The Cleveland Browns have benched quarterback Brandon Weeden and will start this 20th quarterback since coming back to the NFL in 1999. Weeden who was drafted under the Mike Holmgren regime, never lived up to being drafted in the first round with the 22nd over-all pick in the 2012 draft.

Some think Holmgren knew the team was for sale, knew he would be out of a job and stuck the team with Weeden, even though the scouting reports all said, Weeden was far away from being ready to play quarterback in the NFL. The fans have seen more than enough of Brandon Weeden in a Cleveland uniform.

His record as the starter is 5 wins and 15 losses. He did happen to help win the game against the Bills this season coming in to take over after Hoyer went down with the torn ACL.

For most fans, they want Weeden gone. They think the team won’t even be able to trade Weeden, because they would get nothing in return. Now you can own your own WEEDEN-B-GON Shirt. It is soon to be a classic among anti Weeden fans and there are plenty of those these days.

The Weeden-B-Gon  was offered to head coach Rob Chudzinski weeks back, to help him get rid of those pesky Weeden problems. You know how hard it is to get rid of Weeden’s, now you can own your very own Weeden-B-Gon shirt.

He won’t be in a Browns uniform nest season that is for sure. Former head coach Sam Rutigliano was asked after they benched Weeden, what he thought and his response was he better go back to baseball.

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  1. C-hustle

    You know, part if me almost feels sorry for the guy because Holmgren/Shurmur made him believe he was something that we have learned he wasn’t! (A starter in the NFL) In your opinion, do you think Banner and Lombardi should have made a move for Alex Smith espicially since the team was flush with money?

    • LG

      Yes, he is a guy who can get things done. I think I even wrote articles last season saying the Browns should have got him. Another thing is why didn’t we draft Geno Smith that guy is a fighter.

  2. Big Duke

    This is great! Will the proceeds go to buy moving boxes for Weeden to help him leave town sooner? On second thought, he could just go behind a Giant Eagle grocery store and get some empty fruit boxes from the dumpster.

    I see the Rams are now talking to Favre. Since we are in desparate times, anyone worth considering from Arena Football League QB’s e.g. Tommy Grady and Nick Davila? I know, I know why would we ever want someone from that league besides former MVP Art Schlichter, right?? :-o ) hey, now wait a just a minizel….is he available or still in prison???? HHHmmm…..but anyway actually Kurt Warner played in the Arena league.

    • LG

      Hey the proceeds will help LG pay some bills if anyone buys one…

  3. Big Duke

    Hi LG,

    I’m interested in getting a Weeden-B-Gon shirt.

    Couple of questions:

    (1) Do you still have X-Large sizes available?

    (2) Is the shirt 100% cotton or a blend etc.

    (3) Is it a long sleeve t-shirt or a sweat shirt? I wasn’t sure which one as the article title says “t-shirt”, but from the pic looks more like a sweat.

    (4) Which country was it mfg.’d in. Not that big of a deal, though but whnever possible I prefer something not made in China. Yeah, I know good luck trying to avoid that thanks to Wal-Mart and other companies who were the original authors of the Outsourcing of American, but I travel there a lot on business and amazing the cutting of corners on mfg. processes unless a customer keeps a constant eye on everything.

    I’m hoping by wearing my Weeden-B-Gon shirt, it’s not only to support Weeden from being traded or released, but I just might get me a sepcial “Browns sympathy discount” at a local bar. It has been known to happen over the last couple of years once the bartender or waiter learn I’m a Browns fan. What helps seal the discount is I also give them a real sad expression, like I’m ready to start crying. Once about two years ago, I even got a sympathy discount from a moving company, when I learned all their workers moving my belongings were originally from Boston. I told them how jealous I was they came from a city that wins championships all the time in multiple sports and asked them of one. After they stopped laughing and feeling sorry for me, they said…”why not, you deserve it being a Browns fan”.


    • LG

      It is a great Shirt the Problem is they only print them if we get orders for 50 of them. The sale ends in 5 more days and it isn’t selling so they may not print them all the details about the shirt are right here just click the link…. don’t know if you are an Ohio State fan but we have a great Limited Edition Hoodie too….Check it out here


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