had medical clearance they still started Hoyer over him.

It is clear Weeden just doesn’t get it. He has a record of 5 – 14 as a starter for the Cleveland Browns. He was benched because he sucks. He thinks he can play in the NFL but he is in for a rude awakening.

What team in their right mind would trade anything worthwhile for a 30-year-old quarterback with ratings close to the basement? Weeden wouldn’t talk to reporters the day he was benched.

It took him a day or two before he would allow the media to question him. Then he said; “I’m confident in my ability. I know I can play in this league.”

Really, what ability is he talking about? The ability to throw the football and miss wide open receivers?  The ability to stand there holding the ball too long and taking the sack? The ability to throw interceptions? Or how about the ability to throw the ball away like a little girl while under pressure?

Weeden is delusional. He sucks as an NFL quarterback and he sucked as a Minor league pitcher. Drafted by the Yankees, Weeden never made it to the big leagues. He failed at baseball and now he failed at NFL football.

Weeden should consider golf for a career. It is a game that he can play by himself and then he can be as confident in his abilities all he wants. No one else in the Browns organization is confident in his abilities. You could see it all over his teammates faces in Green Bay.

Weeden’s days on the Cleveland Browns are numbered. The new management and the coaching staff know Weeden is just another waste of a first round draft pick by a front office that no longer exists in Cleveland.

It’s time to send Weeden packing. He is a cancer to the team and you can see it on game day.

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Readers Comments (19)

  1. marty

    The media and the former Brown’s management blew up his abilities greater than what they actually were. I followed football many years and I thought he was way overated.LG, there is no reason to mention trade deadline. He hasn’t one game under his belt that was impressive.There is no team that would take his problems. He played his last game for the Browns provided that Jason doesn’t get hurt.I’ve said it several times in your articles, Brandon might be a really great guy outside of football.A qb has to have the heart for the game, it’s a gift not a talent. I just hope somehow the management realizes what this has done to the rest of the team. At this time they need a miracle to bring it together.

  2. AL

    I heard he wasn’t playing against KC because they didn’t want to risk injury and there franchise ! And he has the ability to drain the life out of a team and town thats for sure , sooner he’s gone the better , I don’t even care if theres a backup , that finger injury musta spread to his head ,ability hahaha

  3. Rick

    Who writes these stories? Is this really FOX sports? Almost everything I read on ‘Yardbarker’ seems to be written by biased fans who can only degrade Cleveland players. This site must be for people who never played sports and want to dump on those who do.
    I wish my browser would warn me when I click on a story that I think is legitimate that is really from some drunk unemployed Akronite.

  4. Mark

    Well, I am shocked. LG takes another shot at the Brandon Weeden and the Cleveland Browns. I wonder if LG can write anything positive about the Browns…doubtful. Oh Yeah, great way to prove you’re a complete shill and add the T-shirt offer in your article. What a hack.

    • LG

      You must be disappointed in your boy Weeden who is the hack here. What a complete waste of a NFL draft pick. He should be handing out programs at baseball games. Not trying to do an impersonation of a NFL QB

  5. kevin

    as a browns fan everthing this guy wrote about weeden is 100% true there is NOTHING positive to write about him!!!!!I have been a fan my whole life a he SUCKS worse than colt, Anderson, Quinn and yes I would take tebow, jeff Garcia or the local high school quarter back anyone over this boob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LG

      Thanks for the vote of confidence Kevin. I also think we can win tomorrow because the coaches have enough sense to get his sorry ass out of there……

    • AL

      I agree 100% I’ve been pissed since season started and I saw him trot out on the field saying how he had learned from last year, the people that saw good in him are same kind that have to actually see the train coming to get off the tracks !

      • LG

        LOL yeah you’re right

  6. marty

    LG, I truly believe the browns have a very good team.You have been right about Weedon, but don’t gloate because weedon never had the qualities of a NFL QB.I don’t know what the browns are going to do. It’s obvious they need a QB.The browns have to get lucky in the draft or make a huge sacrifice somewhere. Suggesting to trade weedon, it’s not going to happen.Jacksonville wouldn’t take him for a bag of popcorn.I can’t condemn Jason as qb. I don’t know him. The one thing I fell when a qb keeps getting traded, it’s for a reason.Unless the QB is blackballed.

    • LG

      I think Hoyer is going to be fine given the chance. I like the kid. I think we win tomorrow too…… I think Campbell is going to surprise some people….

  7. That Dude

    Your a douche bag!

    • LG

      Who is a Douche bag? and Why?

  8. FoeverABrownsfan

    Since the Cleveland Browns can’t get nothing for what they spent on Weeden, I say just keep him benched or better yet, just let him sit at home and watch the Cleveland Browns from his own living room and just pay him for nothing, oh wait….
    That is what they have been doing from the start.

    • LG


    • Old Goat

      Give hi his unconditional release and maybe he can sign with another team that is looking for his special talents. Turn cheers into jeers turn hope in gloom. throw under hand passes, over throw receivers, throw a high ration of INT to TD and just generally suck as a QB. LOL

  9. David

    Well, LG. I too am confident in his ability….to perform a boneheaded side-underhanded flick that either costs us a down or results in an interception in every game he plays.

    • LG

      Thank God he is benched.

      • David

        Fully agree. Let’s just hope that Campbell does not turn out to be worse. If he does turn out better, then let’s also hope that he can stay healthy. Otherwise….


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