Today the owner of the Cleveland Browns, Jimmy Haslam III, will spend his day in a west Knoxville Tennessee court room. The man who was born on third base is going to find out the hard way, he can’t buy everything.

Haslam who is under investigation for his part in the fraud case against his company Pilot Flying J was born on 3rd base. He came into the family business that his father starter acting like he hit the triple to get to where he is today.. The truth is, he is just another spoiled billionaire child who was handed everything.

Most of the time when this happens, the children mess things up. That appears to be the case with Jimmy Haslam III. Instead of being happy making Billions of dollars, he wanted more. Haslam’s company that he heads, has been accused of milking millions out of trucking companies. There are some that say Haslam knew what was taking place and failed to step in to stop it.

Today, trucking companies are filing a restraining order against the owner of the Cleveland Browns. These same companies who may have been fraud-ed out of millions of dollars are  saying Haslam III is trying to buy his way out of trouble.

The companies are filing a restraining order to stop Haslam III, and others from the Pilot Flying J company from having any contact with them until this case is settled. In most cases this could be interpreted as witness tampering.

Haslam III must think he is above the law. He has been handed so many things in his life, he probably thinks he is owed something. Today he could find out the hard way, that he is no different from any one else. The next step in the process could include the NFL taking some actions against the Browns owner.


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  1. joe

    that was decided against yesterday judge in tennesee said he is aloud to continue contacting his customers. as long as court is in his home state I figure he’ll be fine. Btw why are you the only reporter still on this thing ive seen no one else still on this issue?

    • LG

      Nope there are plenty still on it.


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