Andre Knott Says Colt McCoy KNows Offense Andre Knott the Browns beat reporter said there is no doubt Colt McCoy understands the Cleveland Offense better than Brandon Weeden and it shows at practice. Weeden who is still making mistakes may not be ready to be the Cleveland Starting quarterback once the season starts according to Knott who is at the Browns training camps. It is understandable McCoy understands the Cleveland Offense better, McCoy has been here longer.

Weeden himself has already said there is a lot to take in learning the offense in the N..L..  The Browns shouldn’t rush Brandon Weeden into the starting Q.B. spot. If they do and Weeden doesn’t do well and he makes a lot of mistakes it could do damage to his confidence. The Cleveland Browns have made that mistake before, example Tim Couch. We all know what happened with Couch, his professional career end before it ever really got started.

It is true Weeden is 28 years old and has already dealt with failure in his professional sports career. He failed in trying to make it to the big show with the Yankees. Maybe failure in the N.F.L. won’t affect Weeden as bad as others. Still, there is no reason the Cleveland Browns should take the chance in rushing Brandon Weeden into the starting role if he doesn’t know the offense yet.

Colt McCoy can do the job, especially with the new talent the team can surround him with. The fans in Cleveland don’t need to see another failure with a Browns quarterback. They have seen to many already. Give the guy time to learn the offense, let him watch what McCoy does, then give Weeden a chance. Lets hope Pat Shurmur has enough experience to know better…

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. @DanRoth7

    I agree Andre. Let’s get two or three games under our belt first

  2. kevin kvasnok

    tim couch was ruined because he was sacked 69 times a year. he had guys with the winning ticket coming down from the seats to block for him and others where picked out the street. his recievers where the worst set of recievers to be ever assembled on a nfl football team. there defence couldn’t stop the powder puff girls. yet he still found away to beat the stealers a couple times.imagine that. when he had a half a second to throw the ball was a perfect pass. he alot of times felt he needed to win the game alone and forced it more then he wanted. but yes a new qb if can be helped is better served to learn from the bench if the other player is better or can play and knows is plays better. it’s also been reported that mccoy holds the ball to long.that forces sacks,hurries,missed open recievers deep because the window is only open so long because second guessing on getting the ball there,often never takes chances and often checks down to short passes and misses the big play. both qb’s are learning and both have things to work on. weeden when knows the plays reported have been looking great. but when a list of plays just comes in he is thinking too much as well.he takes chances deep but needs to know the play or his mistakes happen. this is what camps for to learn and reps. the more reps you do the better you get,for themselves and as a unit.i will trust coach shurmur,brad childress,and the rest of the coaching staff on what they do, one way or the other.

  3. Joel McClurg

    I agree with Andre; the Browns are “rushing” Weeden because he will be 29 in October. Even though he has missed 1/2 of his NFL career, he should be treated like any other rookie; bring him along slowly; at least this year. That would give him a chance to learn a complex offense and adjust to the speed of the pros.
    Colt McCoy is at the very least, “serviceable” and to be frank, I’d like to see what Colt can do with a running game, blocking and hopefully some receivers better than they were last year. He might just surprise a lot of people!
    Of course, Heckert doesn’t want McCoy to succeed because if he does, why did we use a first round pick on a 29 year old QB when we could have gotten a good WR and helped McCoy have another weapon. If their draft had been what it was but substituting a WR for the QB, we would be a much better team and have a real chance to do some damage. The Weeden move instead of a WR is why the pundits have us at 1-15 or 2-14 or 3-13 this year!

  4. kevin

    a gm drafts the players he likes and believes in. he drafted mccoy and weeden. i do agree with both picks. not so much where they where drafted. but like them doesn’t matter though what position, you always add talent and create depth and competion. you want deep talent on all positions. at pick 22 drafting young threw the draft i wanted to see them draft og david decastro or de/olb courtney upshaw at 22. second round i wanted cb janoris jenkins to match shut down corners opposite cb joe haden. but qb weeden and ot shwartz are great players and they have picked solid players in 2010 and 2011 so i trust what there doing. i know coaches know more then us or sports reporters so trusting and believing we have to be one unit and one browns family. right now mccoy and weeden are making mistakes. the coaches are teaching all and want everyone to improve and get better. the best players we have will start and are depth will help for players coming in and not skip a beat.


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