Brandon Weeden has one of the worst games I have ever seen from a Cleveland Browns quarterback. I have watched Browns football since 1963 and I don’t think I have ever seen a game when a starting quarterback played the entire game and ended with a rating of 5.1. Weeden threw 4 interceptions and fumbled the ball 2 times. The guy went 12 of 35 for 118 yards. The Eagles did everything but gift wrap and hand Brandon Weeden his first game in the NFL. Lets face the reality here people, ,the Cleveland Browns problems weren’t all Colt McCoy’s fault. Brandon Weeden is not going to help the Cleveland Browns win football games with the offensive system head coach Pat Shurmur is using, it isn’t Weeden’s game and Browns president Mike Holmgren was stupid to force his G.M. Tom Heckert into picking Brandon Weeden.

Unless the Cleveland Browns change their entire offensive system, they aren’t going to win many games this year. Brandon Weeden played terrible and so did some of the Browns receivers. Colt McCoy should have been put in the game to get the Browns the win today. The Browns defense kept the team in the game for 58 minutes. It was the defense that got the Browns their only touchdown on the day. Weeden has yet to find the end-zone in his professional career and as far as all this arm accuracy we keep hearing about, the Browns must not have  wanted to have him show it yet.

Brandon Weeden is a failed major league pitcher who thinks he can come into the NFL and make a name for himself, what we saw today is the reason Weeden left baseball. His had an open receiver in the end-zone early in the game and he couldn’t find him. He had an open receiver running down the sidelines again he could not find him. As a matter of fact going 12 for 35 with 4 interceptions you can already see Weeden couldn’t find much. Lets take one of those interceptions away from Weeden, he did hit Little right in his hands but like the Little we all came to love he couldn’t catch the ball and it was tipped then intercepted.

People think the Browns offense needs time and they are right. The problem is the Brown don’t have time the season is here and we are already 0-1. Weeden couldn’t find the end-zone today when the Eagles painted the path for him. He sucks. The Browns need a line too, but that is another story in itself.  The big story on the day is a 28-year-old rookie quarterback who finished the  day with a 5.1 quarterback rating. Yes he is a rookie, so is RGIII and Andrew Luck and nether of them sucked like Brandon Weeden did today….

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  1. Eric

    I agree with you 100%. I’m not worried about the interceptions as much as the wide open misses he had. He played uninspired. He overthrew everything. So are we to believethat he has an arm but he can’t throw a touch pass. The game belonged to the Browns, and the offense handed it to them. They needed to try and run with Richardson from an I formation too.

    I was pleased with Massaquoi’s play, however. The offense should give part of their paychecks to the defense. This defense should improve. Four rookies looked really good today, and Fujita will return some time soon, as well as Taylor by week six. Weeden has a lot to prove next week. If not, he should ride the pine and try to learn the offense from the sideline or the booth.

  2. ABrown

    On the positive side, the O-line did a pretty good job of protecting Weeden, much better than I expected and better than they did in preseason. TR is going to help the offense a lot when he gets up to speed and having the line run block and beat up the D-line while TR punishes LBs and DBs at the end of his runs. They get hit a few times and they’re just not as quick.

    There’s one more thing we need on defense and that’s an offense that can convert a few 3rd downs and keep a drive alive and keep the defense off the field long enough to catch their breath. 2 of 11 won’t work.

    Under even a little pressure, Weeden’s accuracy went away and decision-making was hopeless. He threw 3 passes into the end zone that could have produced TDs if he had thrown the ball better.

    Eric, I agree, I don’t think our QB can throw a touch pass either in short outlet situations or to the back of the end zone where a fade up over the coverage and into the receiver’s hands works really well. A cannon arm isn’t good on a 2 yard pass.

    Before the end of the half, the broadcasters who covered the game were calling for McCoy. But I think the coach will be afraid to pull Weeden and shake his confidence.

    I looked at the opening game of every rookie QB and this was by far the worst, even compared to Tannehill and Luck who both threw 3 interceptions but managed to throw for over 200 and over 300 yards and a TD for Luck and twice as many yards per attempt as Weeden managed. Did anyone watch RGIII’s first game?

    When a coach adapts his offense to the skill set of his new QB, good things can happen.

  3. Bill D

    This should have been humiliating for Weeden, 5.1 rating, really!!! I am curious to see how Weeden will respond, both to the press and in his next game. I am pretty certain that Colt will never be given a chance regardless of Weeden’s performance in the next couple of games. Shurmur is more likely to allow the team to lose than risk a quarterback controversy and a fair comparison by his two quarterbacks. However, to be fair, a quarterback change is not alone going to turn this team around. The offense is lifeless and rudderless. I hope they can find that winning spirit soon or its going to be a long season.

