What have you done for me lately seems to be the tone in Browns camp. Pat Shurmur thinks both Wallace and McCoy should see a lot of playing time in Cleveland Friday night as the Browns take on the Eagles at Cleveland Browns stadium. Pat Shurmur had Colt McCoy as his starting quarterback last year and he is refusing to name McCoy as the teams back-up quarterback this season with the addition  of Brandon Weeden to the Browns roster. It is yet to be seen how Weeden will do in the regular season and the rumors are saying the Cleveland Browns want to deal Colt McCoy. That leaves me with one question, Is Pat Shumur clinically insane? Does this guy really have what it take to be a head coach in the NFL? How can he not be able to make a decision about the Browns back up Q.B. by now?

Shurmur knows what kind of player he has both in Seneca Wallace and Colt McCoy. Shurmur saw first hand last season how Wallace got to start the last three games of the regular season in McCoy’s absence and all Wallace did was add to the tally of loses the Browns and Pat Shurmur already had. Colt McCoy was the starter last season, he won 4 games for Shurmur with an offense that could barely function on an NFL level and now he isn’t even good enough to clearly beat out Seneca Wallace for the second string job. This is utter bull-crap, Shumur is playing some sort of political game and he should be Slapped with a fish right in the face.

There was an old coach in the NFL who had a few wins and knew a couple of things about the west coast offense. He went by the name of Bill Walsh. He said it takes three years for a quarterback to learn the West Coast offense to understand the schemes. Shurmur has had Weeden hear for 4 months and he names him the starter in 3 months. He has had Wallace and McCoy for a lot longer than that and he can’t make a decision as to who the back up will be.

I don’t think Jimmy Haslam’s arrival can get here soon enough. It will be great to have a guy in Cleveland that knows how to become successful. It is clear that the Browns in their present form have no freaking idea. If they did the team wouldn’t have hired Uncle Fritz’s nephew to be the head coach of the Browns. It will be great to see Mike Holmgren pack his office up and leave the Browns facility, he collected 24 million dollars already and still lets these political games take place, heck he is part of them.¬† If he wasn’t he would have hired a head coach that had a proven tract record in the NFL. Not one that had a list of failures…

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  1. Will

    It will be a blessing the day the Browns get rid of Colt McCoy so you can stop it with your constant Bitching and moaning over a guy who sucks! Your man love and emotional attachment for Colt, seriously clouds your judgement. There are 3 former head coaches on staff, Shurmur and Holmgren and not once have I heard about any disagreement on the Coaching staff regarding Colt McCoy starting.

    You continue to want to use the talent around Colt last year as an excuse. That talent doesn’t cause Colt to throw the ball in the dirt, or throw a deep sideline pass 5 yards out-of-bounds, or to constantly throw behind the crossing route. Those things have nothing to do with anyone but Colt and his inability to be a top-flight qb in this league.

    The Browns have made no secret about their desire to get rid of Colt and even with his great pre-season this year, the phone never rings. Green Bay would rather go into the season with Harrell, rather call the Browns about Colt. That says it all to me…

    When Colt is finally traded or released I hope you and ABrown are right behind him. Take your gay man-love and step out of the way so that we can talk about relevant football issues!

    • LG

      There is a reason those 3 coaches are FORMER head coaches. As far as loving McCoy, it is obvious he is better than Wallace and at 1/6 the freaking price too..

    • ABrown

      LG, didn’t you mean to say that Holmgren DID hire Uncle Fritz’ nephew to coach the team? Shurmur has never been a head coach and I think he has only been an offensive coordinator for 1 year at St Louis. His key to getting this job is that Holmgren and his uncle were friends.

      The Browns have been hinting back and forth about wanting to trade McCoy since April, but when other teams have inquired, the Browns management won’t give them a straight answer or any idea about what they want for McCoy. So the Brown’s management and coach look to others like they are playing silly games, can’t make up their minds, or are incredibly foolish, or all of the above and worse.

      If people around the league can see this clearly, Browns fans deserve to get a clearer perspective on their coach and GM, too. Thanks for trying to provide this information, LG.

