The Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shumur felt it was important to risk the health of his teams number one pick it the draft, Trent Richardson today. The thing isn’t that Richardson couldn’t play in the game, the problem is he has a head coach that has no business being a head coach in the N.F.L.. Sure Trent Richardson is a beast but he needs some help. You cannot expect a guy to just bust through the defense on every running play by himself. Pat Shurmur should have provided a lead blocker for Trent Richardson, the lead block may have been able to open some holes for Trent Richardson to run through. It really isn’t that new of an idea, teams have been doing it for years.

The lack of Pat Shurmur’s experience in the N.F.L. make me wonder how he ever got a head coaching job in the first place, Shumur watched the game just like everyone else did, he had to see if he provided a guy to block for Richardson he could have done much better than 19 carries for 39 yards and a 2.1 yard rushing average. If Pat Shumur wanted his backs to only rush for that he could have rested Richardson for another week, he has other backs on the team that could have rushed for those numbers. Why risk a guy who is just coming off a knee surgery?

Maybe the next time Pat Shurmur plays Trent Richardson he can put someone to lead the way for him. If not I think we see more of the same.

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