Coming into his second year in the NFL Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden is getting every opportunity to become the Browns starting quarterback for the 2013 season. One of the things Weeden did last season the team is hoping to overcome is throwing interceptions.

Weeden has thrown a few picks in training camp already. he has a new trick, he blames it on the Browns good defense instead of owning up to it and admitting he may a bad decision. Weeden is going to face a few good defenses this season. He has to learn not to make poor choices in the games.

He thinks his arm can beat anyone on the field which might be a good thing. The bad thing is he can’t beat just about anyone on the field. If he makes a bad read which is another one of his problems, the defensive backs in the NFL are going to make him pay.

The NFL is full of talented DB’s, these are the best in the world at what they do otherwise they wouldn’t be playing in the NFL. Weeden has got to learn not to stare down his receivers. He has got to learn not to make mistakes reading the defense.

When the pressure is on in game time situations he is going to be forced to make choices, lets hope by then he is able to make the right ones. Otherwise it is going to be a very long season in Cleveland.



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  1. muttklingon

    Brandon weeden needs a better poker face! ..muttklingon

  2. George Mims

    Mr. Weeden, (trying to be polite)I have hoped that you would step up and be the quarterback that Cleveland has hoped you would be. I was under the belief that a new system and a better team around you would help your confidence. But if saying that the defense is the reason for your bad decisions, then it’s time you faced yourself in the mirror and admitted you may not have what it takes to be a NFL quarterback. You will face others with good defenses and some will be better. What are you going to say then? Step aside and let someone else show you how it’s done. Cleveland will support and cheer for winners, even those that give it a full hearted try. Your statement sounds like one of a loser.

  3. Applebee McFridays

    You are relentless L.G. Just leave him alone. He will always be better at what he does, than you are at this, so give him some respect. He was very possibly being kind to the defense, it is only training camp after all.
    Give it a rest. Seriously. You need some therapy man.

    • LG

      can you recommend a good therapist Applebee I figure anyone with your screen name probably has at least one of them….

      • Applebee McFridays

        Nice one LG, but, as rich as you are, you couldn’t afford mine!. I also think you have far too many issues to interest him anyway. He wouldn’t stand a chance!.

        • LG


    • Old man

      Weedhead will always find some one to blame other than himself. He just cant manup and show the kind of leadership that is necessary to the QB the team has a fantasy he will be. Any QB that has a heart rate and is not in either the ER or ICU that does not suit up for the Steelers, should be sent down the road.

  4. marty

    I’m 62 yrs old.Still waiting for a championship. I’ve seen enough football to know weedon is not nfl caliber. There is too many shortcomings to be a winner.It’s obvious he is not smart,not fast reacting, too jumpy behind the line.He can’t handle pressure behind a very good line.I don’t hate the man, but football is not for him.You write these articles because Quarterbacks get the most attention. Rightfully so.Management is determined to show he was a good pick.What sport analyst is not laughing at Weedon. Now there is a question I dare the editor to answer.

    • Applebee McFridays

      Where were you in ’64 Marty?. You would have been 12 or so then. That was a Championship year or are you one of those people that think it doesn’t count because it was pre-superbowl.
      The Browns have won 3 Championships in your lifetime Marty. This team might just provide another, possibly even with Weeden at QB. (Cue hysterical laughter and slapping of thigh…. your own or LG’s, I don’t care which!).
      I have seen enough football too Marty, to know that when a rookie makes mistakes it is all part of the learning process. I also know that when one posts the numbers Weeden did last year, it shows real promise for the future, not reason for regret, and he should be given a chance to fulfil it.
      He may not be Tom Brady, or one of the few elite QB’s in this league, they don’t come around that often, but Weeden is at least the equal of 20 or so other QB’s in the NFL who do not take the level of abuse from their fans, that he has to endure from his.
      I also don’t see many analysts laughing at Weeden actually Marty. I know LG does, but he is isn’t an analyst as such, just a heartbroken Colt McCoy fan who still can’t accept that his judgement was wrong on that one.
      Apart from him, tell me who else is laughing at Weeden now, and I mean now Marty, not when he was drafted.
      I want him to succeed for the Browns, and will be critical of him if he fails, but he does not deserve the vitriol he gets here, and now, and I simply can’t understand it.
      As for an ‘editor’, I don’t know who you are referring to there, but if LG had an ‘editor’, he would not take most of the flak he gets from posters.
      I respect everybody’s right to an opinion Marty, even LG, but the way he expresses it is not up to standard and everyone sees that. If he had an ‘editor’ that would be corrected, and quite frankly, this page would gain almost instant credibility and LG might actually have a reputation worth having!.

  5. Rich

    WOW, 3rd or 4th day of training camp and he is already getting blasted? It’s training camp. The guy has one year as an NFL quarterback. This is a new system, new offense, new playbook, new terminology. If you haven’t noticed not every team can have Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers. Weeden had pretty good numbers last year. Too many interceptions, I get that. He is aware of that and so is the coaching staff. Many, many NFL quarterbacks have had rough starts and turned out to be great. He may not be a 5 star player right now but has a great arm and could be alot better this year. I think the Browns coaches and management obviously are happy with his potential. you know even Dan Marino threw interceptions? 7 yrs he threw 17 or more interceptions. When you throw the ball down field and have confidence you are going to have int’s. You don’t want a qb who is afraid to take a risk. Let him play another year before you bury him. Just too soon to really know what he is capable of.

  6. Tom Wynne

    Not sure anybody Weeden gets to throw to is going to the pro Bowl either. Sure, he made mistakes as a rookie but sometimes your receivers have to do a better job running routes and causing seperation. And while we are on the topic…nobody drops should be catches like Cleveland brown receivers. Remember the bomb dropped at the 5 yard lin(sure TD) last season??? i sure do…

    • Applebee McFridays

      I remember that drop Tom. Versus the Colts right?. We would have won for sure, and it was an inch perfect pass too, to Josh Gordon I think.
      Still, it was all Weeden’s fault of course. It always is, especially on here. He gets no credit at all, though that would have been a fourth quarter comeback, on the road, against a team that ultimately made the playoffs. Not bad, if it had come off. That’s how close this team was to real respectability.
      The Browns did drop a lot of passes last year Tom, but Greg Little made amazing improvement in the second half of the season, Davone Bess may well make the Pro Bowl this year given the season I expect him to have, and we have a lot of depth at wide receiver for once. I think Weeden will find them, they will catch it, and the Browns will turn last seasons losses into wins.


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