      • LG

        Yes that is exactly what I meant to say….Uncle Fritz’s nephew is Pat Shurmur….

  2. BuckeyesRus

    Will, your quick throwing of the “gay” card tells us where your mind is.

    Colt McCoy has clearly outplayed Weeden in the pre-season. That doesn’t mean Weeden can’t become a good or even better QB than McCoy, but right now, he is not up to speed! It does take time, but the Browns, because of his age, are trying to rush him. He will be an utter failure if they continue on this course. Even Bernie Kosar didn’t start playing until halfway through the season. Let Weeden do mop up in games for the first half of the season, gain some confidence, and come up to speed. Then let’s see what he can do. We’ve got the 3rd toughest schedule in the NFL. Don’t throw the kid to the wolves before he is NFL speed ready, and right now, he clearly is not up to NFL speed!

    • Will

      Hey BuckeyesRus,
      I didn’t just throw it out there, it was just the most appropriate term. You should know where my mind is, because I just expressed it!

  3. Bobby D

    LG have you finally lost it?

    Lets see why would you wait to name the back up??? Hmmm. Maybe if teams knew McCoy was not the back up, then they would know he is going to be cut so there is no reason to trade anything for a guy you can get forfree in a few weeks.

    Are things like that not obvious to you? Critical thinking is lacking in the media. I would like Colt to stay but if not I won’t lose any sleep over it.

    • LG

      Bobby D, you truly think they would just cut McCoy? I really do not think so….But with this team you never know….

  4. Ron

    Give it a rest. McCoy is a proven loser with known limitations. Wallace is a complete waste of money. Weeden’s capabilities will surface with experience, one way or another. I, too, would like to see a NFL level QB in Cleveland but what other options do the Browns have at this point in time?

    • RICK

      Just because he hasent named the backup doesent mean he anything.Maybe he knows and doesnt want you to know for obvious reasons. I agree your saviour would be a good backup but I wont lose any sleep over it neither.
      Get over your man love for the guy and look to what is best for the team. Your constant bitching over him isnt helping his cause it wont change their thoughts it is what it is.

      • LG

        Rick what is with you people and this man love thing? I just want the best possible players on the team….What the hell is wrong with that?

        • RICK

          Nothing wrong with having the best players on the team but I think the coaching staff has their reasons and whatever they do wont please you. Everything they do gets second guessed by someone that doesent have near the coaching talent as them. Let them get through the preseason and save it for when it means something (the real season)Your judging on the past and not the present.

          • ABrown

            Will and Rick, you guys can’t seem to post without insulting and offending everyone else who would just like to talk about football.

            Some of the other guys are trying to subtly tell you to cut out all the gay insults, but you don’t seem to get it. Let me try, as a woman, to make it a little clearer how this comes across. When I hear a guy calling every other guy around gay as an insult, that says to me, and everyone else who hears you, that you must be homophobic and have repressed homosexual tendencies, in other words, people will think you are gay and embarrassed about it.

            You probably aren’t gay, just very prejudiced, but it doesn’t matter whether you are gay, straight, or bisexual. Your choice is ok whatever it is. Just don’t talk about it all the time.

            What isn’t ok is lowering every discussion with insults and all this “man love” crap.

          • LG

            Truer words have never been written on this post page!!!! Good job ABrown

  5. RICK

    Didnt mention gay one time ABROWN and by the way the only insults i see is by LG who likes to attack and insult players on the team instead of sticking to the facts. I guess ABROWN must have assumed what she thought she read and put more into it than there was. Guess you came up with your own conclusions on what is concidered a gay remark. Guess we will have to re write the dictionary for your purposes. I was talking about the love he has for this player which is not even close to what your talking about. Get off your politically correct soap box.

    • LG

      Rick, I write articles based on facts. The problems is you don’t like the facts I use. Never have a write an article that insults the players either. If the facts used in the piece don’t flatter the particular player, then they need to perform better. I don’t control the STATS…

      • RICK

        LG Remarks such as (slapped in the face with a fish) and other such insulting remarks that you print about people are not facts its just jabs that you throw out and your opinions arent facts. Stats are over rated and dont win games players do. Players dont need insulted to play better such as the kiddy games you played with Weeden.

