Brandon Weeden rated lower than COlt McCOyThe fans in Cleveland were promised a much improved Cleveland Browns football team in 2012 by former team President Mike Holmgren. Now that the season is half  over and the Cleveland Browns only have 2 wins, how is this an improvement? Sure the team can win more games in 2012 than they did in 2011, there is plenty of games left to do so. The Browns starting quarterback is 2 spots away from the bottom of the pile when it comes to Q.B. ratings in the NFL.

Brandon Weeden has a rating of 70.8, there are only 2 Q.B.'s with lower ratings than Weeden. Matt Castle is rated at 69.0 and John Skelton is rated at 64.5 just click here to see it for yourself... If Weeden didn't connect on a few long passes he would be at the bottom of the list. The Browns have the greatest fans in the world. The fans will defend the team till the end of time. The fact is the numbers don't lie, Weeden is rated at number 30 out of 32 NFL quarterbacks. The Browns haven't won more games than last season and the fans are left holding their receipts for the high-priced game tickets once again as they watch another losing season from their Cleveland Browns.

I don't know about the rest of you but when I am promised a better team than what we saw last year, I expect them to deliver. Colt McCoy who missed the last three games of 2011 had a higher rating than Brandon Weeden. McCoy was rated at 74.6 and was 27th in the NFL as far as the Q.B. Rating goes....I really don;t see how this is an improvement.... McCoy had just as many problems as Weeden with dropped passes and had even less protection from the Offensive line last year. Please, some one explain to me how this is a much better team in 2012....



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