Brandon Weeden on NFL DefenseBrowns pick at number 22 continues to throw some picks in training camp, Weeden almost seems surprised how good the defense in the N.F.L. is. Wait he has only faced the Browns Defense in practice, Weeden hasn't even seen a great defense yet, I am not saying the Browns defense was great last year, I am saying the N.F.L. is loaded with teams that have some great defensive secondaries.  The Browns are going to face the Steelers twice this year and they have some guys that will want to kill Brandon Weeden. If Weeden think the defense in the NFL is good, just wait until this guy gets into a real game time situation. I certainly hope he learns how to hand the ball off to Trent Richardson and Montario Hardesty real well before this season starts, if he is going to be the starting quarterback.

Weeden likes to take unnecessary chance of throwing the football into spots on the field which aren't going to be there in-game time situations. I for one hope he gets this out of his system in camp and Shurmur can break him of this habit long before he goes into a game that counts towards the Browns season record. Weeden has to learn the defense in the NFL is the best of the best, these guys will pressure the old Rookie and they will force him into spots that will cause him to make mistakes. Although he is facing a damn good defense in camp, he hasn't seen nothing yet.

Hey, what are your thoughts on Weeden? Just leave your comments below....
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