        • LG

          Rick, player sure the heck do need to be coached to play better. Sometime these millionaires become complacent. AS far as the slap in the face with a fish, the comment is intended to be humorous. No one would truly slap someone in the face with a fish….LMAO

          • RICK

            I am sure it was humorous to you but the person your talking about probably isnt laughing so it is insulting.Coaching to play better and insulting are two different things.Plus rumors arent facts either just rumors.Its obvious how you feel about the coaching and the front office. These guys are trying to put a winning team together and all you do is bash them for their efforts because it doesnt suit you. Holgrem is a proven winner (thats the facts) let him do his job.

          • LG

            Holmgren may soon be out o a job. Period. He could care less if he puts a winner on the table in Cleveland. Half the time you don’t even see or hear form the guy..

    • ABrown

      There’s an old saying “the hit dog yelps.” So tell me, Rick, what did you mean when you wrote to LG “Get over your man love for the guy” 2 posts before mine?

      If you don’t know what most people understand from the term “man love” and thought you were saying “LG stop respecting the way McCoy plays footfall so much.” we would have seen a lot of “I, Rick, have a deep man love for Brandon Weeden. He’s got such a strong arm.”

      If that’s how you feel, Rick, don’t be shy about saying it. We’ll all know what you mean.

      • RICK

        LG Colts career stats for the Browns is 20TD(fact) 20 picks(fact) a 74.6 quarterback rating(fact) 58.3 completion pct.(fact)in real games when it counts. There are no stats for Weeden in real games when it counts. Is that some more of your facts with your comments about Holgrem. If you can come up some facts about Holgrem not being a winner lets see them or otherwise your just jabbing again or maybe being funny. He has been putting this team together way before we got new owners so I dont know how you could come up with your comments.

        • LG

          Don’t worry too much Rick, I am sure Brandon Weeden will set a record for picks this season…

          • RICK

            LG I see your still throwing your facts out there about Weeden

          • LG

            I try to do my best to keep others around the world informed Rick….

      • RICK

        Sorry ABROWN your mind wasn’t deep enough to understand what we talking about with the manlove thing we were talking football

  6. Jeremy

    LG just doesn’t like losing.. I’m sure you hated Belicheck when he was here too… what loser he was, what did he know? (getting rid of the beloved Bernie).. And of course, if someone has no NFL head coaching experience, then they obviously have an in somehow… smith in Atlanta, Chiano in TB, Philbin in Miami, and Harbaugh in SF… Bunch a silver spoons who need to be fired before they hurt their fans..
    And as far as Holmgrem not caring about winning… are you an idiot??? Who the hell goes to work hoping to suck? “I don’t care about anything, I really don’t want to be successful. I liked being a loser.” Is that really what you think? Is that why you continue to write articles about you MAN LOVE for Colt? Because you would rather have a proven loser as your QB, so you don’t have to win?

    • LG

      Jeremy, if you look through the article archive you would find articles I wrote telling people to give Shurmur a chance and reminding them about what happened to Belichick. I told people to give him a chance and I see this preseason Shumurs un imaginative play calling still exists. If Holmgren cared about winning as much as he says he does he would have nipped that play calling in the bud a while ago….

      • RICK

        I guess we havent scored enough this year with our unimaginable play calling maybe we should open up and let the whole league know what we are going to call this year that would make sense.

        • LG

          Rick are you freaking kidding me? Weeden has yet to throw a touchdown pass in the NFL. Correct me if I am wrong but he is the only quarterback taken yet to do so…..If it weren’t for our defense we wouldn’t have scored so many points..

          • RICK

            LG since when do you have to throw a TD for it to count. Last time I checked a TD was a score whoever scored it. Somebody had to get you in range to get it. Last year we couldnt buy a touchdown rushing.I dont think we drove down the field with only our rushing.

