Brandon Weeden gets second win in a rowThe Cleveland Browns beat the Oakland Raiders 20-17 in a game where Browns 29-year-old Brandon Weeden showed more Intestinal Fortitude than I have seen him display all season. Weeden got off to a rough start by throwing an interception, something the Cleveland fans have come to expect out of Weeden. One thing Weeden did different that his may have caught some fans by surprise was not cracking under pressure. The Raiders brought the pass rush Weeden’s way, they only sacked him once but they knocked him down 9 times in the game. Weeden keep getting back up and he made the throws he had to make to get the win. Brandon Weeden may be accepting the fact that he is an NFL quarterback and he is going to take some shots. He may as well get use to it and continue to make the throws.

The Browns would see Weeden throw 2 interceptions in the game, he was able to shake them off nicely and continue to help the Browns move the ball down the field. Weeden was able to complete passes against the depleted Oakland secondary that were open. He did a good job today taking what the Raiders would give him, Weeden found his tight end Benjamin Watson 6 times for 80 yards in the game. Much of the time those were much needed yards for the Browns to continue to move the ball. Weeden also did a great job getting the football to Gordon today too. Gordon caught 6 passes for 116 yards to help the Cleveland Browns win the football game.

Even when the Browns came out in the second half and turned on the 4th quarter Self destruction mode switch, Weeden was somehow able to turn it off. The Cleveland Browns did a good job controlling this football game. While Weeden still needs to find a way to convert on 3rd downs, he was able to show he could do it today. The Browns didn’t play a very good football team in the Raiders, nonetheless they got to Weeden and he showed he could get things done.

Maybe Just Maybe this old man can lead these Cleveland Browns. The Jury is still out and we will have to see how Weeden does in the remaining 4 games on the Browns Schedule.  But right now I am going to wallow in the Cleveland Browns second win in a row.  Weeden finished today’s game completing 25 of the 36 passes he threw for 364 yards and 1 touchdown with a 88.2 rating….

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  1. Denny Dice

    Now that a honest assessment

    I like the post!


  2. KK

    Hey he got done what he had to….good job in finding the open receiver. Great pass to Massouqi…

  3. Bob

    Nice read LG. I agree with it. Yes, Weeden did much better with the pressure, so congrats to him. Congrats to the Browns.

    However Shurmer still needs to go.

    • LG

      Shurmur is way past the point of having to go. This guy almost looks like he tries to lose games for Cleveland

  4. Bob

    Now for what I have been waiting for…

    REMEMBER JRO’S post last week when Weeden got hurt?

    He said, “So if McCoy comes in and plays well for let’s say the next two games against Oakland and KC… you aren’t going to consider the level of his competition? These are among the worst two teams in the NFL where a semi conscious Weeden could still probably win.”

    Now this goes out to JRO and the rest, who were so quick to put down McCoy before he ever took a snap… Should those who believe McCoy is better come out and now write your foolish comment, but replace McCoy’s name with Weeden? Does this mean we should not consider this game worth much? OF COURSE NOT. Because NO GAME & I mean NO GAME should ever be considered easy or taken for granted. Just ask the Steelers last week.

    Go Browns!

    • LG

      I covered the point that Weeden did this against a very depleted Oakland secondary and I say the Jury for me is still out on Weeden. He is lucky the Raiders suck as bad as they do. I still need to see him beat a good team. The next time he faces the Steelers it won’t be like the last time he saw them….

      • Bob

        Agreed. It’s like Shurmer has the Browns play to whatever team they are against. Last weeks game really gets me. I think Tomlin said it best when he said (after all their fumbles) that he was surprised it was so close.

  5. JRO

    Perfect assessment of the game and Weeden’s performance.

    I have stuck with Weeden all year and not about to turn and run.

    As an Okilahoma State University fan and someone who watched every game Weeden played last year, you have go to have patience and let him develop. He is the real deal and has a toughness and confidence that builds over time. He may never have the career of an Eli Manning but his quiet strength is the same as Manning’s.

    Have faith have a quarterback.

    • LG

      you really think so JRO? Lets not forget the team he faced today and the yacs that the Browns receivers were able to get. Lets see how Mr. Oklahoma does in the next Steelers game. Something tells me it won’t be as easy next time around…..

    • Bob

      Oklahoma State Fan? No wonder you dislike McCoy. Understand why you love Weeden now. That’s cool, but you should know that McCoy did not have the “healthy” talent and protection that your hero has this year. That’s a fact. How would Weeden do with 1.9 seconds of protection?

