The Cleveland Browns number one pick has been released from the Cleveland Clinic hospital where he spent a couple of days trying to catch his breath. Barkevious Mingo was hit while playing special teams and he couldn’t catch his breath and he was spitting up blood.

Not a good sign when a guy can’t breath and is spitting up blood on the side-lines. It was only his second preseason game in the NFL and he was hospitalized. Should the team be concerned about the size of Mingo?

Yes, they better be concerned. The guy may be too small to play in the NFL. Now with a rib injury that was bad enough to bruise his lung, the team is going to have to come up with a way to protect his ribs. Mingo is in great shape.

He has no body fat, that is a problem for him. He is taking on blockers that out weight him by 60-70 lbs. There was a concern about Mingo’s weight coming into the NFL and those concerns have just turned into a reality.

Special teams play is not a place to play your number one draft pick that was drafted to put pressure on the quarterback. Special teams are where a lot of injuries take place, you have guys flying through the air just trying to block anyone they can.

It was a freak accident that Mingo took the shot he took in the Lions game, but this is football. Now the Browns are going to have to find a way to protect Mingo. They should fit him with a flack jacket and that will protect his ribs and chest area.

The team can’t afford to lose their number one pick in the 2013 draft. They should sit him for the remainder of the preseason. Mingo showed up at Browns camp after he was released from the hospital and he was in good spirits.

He didn’t say how long he would be out but he did say it is important to listen to his doctors.

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  1. Jim Kirk

    Get well , grow strong , we need you Barkevious


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