          • LG

            Rick, it is very obvious Weeden is your man. I wish him the very best and no matter what I say whether it is stat related or not we aren’t going to agree. I need to be shown before I jump on the Weeden band wagon. I think we have a guy that can throw it down field I’m just not sure at this time who is going to catch it. The Browns have a lot of young guys on this team that have a lot of talent. I am just not sure they can play make up football yet…If I am wrong, I will be the first to write an Article and admit I was wrong. He has only played 2 preseason games and I am not that impressed yet. Lets wait and see what happens Friday…

      • RICK

        I totally agree with Jeremy his statements hit the nail on the head.He obviously knows his football and is a true Browns fan.

        • LG

          Trust me Rick, I know football and I am a true fan too. Just a very realistic fan. I hope the Browns do great this season. I really do. But from what I have seen they still need improvement…

          • RICK

            I havent seen the band yet in regular season to get on the wagon yet. I will save my judgements till then. If I do get on I’m on it till it wrecks or gets to its destination. Then I will see where its at and if I dont like where im at I will get on another.Band wagons are kind of slow but the music is nice sometimes.

  7. ABrown

    Enough of this defensiveness guys, let’s get back to football. We can criticize or praise coaches and players and have honest, but respectful differences of opinions supported by facts. That makes for a good discussion.

    Statistics can be helpful in these discussions if they are kept in context. I was looking at records for McCoy and Wallace last night and I found a very useful context where we can compare them, where they both played in the same situation.

    The 2011 regular season was hard one to play through (look at Shurmur’s reasons why his team didn’t win in Wikepedia, for example). In 2011, McCoy was 365 of 453 for a completion rate of 57%, 14 TDs and 11 INTs, a passer rating of 75, and 4 wins vs 9 losses.

    In the same season under the same conditions, Wallace was 55 of 107 for a completion rate of 51%, 2 TDs and @ INTs. a passer rating of 65, and 0 wins vs 3 losses.

    Wallace had a lot more experience with the offense, so he had an advantage. But when you compare the 2 quarterbacks in the same situation, McCoy is better in every category, better passer, better completion %, better TD/INT ration, and better Win/LOSS record.

    McCoy didn’t have a good year, but clearly it could have been worse because, for the only other QB in the same place, it was.

    I’ve also seen arguments that McCoy looks good in preseason and then does worse in regular season. In 2011, both Wallace and McCoy did better in preseason and got worse in the regular season: McCoy 102 vs 75; Wallace 75 vs 65. In 2010 McCoy was better in the regular season than in the preseason.

    Most of the extreme anti-McCoy rants I’ve seen just don’t hold up to what really happened and what we can measure instead of what we can feel.

    The criticism of Holmgren at the end of his time in Seattle was that his decisions were scattered, not guided by a consistent controlling vision of what needed to be done with the team. That’s what a lot of us are seeing in Cleveland.

    AS for Shurmur, I going to forget about facts and stats even though they would support my impression.

    Shurmur is no Belichick.

  8. RICK

    ABROWN I agree with your thoughts on Colt and Wallace. Colt would be the better of the 2 in my opinion too im not saying hes not worth keeping he has potential. I hope they keep him because he is still young and smart enough to help the team.I like Colt as a team player just dont think he is the caliper of Weeden (just my opinion) I just think we need the arm for the big plays we where missing last year. I wish him well this year and if he beats out the starter then I’m fine with it. GO BROWNS

  9. ABrown

    Go Browns!

  10. Jeremy

    I agree, Shurmur is no Belichick….yet :) Go Browns!!!

  11. Ese Homes

    LG, ypu dumbas biatch! You gotta see that this real McCoy bull has no balls!! I’m sure that’s were you’re looking anyhow!!
    All this Cleavland fan base ever looks at is the QB and not at the offensive line. Your QB always suck because they lack protection and time,even a little time to set up against any D!
    I’vr watched this McCoy grow down here in Austin, and up there in Ohio. Give him some, SOME protection and you’ll have a winner, whiner wienee.

  12. Bill

    Weeden sucks. He was a complete waste of a pick. McCoy will have a way more successful career, whether it is in Cleveland or elsewhere.

    It’s funny how all of the McCoy haters are pointing out that Weeden’s receivers keep dropping passes, that the O-line isn’t protecting him, that this is his first year in a new offensive-system, etc, etc. And they ignore the fact that all of those same things applied to McCoy last season.


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