      So, JRO I guess this win really does not mean much to you since Oakland, as you said last week is “among the worst”? Remember, last week you were so quick to put McCoy down if he were to play and win against Oakland.

      Also, what do you mean by, “his quiet strength is the same as Manning’s.” ???? So, Weeden gets a win today against Oakland, who you claimed last week is “among the worst” and now you compare him to Manning? If McCoy did play today and won, who would you compare him to Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russell or some other bust?

      Here’s the thing JRO, Weeden & the Browns better have won last week & this week. They also should have beat the Cowboys, Eagles and a couple of others. Both the Steelers & Raiders had missing key players. Like LG, I believe the jury is still out on Weeden and he needs to beat a good team. Did you know that McCoy beat the Saints (fresh off Super Bowl win) & the Patriots his rookie year? I will say Weeden finally did handle some pressure today, which is a good thing.

      • ABrown

        Good points, Bob. Aside from a weak opponent, the key to winning today was someone shifting Weeden to 1 to 5 yard passes he could complete and Yards-After-the-Catch.

        We had big fast receivers who were rarely covered all afternoon. They made the offense work today for big yards on short high percentage passes.

        I also noticed Weeden did hang in against the biltz. Good for him! But I did wonder if someone kept reminding him that McCoy would come in if he curled up in a ball and gave up.

        We’ve heard a lot about how McCoy’s wins were not impressive because he beat bad teams and played well against back-ups. After yesterday’s close win against another injury-depleted team, I looked at both QB’s first 4 wins.

        Weeden’s first 4 wins this year were against teams with a collective .428 losing record.

        McCoy’s first 4 wins were against teams with a .516 winning record.

        And a final thought about another Cleveland quarterback. The QBR that showed Weeden played the best game of his career yesterday, also showed that Brady Quinn played the best game of all quarterbacks who played this week.

        Honestly, it will take a lot more to convince me Weeden or Quin are really good QBs, but there are a lot of talented players on the Browns team that speak well of the future. . . . unless we keep the same Head Coach.

  6. Leon II

    For today the glimmer of hope that Weeden will succeed burns a touch brighter.

    Actually, I think that all of the final games are critical to evaluating not just Weeden but the entire team. Each of them presents challenges that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Kansas City’s 2-10 record doesn’t mean they are pushovers. KC has one of the best rush offenses and Brady Quinn is coming off his best game of the season. While their D is porous against the run they have a stout secondary. This one should be a real test of the front 7 of our D and of the Brown’s passing game. And don’t forget that Crennel is once again coaching for his job and the Saturday tragedy has united the team.

    Washington will be another test of the D front 7 as they face a team able to but up rushing yards, many of those by the highly mobile RG3. Washington’s D should provide a test of Trent Richardson as well, they are one of the best at stopping the rush. But it could also be a major test of Weeden. Keep in mind teams have been beating Washington by out scoring them in the air, not on the ground.

    Then we face Denver, quite possibly the best overall team we will face all season. This will likely be the truest test of just how far the Browns have come this year (keep in mind Denver has already beaten Pittsburgh and Cincy). And then we will end with Pittsburgh who should have Rothlisberger back by then. Even if they don’t Batch has shown that once he knocks the rust off the old man can still put together an impressive game.

    In the next four weeks we should get a pretty good idea if this bumpy ride will end in a crash or not for some of our young players.

    • ABrown

      Very good assessment of our last 4 games.

  7. muttklingon

    well weeden stood in the pocket. and took the beetting!

    • LG

      It is about time he played like a real NFL Q.B. don’t ya think?

      • Leon II

        Yes it is LG. For the first time this season I didn’t see much of the scared 12 year old look in his eyes that has been typical with him after a hit or mistake . That gave me hope. I’m still concerned with the inconsistency of his play but at least he looked like he could man up this week and recover from both hits and mistakes.

        I am growing increasingly concerned with Lauvao’s play though, something that hasn’t been really discussed here this season. Lauvao was able to have some success yesterday but he was beat more often then not in both pass protection and rush blocking. One could make the argument that Weeden’s second pick was just as much Lauvao’s vault for allowing himself to get pushed into Weeden as it was Weeden’s. I think it is growing increasingly clear we are going to have to be looking for an upgrade to him in the off season.

