Brandon Weeden Fans The more Brandon Weeden talks about how hard it was in camp, the less confidence Browns fans have in their 28-year-old rookie quarterback. The Browns take on the Philadelphia Eagles tonight and many fans don’t have a good feeling about Weeden coming in and starting the season. The fans think his mobility is going to be a huge problem with the teams young offensive line. Weeden faced 2 teams so far in the preseason and people have stated they don’t think either team played very hard against the Browns. Tonight when the Eagles come to Cleveland we should be able to see a better look at how Weeden respond to the pass rush, we all know the Eagles like to bring it.

Could the fans be right, is Braden Weeden going to be in trouble trying to lead the Browns with his lack of mobility?   Some fans say if the Browns trade McCoy and keep Weeden as the teams starter we are going to be in for a long season. Weeden comes out of training camp full of confidence.  He said, Wednesday was his finest day of practice so far. He may be flying high now, the real question is will he still be flying high after he faces the Eagle tonight? We will see, the Browns have their mind made up, Weeden is the Browns starting quarterback….. It is going to be Weeden who has to change the minds of these none believers.

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  1. RICK

    When the Browns win tonight you will have to come up with some other reasons why he shouldnt start. Like maybe the Eagles didnt play their starters or they didnt care if the Browns beat them or something crazy

    • LG

      Hey I’ve said it before I’ll say it again Rick, I hope me and all the other people who don’t have the faith in Weeden as you are wrong. You and I both agreed that the first two game of the regular season will tell the story….We will see in less than a month just how good Brandon Weeden is….I hope he is great!!!!

    • tobeexfan

      brian get your head out of your butt, and all the weedman fans also, lets recap game 1, 3-8 with 1 int, and 1 droped, also lost the ball at the 23 yard line. with the first team, game 2 3-9, 2 droped int, and you and this brian trust dont see it, this is not pee wee football its the nfl.

      • Brian

        I did see all of what you said, But I guess what you didn’t see were wideouts not completing routs or better yet giving up on a rout. Now with that said I can only think that with practice they will continue to get better at rout running wich will result in more completions. So i would recomend you watch the whole game and try to understand it is not always the QB’s fault.

        • LG

          You’re right Brian, it isn’t always the QB’s fault but they sure can make it his fault can’t they?

          • Brian

            Don’t get me wrong i am not ready to say Weedon is the next Mannning , But i do feel he is a better option at this time , Lets give him some time to see what he can do, Cleveland has young recivers that also need sometime to mature. Not real sure anyone can say yes or no to him right now

          • LG

            Brian, I wrote some articles saying it was too bad the Browns didn’t pick up a veteran Wide Receiver to teach these young guys. That is a big help to young w.r.’s … Don’t get me wrong either, I really hope the Browns win football games.It is just funny to me how many people are so quick to think Brandon Weeden is the next Manning, Eli or Peyton. I say he may do OK but he was certainly not worth the 22nd overall pick…We should have got a great lineman and then took Weeden at 37. This way he may have been able to stay on his feet long enough to throw the deep ball. I wish the guy was mobile then I wouldn’t be so worried, the way he runs he can’t buy himself any time….

  2. Brian

    Please with the MOBILITY Bull !!!!!!!! Kosar was not fleet of foot

    • LG

      Believe it or not Kosar moved better than Brandon Weeden moves….

      • Brian

        Your right i don’t believe it, What i do believe is Kosar had one of the better front lines in the NFL during his time. If Weeden gets time his arm strength is all he will need.

        • LG

          You’re right about the line Brian. That is one of my biggest concerns with Weeden back there and him not being very mobile….

          • RICK

            Actually Bernie averaged about 1.5 per carry and most of his years he averaged minus yrds per carry

  3. Joe C

    Dude… you are the biggest hater I’ve ever seen. Everyday I get on here and see some article you have bashing Weeden and talking about how much you want to blow McCoy. McCoy sucks and Weeden is obviously better. You have NO statistics to back up your claim of “the fans aren’t believing.” You’re just some horrid troll on a crappy website. Get a life.

    • LG

      Joe, nice talk., I have the fans telling me what they think. I said it before and I’ll say it again, McCoy’s numbers have been better than Weeden’s in the preseason. The proof is on the stats….Now you can tell me McCoy hasn’t faced number 1′s but Weeden has only completed 6 passes himself all preseason against number 1′s (first Teamers) there’s some stats for ya….. We will see how he does tonight…..

      • RICK

        LG Colts Average per Attempt was second lowest in the NFL for starters last year (FACT) I think that will improve this year with our new quaterback.

        • LG

          Correct me if I am wrong Rick, but didn’t the Browns lead the NFL in drops last season? Just think if these guys made some catches how fast those numbers would have improved….

