Brandon Weeden  Week 12 report cardThe Performance of Browns Rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden in week 12 against the Pittsburgh Steelers didn't get high marks according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer Ohio's largest newspaper. Weeden who threw for only 158 yards after his Browns defense didn't get high marks from the newspaper. The writer goes on to say;

In real time, Weeden's performance seemed uneven and largely uninspiring. After a dvr review of the CBS telecast, it felt the same. If Weeden were in a car, he  would have been sputtering along in low gear.

The Cleveland Browns defense performed at an extremely high level in the game against the Steelers, the Plain Dealer writer goes on to say;

The primary assist went to running back Trent Richardson (29 carries, 85 yards, touchdown; four receptions, 27 yards.) With that type of support, Colt McCoy or Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson could have prevailed -- or maybe even Charlie Frye.

The Browns defense did do a heck of a job stopping the Steelers on every front in the game. The hits the Browns defense put on the Steelers running back were second to none. The Browns got a huge win over Pittsburgh and the Plain Dealer article goes on to state;

Pittsburgh's loss comes with a Pennsylvania-sized asterisk. Starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and backup Byron Leftwich were injured, leaving the game in the hands of 37-year-old Charlie Batch. Not unexpectedly, Batch underwhelmed at a high level (20-of-34, 199 yards, three interceptions, one sack). According to ESPN Stats and Information, Batch was 2-of-11 with two interceptions on throws more than 10 yards downfield, including 0-of-5 targeting dangerous Mike Wallace. The Browns entered the day ranked second in the league with a 38.9-percent completion allowed on throws deeper than 10 yards.

The Browns fans didn't get to see any of the great attributes that Brandon Weeden is suppose to bring to the Browns in this game. Weeden is suppose to be a highly accurate quarterback and his arm strength is suppose to be superior, Weeden didn't exactly show that in the game,he struggled to be honest with you. Here is what the Plain Dealer had to say about that;

Weeden did not do anything that made the Steelers nervous. His biggest attribute, a strong arm, barely registered downfield. His longest attempt, to an open Travis Benjamin in the first quarter, hit a wall in the air about 20 yards short of the target and ended up knuckling in and out of the hands of Steelers defensive back Will Allen.

Another of Weeden's attributes, accuracy, was lacking on even moderately challenging throws. He went 2-of-7 for 29 yards on passes that traveled 10+ yards in the air from the line of scrimmage.

You can read the entire article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer by clicking here.....     You have to wonder if the remarks by the Browns new team president Joe Banner are putting pressure on the 29-year-old rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden. Ever since Banner said the Browns would use his last 7 games to evaluate Weeden to see if he is the guy going forward Weeden has shown unrest. Both in his on-field performance and by the comments he has made about the Browns coaching staffs play calling. Weeden is starting to show the wears and tears of playing in the NFL and not living up to the expectations of the Cleveland Fans.....

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