Brandon Weeden  SucksThe Cleveland Browns named Brandon Weeden quarterback because they didn’t think Colt McCoy had the arm strength to compete in the NFL. They said Brandon Weeden had a strong-arm with laser like accuracy, they said this guy was going to help the Browns win football games. If you don’t know by now who they are we are talking about the brain trust running the Cleveland Browns football team. Mike Holmgren and his hand-picked head coach who now has lost the last 9 games in a row Pat Shurmur. Yes sir Browns fans the brain trust of the Cleveland Browns gave you a quarterback with such a laser arm he hasn’t hit one of his receivers for a long pass since he has taken over the starting job from Colt McCoy. Yes sir Browns fans Brandon Weeden finished the Bills game with a 5-12 yard per pass average.  Now I ask you the question, don’t you think Colt McCoy could throw the football for 5-1/2 yards? Don’t you think the Cleveland Browns would have done much better taking an offensive linemen with the 22nd pick in the 2012 NFL draft? Your Cleveland Browns just went out and laid another egg on the field this afternoon. Your Cleveland Browns and My Cleveland Browns are now 0-3, and that just down right sucks and as far as I am  concerned most of the sucking is because of Mike Holmgren and Pat Shurmur.

These are the guys who decided to draft Brandon Weeden with the 22nd pick, how can you honestly sit there and tell me the Cleveland Browns are a much improved football team? The Browns have lost their first three games of the season and I don’t see things turning around on Thursday night when the Browns travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens, do you? The Browns have a very realistic chance of starting the season at 0-7. They have the Ravens next then the Giants, they take on the Bengals at home which could be a win but they will probably find a way to lose this game in front of their home town fans. The Browns have played better on the road than they have at home. Then they take on the Indianapolis Colts.

The Browns may find a way to beat the Colts to give Cleveland their first win on the season. The problem is Luck and his Colts are going to continue to improve as the season progresses. The Browns haven’t shown  signs of improvement and as long as Pat Shurmur is on the side lines calling the plays they may not. The first official act of the new ownership should be to fire head coach Pat Shumur and then he should move upstairs and fire Mike Holmgren for bringing that idiot here in the first place.

The Cleveland Browns are not an improved team with Brandon Weeden at the starting quarterback position, he is 0-3 and if they were improved we would see a win. The Browns suck because their leadership sucks, that includes Mike Holmgren for making stupid decisions that have cost the Browns wins. He sits in front of his microphone at his press conferences telling us what a good man Shurmur is and yet the Browns continue to produce losses. Shurmur may be a  good man but he sucks as a football coach.

Shurmur was in such a hurry to replace Colt McCoy as the starting quarterback he named Weeden the starter before he even seen him in one preseason game. The Browns fans deserve better, they are the most loyal fans in the league and they get nothing but losses. This is unacceptable.

Brandon Weeden makes bad decisions on the football field he is too predictable. He now has thrown 6 interceptions in his first 3 games. He would have had more if the Bengals had any kind of defense. The Bills defense is just a cut above the Bengals and it shows you Weeden is unable to look off his receivers before he throws the ball. The only good thing about Weeden is at least when he takes a sack now, he holds onto the football. As far as this accurate arm we all heard about, we haven’t seen it yet. Weeden had Travis Benjamin open 2 yards in front of the Buffalo Bills coverage, Weeden who was labeled with such a strong-arm under-threw the ball and this made Benjamin hold up to try to catch it which let the Bills coverage break up the pass.

If Weeden had the strong-arm we were promised by Holmgren and Shurmur that would have been 6 points on the board. Making plays like that in a game are momentum changes. Weeden hasn’t been able to do that yet. The Momentum is always against the Cleveland Browns. The Fans are sick and tired of losing football games. The powers to be, don’t seem to be changing things and it looks like another change needs to be made.

As far as I am concerned that change can’t come soon enough….Let us know what you think. leave you comments below…..

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Readers Comments (9)

  1. muttklingon

    boy o boy the bill pick dawg’s game a part .y ?

    • LG

      Yes they sure did

  2. LazyDawg

    I really can’t believe the difference in play calling from last week to this week. Last week there was some real imagination and this week Shurmur reverted back to his old ways of simplistic and predictable play calls.

    Where was Weeden’s accuracy too? Again he is staring down his receivers so that it is so obvious who is going to throw to. Are not the coaches watching this game also? Are they afraid to tell him to knock it off in fear of hurting his feelings?

    I’m totally perplexed!

  3. ABrown

    There are only 2 teams in the NFL that haven’t won a game yet — New Orleans and Cleveland — the only teams without a Head Coach.

  4. Len

    Let’s wait until Thursday night after the Browns-Ravens game so that we’d know the truth how good or bad the Browns really are.

    I hope that since Haslam is the owner of the Browns and has/had Steelers connection, that he would try to talk to Bill Cowher out of retirement and become the Browns next REAL Head Coach!

  5. marty stys

    Browns will never admit a mistake.I see improvement in the offensive line,different receivers, and a running attack. I wonder is Weedon was with our offense last year if he wouldn’t be worse.

  6. ABrown

    Marty, you’re absolutely right about the O-Line and some of the receivers — they had a really good game. The line looks so much better than last year against a very talented Bills defensive line.

    ANY quarterback would look much worse behind the O-Line play last year.

  7. donyi1125

    i know the coaches are paid to coach b/c the are coaches but if we lead the league in drop passes no running back and no O line why should a quarterback think he would lose his job, i thought through everything COLT carried himself well throughj the loses and all never pointing the finger, and even now hes a great sport very classy he wants to stick around i hope those jokers are fired and weeden return to baseball were he belongs

  8. fedupwithcrumbybrownies

    I just have two words “ABANDON WHEEDON”


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