Browns starting quarterback Brandon Weeden, injured his thumb in his throwing hand. Weeden said after the game, the x-rays were negative. He also said he couldn’t grip the football. That is why he knew he had to leave the game.

He also said he just hurt it an hour ago and he didn’t know how this was going to affect him starting in the next game. He said his thumb was sure hurting a lot. Weeden said he injured his thumb when he hit it on another players helmet sometime during the last drive he played in late in the 4th quarter.

The Browns don’t know if he will be able to play in the Minnesota game. Weeden was 21 of 33 for 227 yards when he injured the thumb. He didn’t throw any interceptions in the game and he had no touchdown passes either.

The second year quarterback continues to struggle when he gets the team into the red zone. He had a shot to get a touchdown when the Browns had the ball on the 7 yard line and were first and goal on their first possession of the game.

Weeden threw a pass that was way left of his receiver in the end-zone that would force the team to settle for a field goal. The Browns have had only one touchdown in 8 quarters of regular season football.

Weeden is ranked 32 out of 33 in ESPN’s total quarterback ranking. This is sad considering the Browns coaching staff said before the season started that the Browns offense was built around the Weeden’s strengths.

The doctors will further evaluate Weeden’s thumb today and should have a better idea of how long he could be out. Having a full strength Weeden is bad enough, having a Weeden who cannot grip the ball properly would be devastating I’ll bet.


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Readers Comments (9)

  1. Luke49

    It don’t look good for whoever they put out there at QB until they fix the Oline. It will be virtual human sacrifice. Eleven sacks in two games, and no telling how many hits. It is bad. They put in a big NFL vet in Townsend, and he can only muster 1 for 5. Much worse than Weeden. If the Oline doesn’t improve we will never find out how good any of the QBs might be. They won’t survive. The defense is good enough to make any game winnable, with any input from the offense. Hope to see it soonm.

  2. dick

    they all must be on obamas staff they all lie and BS so well

  3. Brian

    LG ,
    Have some home work for you , Please tell me why Gregg Little is still on this team or at least still starting ?
    not real sure but I think he has had 6 drops in 2 games and min of 3 or 4 balls skip off his hand.

    • LG

      Did you see he got pulled over again last night when the team returned and got his car impounded?

      • Brian

        Yes , Please release him !!!!!!
        I would rather see cooper playing

        • Jeremy

          I would suspect that Little is benched this week with Gordon coming back. He is a number 3 on a team that only has two REAL good receivers. They counted on him to fill the void that was left when Gordo go suspended, he failed to deliver. I would think that he gets moved to the back of the line. Gordon, Bess, Benjamin, and Cooper, in that order, should be our usable receivers. Add Camaron in to that bunch, and I think we have something. Considering Little their #1 really hurt the offense a lot.

          • LG

            I’ll bet they don’t bench Little. Chud believes in creating the same opportunity for mistakes week in and week out…..

    • jackrabbit21

      Greg Little should not have been back last year for the 2012 -2013 season. For the 2011-2012 season he dropped so many of McCoy’s passes it wasn’t even funny. Maybe if Little caught at least half the passes he dropped, McCoy would stil be QB. Who knows. Also, O-line stunk up the joint protecting McCoy also in 2011- 2012. So what does the Browns do? Throw the QB McCoy under the bus, get a QB who can’t run, keep Little and let the O-line slip again this year. Last year, the O-line gave Weeden plenty of time, this year, they revert back to their old ways.

      So what do you have Cleveland? the 2011-2012 season. Only this time your QB can’t run. Plus you don’t even have a good RB. At least you had Hillis tearing up the joint in 2011-2012 with a QB (McCoy) who could scramble & get his team to score within the red zone.

  4. Dave

    Yep, no line the QB is a dead duck. and the running back can’t find a hole. END OF STORY


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