Trent Richardson comes out and says he is not going to be Injury prone. Is he kidding us? The guy can’t get through a practice without getting injured. Last season, (his rookie season) he missed the entire preseason because he had to have his knee scoped.

Then he says he could not play up to his full potential because of the rib injury, then he could play all 16 games of the regular season because he suffered an ankle injury. I don’t know what Richardson has smoked, he sure looks injury prone from where I am sitting.

The guy hasn’t been healthy since he was drafted to the Browns.  It will be amazing if he makes it through the 2013 season without missing a game. He has to be kidding himself. he only had a rushing average of 3.6 yards per carry. That places him 18th on the list.

That is not bad, but it isn’t that good either. There are guys ahead of Richardson on the list that carried the ball less times than he did. Sure you can say they only carried the ball that many times, the point is they rushed for more yards per carry than he did.

Richardson could be another guy coming out of Alabama who has a hard time making it in the NFL. You could look at this two ways. The first being that Sabin uses these guys up before they get to the NFL.

The second is maybe Sabin’s offense is tailored to fit their game better. Nonetheless, Richardson needs to reassess his physical well-being. for him to say he isn’t going to be injury prone is almost humorous. The guy was the Browns first pick in the 2012 draft, and he isn’t living up to the hype.



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Readers Comments (13)

  1. Sam

    LG also yelled at Trent to stay off of his lawn and called the cops on Brandon Weeden for playing music too loud!

  2. DawgPile

    Still ignoring what T-Rich did while INJURED?

    He broke Jim Browns rookie (Browns) rushing record.

    Scored more rushing TD’s then Brown or Metcalf.

    Only ONE rookie ever in the history of the NFL had MORE rushing TD’s than Trent,(Adrian Foster)and yet here you sit in your PILE of shtuff sniveling like the little punk that you are…what an EFFIN joke you are LG.

    GO BROWNS!!!

    • LG

      Didn’t ignore his accomplishments at all DawgPile. I put in the story that he finished 18th in rushing and had a 3.6 yard per carry average…

      • DawgPile

        All while ignoring his records. Take off the poop stained glasses and see the bright future, or focus on the negative and wallow in your shtuff, like a sad sack pig ready for butcher.

        • LG

          sad sack pig ready for butcher. kind of sums up the Browns over the last 13 years doesn’t it…..

          • RICK

            LG, I think the future is more important than the past. Your crying about Richardson and the season hasen’t started. You were the one when he had his knee scoped was the expert and said he wouldn’t be back to start the season last year.

          • LG

            And he shouldn’t have been. The point is the guy is hurt already again. What is going to happen once the season starts?

      • 1stAnubiis

        A muscle strain and a broken bone, torn ACL/MCL/PCL, injury to spine or neck, concussion, ect are worlds apart. You sound worse than my Dad bro, really because you seem to hunt for the negative or the minor concern and you try and make something more of it. Cameron was out with a groin pull but is back to practice. The coach said he is holding him out strictly as a precaution. You approach the Tribe with an even hand, why do you keep searching for the roof to cave in for the Browns?

        • LG

          Because they wasted 2 first round draft picks on a couple of busts…….

  3. RICK

    LG, I don’t know get the old fortune ball out and let us know.

    • LG

      OK I will let ya know…..LOL

  4. Fava Beans

    T-Rich did come into camp….not like Hardtesties….”in the best shape of his entire career”….but gimpy….on a busted up knee and he played solid ball….

    Will his body withstand his running style?

    Only time will tell…..

    Like it told us that Hardtesties….even in the best shape of his career….didn’t have what it takes to be an every-down….or even every 4 or 5 downs kind of player…….He’s a friggin seat warmer….and in very good shape at that…..

    • johnnyv

      I’m a Richardson fan but he’ll have to change his style since RB’s and defenders can’t lead with their head (in open field) anymore.


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