  4. marty stys

    The offensive line did improve somewhat. Brandon was not of 1st round caliber. Yet he is paid as one. His maturity age showed me nothing. He cannot react under pressure. What is more important, reacting to the play of a quarterback or causing tension among the team. The defense impress me, I was happy with their performance.

  5. RustyO

    Brandon Weeden was not as bad as we thought he might be in his NFL debut..he was worse. But before we stick him on the bench and rally behind McCoy, let’s remember that he has the arm and maturity to recover and live up to the faith the Browns have put in him. The Eagles have one of the most dominant defenses in the league and Weeden was faced with 3rd and long most of the day..allowing the Eagles to easily defend the pass. The offensive play calling was predictable and if I can scream out the right coverage so can the Eagles. If he turns out to be a bust so be it but we know we can’t win with McCoy…so let’s stick with the youth movement and give them a chance to prove all of us either right or wrong.

    • ABrown

      3rd and long all day? Look at the game again. Weeden couldn’t even convert on 3rd and 1 and the only “long” he had was for 10 yards after he had thrown incomplete on 1st and 10, incomplete on 2nd and 10, and incomplete again on 3rd and 10. 2 for 13 on 3rd down conversions? You think that’s not so bad?

      Weeden has a strong arm but can’t throw an accurate pass under moderate pressure, can’t read defenses or find open receivers, and has shown no maturity in the form of quarterback skills, just age.

      Every excuse anyone makes for Weeden about protection and receivers was worse for McCoy last year and it affected McCoy’s play, but he still managed to win and managed to come out of that disastrous situation with respectable QB ratings — certainly nothing as embarrassing as 5.1 — averaged twice as many yards per pass attempt as Weeden and put the 2011 Browns among the best teams in the league with fewest turnovers while his receivers led the league in dropped passes. (dropped means the pass was close enough for the receiver to catch — Weeden didn’t suffer very many drops yesterday, just badly thrown passes)

      We don’t know how McCoy or Weeden will develop in the NFL because they haven’t had the time to do it yet. But McCoy has shown more or the kinds of skills an NFL QB needs.

      So far all we have seen from Weeden is that he can throw a pretty pass if he stands all alone on the field with no one around to bother him. That is just not enough.

  6. Rusty O

    No one is making excuses for Weeden. He was God awful and looked lost for most of the game but really, you are going to make a judgement call after a brief preseason appearance and one official start? Typical Browns fan reaction to panic, abandon ship and grab the McCoy lifejacket at the first sign of trouble. Was Weeden the only offensive player out there? Wasn’t that hands of steel Greg Little dropping a potential touchdown pass on the 5 yard line in the first quarter and popping it up for an easy Eagle pick? Don’t you think a nice quick score may have helped Weeden’s confidence if our big go to receiver didn’t react to the pigskin like he was allergic to pork?

    And with the Browns running game doing very little to scare anyone on Sunday it wasn’t too tough to defend the pass with tight coverage all day.

    If Weeden doesn’t improve then by all means, drop McCoy back in there and enjoy another dismal season. I’ll take short term hope with Weeden over a guarantee of the same with McCoy. The Colts and Giants hung in there with the Manning’s..two of the slowest and least mobile quarterbacks in the NFL with dismal early years. These organizations understood what they had to go through to get where they wound up..with Superbowl titles and MVP quarterbacks. Weeden may never come close to these achievements, hell he may not survive this season, but benching him is the only sure way to guarantee that we will never know.

    • LG

      Rusty, I have been around football for many many years. I have never seen a guy stink this bad both in the preseason and in the regular season even though it was the first game. The Moment this guy feels the least bit of pressure he is going to crumble. The reason I say this is because I studied the players in the draft, the scouts all said if Brandon Weeden feels the least bit of pressure, he will make bad throws and he will make major mistakes. Sure he has a strong arm but he sticks when he is under attack. This is football and people attack the guy with the ball in football. Brandon Weeden is scared, the take on him from the scouts showed a history of pressure and mistakes. Guess What they hit you harder in the NFL than they do in College. So I can’t see some magic switch this guy is going to turn on and stop making all these mistakes.

  7. RustyO

    LG, If you’re right, Weeden will crumble over the next few games and be run off the field. I didn’t see him fall apart against the Packers in the pre-season but admittedly that wasn’t real world. And how the hell does anyone know if he is scared? No doubt he is confused and overwhelmed with the speed of NFL defenses but scared is a reach.

    So let’s see, he has average receivers (and that’s being generous)and not a stud in any of them, a rookie in Richardson who didn’t have one touch in the preseason, a fullback who can’t catch coming out of the backfield and not a worthy tight end in the bunch.

    So let’s say he is scared to line up with this crew, who could blame him?

    Let’s see what the next few weeks bring and if McCoy is next up he still has this underwhelming corp of receivers to throw to.

    My hope is Richardson stays healthy and becomes something for the defense to worry about. If not, no one is going to move this offense.


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