        • ABrown

          I’ve been concerned about Lauvao since last year when he and Pashos were on the right side of the line together. The whole line has been better this year, but we could really use a strong guard, especially if he were good enough to fill in at tackle if needed, like a lineman coming out of Alabama this year — can’t remember his name.

  8. Leon II

    Just saw an interesting stat on ESPN that I wasn’t, and doubt many others were, aware of. Josh Gordon is now tied with Torrey Smith for the most number of TD receptions that went 15 or more yards in the air at 5. I’m starting to feel a lot better about our losing this year’s 2nd round pick to get him.

    • LG

      Gordon is the real deal Leon

      • ABrown

        Gordon’s definitely the real deal with size, speed, and great hands. And he’s getting better with routes, too. With some really good coaching about wide receiver fine tuning, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him competing for all pro recognition in a couple of years.

  9. JRO


    I have never hidden the fact I am an OSU fan or my support for Weeden but that has no bearing on my opinion of McCoy. As any OSU fan knows, the real rivalry is Oklahoma, not Texas, but once they go pro I could care less who they played for in college.

    Also, I have never presented an argument against McCoy or critisized his play last year. My point has always been you need to give Weeden a full year to adapt and accept the inconsistency many rookie QB’s go through until you make a final decision.

    I agree Weeden has made mistakes this year, many glaring and hard to accept but when he makes improvements you have to line up behind LG did.

    My comparison to Manning is a comment on his personality, not his ability (no one can predict the long term viability of Weeden at this point). But remember that many have been quick to call Weeden a “sissy” and not mentally equiped to handle the NFL QB role. Worse things were said about Manning at the beginning of his career because of his “aw shucks” expressions and he was called out many times for not being a leader. 2 superbowl MVP’s later and having never missed a game is who Manning turned out to be.

    Let’s just leave it at this. Browns have a 4 – 8 record and are beginning to win and have been in almost every game this year. Weeden’s future is up to him.

    • Bob

      JRO respect your opinion. I never said you criticized his play this year. My comments to you were that last week you wrote, “So if McCoy comes in and plays well for let’s say the next two games against Oakland and KC… you aren’t going to consider the level of his competition? These are among the worst two teams in the NFL where a semi conscious Weeden could still probably win.”

      That comment was putting McCoy down if he were to play and win against Oakland because Oakland was not good. Therefore your comment alluded that McCoy would not be challenged like Weeden was in the other games Weeden played this year. I felt those comments were more about a dig on McCoy and premature before a game was already played. What if McFadden and others showed up yesterday? What if we had a major injury on the Browns?

      I agree with your last sentence. The jury is still out on Weeden. Another true test for his evaluation would to beat a good team and have a come from behind victory.

      Thanks for your Manning comparison. I disagree though with your personality assessment. Manning is better in the media and does not make the excuses that Weeden makes when he is having issues. Weeden also comes off as very defensive. I also don’t remember Manning apologizing for misstatements like Weeden has. To me Weeden comes off arrogant.

      Lastly, I know the rivilry between Texas & OU. I was inferring that they were both (UT & OSU) Big 12 teams.

      • ABrown

        I don’t think anyone ever called E. or P. Manning a “sissy” or doubted their ability to handle pressure and lead game-winning drives, like we saw Luck, Wilson, and Griffin do this past weekend.

        The primary concern with Eli was that the fans thought he should have the team deep in the playoffs right away as No. 1 pick. The “aw shucks” is part of Eli’s being completely unflappable.

        I can’t think of any successful NFL QB who was described as having so little poise under pressure as Weeden does, even this weekend. Great QBs simply don’t need hand-holding to get them through rough spots in a game.