          • RICK

            LG you have to give them a chance to catch the ball without hanging them out to dry with a late pass. I guess they only dropped the long passes. I believe we where last in the league in 20+ yrd. pass catches. You have to be able to get the ball down the field for the big play.

          • LG

            Rick they way shumur calls the plays we don’t throw to many long passes. Look at eh green bay game, Weeden made most of his completions in the 2nd and he threw a lot of short one 2 yards three yards five yards…..

  4. hawkeye

    Just a few words about my beloved browns…. i get sh.t all the time about being a brown s fan. All this q.b. stuff is crap. The q.b. is not the hole team; if we fix all therest of the team as well. Then we could have a so so q.b. great teams are but together and stay togetherto jell we have not had that since,brenan.websterslater.mack.binner.ozzie.decion.golic.and all the rest who played together un till we get and keep folks together so they can jell then we will allways have what we have………

    • ABrown

      I’m with you Hawkeye. Build a team working together, not a yearly experimental revolving door.

  5. RICK

    Its about time the true Browns fans tell it like it is and they are looking forward to a good year whether the Browns bashers like it or not.
    Pre Season stats dont mean a thing the real games will matter and I’m sure you will find someone else to bash whether we win or lose. I’m banking on a good year myself and have the confidence in our quarterback. GO BROWNS (prove the nay sayers wrong)

  6. RICK

    Actually weeden could have a better year than Bernies best year ever this year. He only had 22 TDS in his best year and was sacked close to 30 times.

    • LG

      The way Weeden runs he may be sack that many times in one game Rick….LMAO I hope not but you have to admit it is funny!!!!

      • RICK

        Somebody better get busy doing it I havent seen it yet this year LMAO
        You can bash the line all you want but they will prove you wrong (as usual)

      • Brian

        I can remember Kosar being compared to a big yellow bird when he scrambled!!! Now that was true and funny, Any way GO BROWNS

        • LG

          You Better believe it GOOOOOOOOOOOBROWNS!!!!

          • soon ex fan

            brain get your head out of your butt, recap game one with weeden, with startes in 3-9 1-int 1 dropped int, 1 lost ball on the browns 23, game two 3-8 2 dropped ints, this is not a starter on any team in the nfl. this is not the pee wee football.

  7. Ron

    Looks like some of the Browns fans may not deserve a decent QB because they don’t know how to handle it? Then again, they have been waiting so very long that they are suffering from impaired judgement.

    • LG

      Ron we have been waiting to win for so long we forgot what it is…..

  8. Jeremy

    The line will be better this year, having 2 backs that will be able to produce, and a couple of recievers who can catch is going to help them. Once the offense moves the ball at all, the defenses will have to stop throwing the kitchen sink at them, which will help them as well.
    Bernie will always be my favorite QB, but he was the definition of a statue in the pocket… dude had to have is body half turned just to get out from under center! Weeden is no Luck or RG3, but he can be compared to Peyton Manning in this instance… :)

    • LG

      Compared to Manning, already are you kidding me? Go Browns

  9. JoeC

    I’m not sure if you actually expect me to believe that you’re basing your passive-aggressive blogs/posts on 3 quarters of preseason and what a few “fans” have you told.

    • LG

      Hey Joe C, it is what it is, this is what people are saying. I’m sure the news will get better once the season starts….

  10. Francisco

    I read the title of this post and had to comment on it. I honestly stopped reading your post but when you have a title saying that “Weeded has Browns fans not believen”… Way out of line jerkoff… Please speak for yourself and not for other browns fans because I know for a fact that you are in the minority. I am amased that with a all this whining and crying you constantly do, all this non stop bashing of the browns, and now you are trying to speak for us fans. You have got to be a Bengals fan or a Steelers fan. Perhaps not even a fan at all, just showing up to a job drawing a paycheck every week. Not to mention we have not even played a down of regular season foot ball… How in the hell you still have a job…everyone really needs to stop reading this garbage because you are really pathetic. Stay classy Browns fans and as always, GO BROWNS!!!!!!!

    • LG

      Francisco I am speaking for the hundreds of fans that have taken the time to give me their opinions. There are plenty who don’t think the Browns have the complete answer in Weeden. Sorry if you don’t agree with the content. I am and always will be a Browns fan…..

  11. Frank

    Let’s be real, Browns fans are not the savviest bunch. Ever since the draft they’ve been talking about things like the importance of arm strength, and how Weeden would have been take with Luck and RG3 if he was younger. Stuff even a casual fan should be smarter about by 2012. Wasting high draft picks on non-franchise QBs is one of the best ways for bad franchises to keep spinning their wheels. Weeden might make a serviceable NFL quarterback, but he’s not winning this division anytime soon.


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