Brandon Weeden continues to suck once he gets his Cleveland Browns into the red zone. The Browns drove the ball down field and failed to take advantage of a 1st and goal situation once again.

The Cleveland Browns had the world champion Baltimore Ravens exactly where they wanted them, they couldn’t capitalize and they failed to score a touch down for the entire game.  The Browns offense stinks and their new offensive coordinator Norv Turner has made a bit of difference yet this season.

The only Weeden improved on in week 2 was not throwing the interceptions. It wasn’t like he didn’t try. The Ravens had a chance to pick off a few but they couldn’t handle the ball. The Browns have failed to show the Turner and Chudzinksi vertical offense we heard so much about during training camp.

It looks like Norv is trying everything he can not to make Weeden look bad, he forgot the fundamentals of the game. You have to get the ball into the end zone. It is a simple concept. The Browns don’t seem to understand, when you have a first and goal from the 7 yard line, it is unacceptable not to score a touchdown.

It is apparent by now, Weeden is not the guy. The Browns need for an NFL quality quarterback continues to be UN met. Weeden isn’t going to be in the Browns long-term plans and the sooner they make the change the better off this team is going to be.

He may have not made the mistakes we have come to expect from him, but he continues to prove he can’t get it done when he should.

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Readers Comments (15)

  1. Jeff

    I dont blame weeded. Once again the o line gave up 5 sacks. Also, they kept showing replays of our wr’s running their routes. Gannon kept talking about there is nothing weeden can possible do when none of our wr’s can get open. They create no separation. Also, you cant blame weeden for not getting a TD when we were at the goalline. We were at the what? 3 yard line or something? You mean tto tell me the thrid overall pick in last years draft cant punch that in? Maybwe it was the lines fault he couldnt get it in, if thats the case then what the heck
    is wrong with alex mack and jow thomas and grecko? Cause thats the side he ran to. I dont blame weeden for that at all

  2. Jeff

    by the way LG you got your wish. From what i have read about thumb sprain weeden should be out for about 4-6 weeks. Niow, campbell will have gordan and shawn L back next week. Also he is going against a weak defense. Guess what? i bet we still lose. Then the week after that the bengals will destroy us. Switching to campbell isnt going to change much. To many other problems on this team.

    • Chris kellar

      Did anyone see how Weeden hurt his thumb? I sure didn’t, seems fishy???

      • LG

        Agreed, usually when a QB hits his hand on a players helmet you see him trying to shake it off when the play is over. We couldn’t tell there was anything wrong with Weeden until they were taking him into the Locker room….

  3. Arthur

    Just shut up LG for Christ’s sake. You are the biggest loser around, and you embarrass yourself week in, week out, with your stupid articles. You got what you wanted, Weeden is injured, which just goes to show the kind of ‘fan’ you really are.
    For someone who claims to be religious too, I see nothing at all in your behavior that suggests you abide by any biblical principle. You are a sick guy LG and the sooner you quit this charade the better.

    • LG

      Listen Arthur,stop acting like a horses ass and tell me when I ever said I wanted to see Weeden get hurt. You’re pathetic.

      • Arthur

        You have said it several times LG. You really hate the guy that much you have forgotten all the things you have said about him?.
        It is shocking to see you hate this team the way you do. Can’t you ever be objective?. Can’t you ever write like a pro?. Do you have to be so personal and damning all the time?. That’s really pathetic LG.
        Oh, and when it comes to being a ‘horses ass’ you take the biscuit there. What a horror of a writer you are.

        • LG

          Arthur, you must like losing. You probably never even go to the Browns games and spend your hard earned money on this garbage they call football in Cleveland. Even if the Browns came to Florida you probably wouldn’t crack open your wallet to go see them…..

          • Arthur

            If you are accredited press LG you would get in for free, so what would you know about spending money to see the Browns?. If you are not accredited, well then that says it all.
            As for seeing them myself, I flew up to Cleveland 5 times last year and will be doing the same this year, maybe more.
            I have done this for the last 6 years or so. I think that entitles me to have an opinion LG, unlike yours based on what I think, and not any self serving hatred of the team.
            I don’t like following a losing team LG, none of us do, but it is what it is, though it will change. I can see that, and you will too.
            I just don’t overreact every time something happens like you do. I don’t know anyone that does. And I don’t slaughter the players to the extent you do after each loss. Nobody does.
            You are a prolific writer LG, the volume is impressive. But the quality is poor, and when you fail to report anything positive, even in a loss, you let yourself down. It’s very sad.

          • LG

            Hey it is hard to write positives with a team that plays this negative…..

  4. jackrabbit21


    That’s all I have to say

    • LG

      Yes we should have taken that guy for sure……

  5. Swarming Defense

    Browns need to put in a screen pass over the middle since the O line couldn’t protect Weeden.

  6. Jim V

    well here we go again. The weedonites are still as strong as ever, and our offensive line is terrible, I think! Weedon’s injured thumb is probably why he overthrew a wide-open receiver on the run? Injured thumb! Isn’t that what happened to Colt McCoy when they wanted him out of the game? That way everyone saves face? The bottom line is, games three and four, we will have our premier wide receiver back. Also, some others that were injured. So next week against Minnesota will have a different quarterback! Till then we will see if there’s any improvement? Will we see a better performance in the quarterback position, will we see wide receivers and tight ends be able to catch the ball? Will Richardson finally have a good game? All in all, there’s only one thing positive that we can say about our beloved Cleveland Browns! The defense can stop the run! Really, all our arguments are on hold until we see what happens in the next two games. Which will tell us what type of team do we have with our Brown’s? oh, I’m sorry I forgot! Campbell and Hoyer are not any good either! Oh well! Just wait till next year.

  7. marty

    I would like to know one thing. When Colt McCoy was our QB, weedon fans sid it was colt’s fault.The last year when colt played the offensive line was badly banged up with 2nd and third rate players filling in. The Browns just about cleaned house on recivers, built the line up, have healthly running backs. Now weedon supporters blame the rest of the team. I said from day one when weedon was first drafted. Many fans remember——Weedon was not NFL material.He has to make something happen. That is what a leader does.There is nothing wrong with the team. Look to the nucleus of the team to find your answer. As far as LG goes, he writes what he sees. What is there to brag about.He will write positive, when positives happen.


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