The Cleveland Browns are purposely keeping their general manager Michael Lombardi away from the media. Browns CEO Joe Banner describe Lombardi as a bit of a lightning rod, when asked about Lombardi by the Cleveland Plain Dealer Banner made this statement;

“I’m just being very honest,” Banner told The Plain Dealer at the NFL Annual Meeting on Monday. “Mike is a little bit of a lightning rod. Distraction won’t serve anybody’s interests. He’s got a tremendous amount of work to do right now, and whether that’s good, bad or fair or not it doesn’t really matter. It’s just the reality of the situation.”

Didn’t Banner and Haslam think this was going to happen? They should have known better when they hired him to run the Browns. The fans in Cleveland remember all too well what took place with the Browns the last time Lombardi was in Cleveland. How are they going to handle this from this point forward? Are they going to let Lombardi go to the games? The media is really going to have fun with this. The Cleveland Browns new ownership made a huge mistake bringing Mike Lombardi into Cleveland.

If the Browns start winning football game maybe then they will forgive Lombardi. That’s a big if at this point. Here is some more about what Banner said about keeping Lombardi in hiding;

“It attracts a lot of attention and it gets a lot of strong reaction and I think it’s better for us right now and better for him to keep things calm, low key, focus on his work and then kind of more gradually let that situation take care of itself,”

You just have to laugh about the whole situation at this point. What else can you do?

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Bob

    Browns front office thinking:

    Let’s hire him so we can hide him because we want you (the fans) to buy Browns merchandise (esp. another QB jersey) & we want you to buy tickets to see the Browns. Next, we want to introduce you to our new over hyped quarterback, who actually is a McCoy clone named Smith (shh! don’t tell anyone he did not do as well as McCoy in college)

    Great!!! Exciting news today!!! But I must say typical.

    Sorry, front office. My wallet is closed until you prove yourself. Don’t take your fans for granted. I am not in the mood anymore. Even Haslam did not want to stick around. He’s hiding in a truck stop.

  2. bonzie

    Just Firkin Great


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