    • ricktenny

      This comment is just kind of a summary of my reactions to this article and comments.
      On Weedens personality, I have never known of a NFL rookie QB go back at a person over twitter comment. I don’t know how to twitter and don’t think it’s worth my time to learn. I think Branden Weeden should be spending his time on things more relavent than social media.
      For 1.6 million a year you had better be tough enough to stand and take hits. This is not something you grow into.
      Were it not for a failed and fired head coach, a new head coach with questionable thinking that is becoming more obvious with every game and last a team president who was the first thing to go when a new owner came in and said “no changes until the season ends”, we would never have seen Branden Weeden in a Browns uniform. After these above mentioned people elavated his draft position from the second and some thought third round, they were then forced to pay him like a first round pick.
      I personally lack the expertise to comment on Shumers game management abilities, however as an employer of men the construction business for almost 40 years I do claim some expertise in managing people. That said I have seen Shurmer make one mistake after another. From phoney QB compititions, to outright lying to players. Annointing untested players to jobs over people who have paid thier dues and on and on it goes. This is the brain trust that ended Colt McCoys carreer as a starter and people wonder why there is an ongoing battle over this. If we are picking proven NFL players as personallity comparisons then you could put Colt in with the likes of Roger Staubach who chose to put his obligation to country ahead of his NFL carreer. He did things the right way, just as Colt has done things the right way. He as a person stands far above those who have put him where he is now. He didn’t have to learn to be tough he already is.
      What I have seen of the new owner so far strikes me as a no nonsence type who will not suffer mediocre people in his organization and I imagine a number of wrongs will be righted in the near future.
      One other thing I would like to address is the time table. Although I would have agreed with Shurmers dismissal weeks ago, I think it takes time to evaluate the replacement. So let’s be patient.
      Very glad for the win. MAYBE IT CAN BE TURNED INTO THREE IN A ROW!!!

      • LG

        The is one great comment. You hit so many nails right on the head…Thanks so very much for reading and leaving a comment…

      • ABrown

        RickTenny, great comment and insight. A man in the construction business not only knows how to hit nails on the head, LG, but he’s got to be an expert in recognizing and managing men.

        I’m hoping the new owner is the same. He seems like it. We’ve certainly had way too much of phoney, cowardly self-serving excuses in this organization in the recent past.

        Thanks for your insightful comment, Mr. Tenny.

      • Leon II

        Good evaluation ricktenny. I especially like your comment on the time table of replacing Shurmur. I have read numerous comments by fans that they are already questioning JH3 for not firing Shurmur during the bye week. What fans forget is how new all of this is too him. JH3 hasn’t been watching Shurmur the way we have for the last two years, has only been the actual owner with full access to everything it takes to run the organization for less than two months, and truly only became a Browns fan and started really following the team when Lerner accepted his offer this summer. He isn’t a life long Browns fan like some of us, his minority ownership of the Steelers only gave him a small taste of what it takes as an owner, and I would think there is a huge learning curve. I read an interview with him recently that put it in perspective. To paraphrase it he stated just how there was to learn to properly assess the organization and that even before he could begin sifting through all the information he first had to learn .

        • Leon II

          Oops, hit submit on accident before I finished. The last sentence should have went on to read that he had to learn … how to take time to first learn how to operate the software programs so he could access what he wanted to know from the computers. We tend to forget that hiring the right coach is only one part of what JH3 has to do. He has a huge task and even though the fan in me is tired of waiting for all the pieces to be put in place I would rather see it done right this time.

  10. Bob

    Intestinal Fortitude? Two former Browns sure had it yesterday after the tragedy with KC. Quinn & Hillis and a great game. Quinn was a leader yesterday.

    • ABrown

      He did indeed, Bob. I really enjoyed watching Quinn because he was playing so well, I was able to EXPECT him to play well, instead of never relaxing watching Weeden because he seems to always be just one play away from screwing up.

  11. JRO


    Sorry if you read I was putting McCoy down. My point (apparently not well made)was that LG was implying a strong McCoy performance against the Raiders would have many doubting the wisdom of drafting and playing Weeden. I didn’t believe there would be much to learn from McCoy or Weeden by beating the Raiders because of just how bad the black and silver are this year.

    What we did learn is Weeden has some toughness and didn’t fold after throwing a couple of early picks. That is a step in the right direction.

    I don’t see the arrogance/defensive attitude in Weeden but agree he could use some work on talking to the media.

    Agree with the Big 12 statement.

  12. ABrown

    It occurred to me this morning, after watching RGIII and the Redskins beat the Giants last night in a tough, physical game, how SILLY we Browns fans are.

    Brandon Weeden gets sacked once and hit in some fashion nine times out of the almost 80 plays the Browns had on offense. . . and we’re all congratulating him for not running to the sidelines in tears.

    Weeden has so much trouble with pressure that we fall all over ourselves praising his toughness when he gets hit a few times during a game.

    How many times did all the other QBs get sacked or hit this past weekend?? For most, it was a heck of a lot more than Weeden.

    It’s a clear sign of how much we truly doubt his toughness that we praise him so lavishly just for doing what any NFL QB is expected to do every week, from the first time he started playing football. . . .


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