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Ok Browns Fans, The Battle is on! Everyone knows about Brandon Weeden and his cannon arm from last week’s rookie mini camp. Weeden has the physical attributes height and his arm. I would just say this, before the media or The Browns crowns him the starter ,College is College and The NFL is The NFL. Meaning it’s much quicker as everyone knows.  For Example We had a one year wonder in Derek Anderson in 07 he put the ball where it needed it to be and ran the offense in sync and The Browns finished 10 -6 . But the follow year scouting reports caught up to him  and and no clue how to read defenses, well you know the rest of the story. Let’s see how Weeden reacts in live game situations, meaning wait at least until preseason games are through then after, name your starter.Everyone is enamored with Brandon’s arm. How does everyone know he can read defenses in live game situations? Qb’s without real pressure in games can put the ball where it needs to be. I’m not saying he’s going to do horrible and hope he does well. But just don’t hand him the job yet ! Now for Colt McCoy, I hope the Browns front office just doesn’t give up on him yet , They haven’t in McCoy ‘s defense put  good weapons in place ,good receivers and now with Trent Richardson in the backfield defenses have a problem trying to contain him. Just ask defensive coordinators now who is easier to defend Hillis or Richardson? Colt should have a better line and his blindside  should be protected with Mitchell Schwartz at right tackle. Brandon Weeden may have a stronger arm than Colt, BUT one thing Colt knows for sure to do is, how to read defenses something I haven’t seen this since Bernie Kosar. He knows where the hot receiver is and He scrambles well too. Let’s see what he does in the preseason too .I just have feeling Colt is coming out of stable with all he has and The  Browns and  the fans will see some real competition for once in a long time at QB   There are no more excuses, because the Browns have gotten the offense better help in the off season. Let’s sit back and watch that is if The Browns don’t give up Colt first. Let both Colt and Brandon duke it out ! Just Bring it ! The Battle is on !

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