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Brandon Weeden Accepting Club Membership

This week after the Cleveland Browns lost their 4th game of the 2012 season to become the first team in the 2012 NFL to lose their first four, Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden joined a not so elite club of former Cleveland Browns quarterbacks. Now the Browns could be joined at 0-4 today if the Saints lose to the Packers. Then the team might feel a bit better. Regardless the Browns have only started their season at 0-4 four other times in the history of the Cleveland Browns.

The other three times the Browns started their season at 0-4 they were led by quarterbacks that never really materialized into what people would consider franchise quarterbacks. We all know what happened to Tim Couch. The Cleveland Browns ruined his career in the NFL. Couch got so beat up he could hardly perform to the level the Browns expected. Couch left the team and his football playing days were cut short. Then there was Brady Quinn, the man the Cleveland Browns  drafted in the first round of the 2007 NFL draft. Quinn never materialized into the franchise Q.B. the Browns thought they were getting and he has assumed back-up roles with other teams in the NFL.

Mike Phipps was the Browns Q.B. in the 1970′s he went onto play for the Browns from 1970-76. Phipps ended his NFL career with the Bears, he had 55 touchdowns and 108 interceptions for a rating of 52.6. You can see this is one club Branden Weeden could have lived without joining. The Cleveland Browns in all the years they have been playing only had an 0-4 start 4 times as we already pointed out. None of the quarterbacks that led the Browns to the 0-4 start ever became franchise quarterbacks in the NFL. Weeden is hoping to change all that.

Special thanks to Jonathan Knight who is a sports writer and historian of Cleveland Sports for proving the fact of the Cleveland Browns 0-4 starts. You can read more of Jonathan Knights sports history by visiting his site here…..


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Readers Comments (7)

  1. DawgPile

    To tell the truth I never did like the Weeden pick. I saw a guy who I felt would crumble under NFL pressure. Weeden has shown way more poise than I thought he’d have and I for one am slowly coming around.


    GO BROWNS!!!

  2. Anonymous

    I saw his response to pressure improve some against the Ravens, but inaccuracy and failure to throw catchable balls has not. So while not flinching from the rush, he’s not that much closer to being a clutch player and winning a game that was within his grasp.

  3. john

    yeah,how about mccoy who cant throw for 300 yards.weeden is doing just fine give him a chance with all these rookie receivers

    • LG

      I thought Weeden had 4 chances already….

  4. Dan

    Do you think maybe it is time for Colt McCoy or is Shurmur going to still be a stubborn fool and continue with Weeden???????

    • LG

      I think Shurmur going to stay with Weeden, he is not going to make it look like he was wrong in the first place if McCoy could somehow be successful….

  5. ABrown

    A lot of us reacted after the Baltimore game with “Wow, he can really pass.” But when you look more closely, not so much.

    Throwing 52 passes in any game is a pretty certain way to lose, expecially if you aren’t completing 50% of those passes. And if you look at the passes over 10 yards, the completion rate drops to only 27%.

    And when you look even more closely at why so few longer passes into the right side of the end zone or right side of the field. Only one of those in 13 tries was complete.

    And then you think about what the passes from other quarterbacks around the league look. They all have a clear arc to the path of the ball where it comes down toward the receiver — in great passes, right into his outstretched hands.

    Weeden’s long passes rarely look like that for a lot of different reasons, but in the Baltimore game, the longer passes were high and kept getting higher until they were out of play.

    Most quarterbacks who can’t throw TD passes don’t win many games, and so, here we are at the beginning of another week, waiting for Weeden to show us he can lead the team down the field for something besides a field goal.


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