Brandon Weeden SucksThe Cleveland Browns played an ugly football game today. They won and doing so they doubled the win total on the year,I can’t wait to hear Pat Shurmur’s spin on this win. The Browns offense lead by Brandon Weeden sucked today. Weeden couldn’t throw a touchdown to save his life. Sure Greg Little dropped some passes in the game, he always does so you people who will tell us how great Weeden is if Little makes the catch, explain the highly accurate arm he has to me one more time, I am not seeing it. Please tell me how a guy with such an accurate arm like Weeden’s misses a wide open Ben Watson early in the game for what would have been a sure touchdown.  This Cleveland Browns team is no better than it was last season, they are lucky their opponent sucked worse than the Browns did.

The Cleveland offense continued to do what we have seen them do all season. The Cleveland Browns with Weeden at the helm were 4 for 15 in 3rd down efficiency. How in the world do you expect to win consistently with numbers this bad? The Browns should have been able to score more than one touchdown. When you have a quarterback who is supposed to have the most accurate arm in the NFL, you should be able to score some touchdowns via the pass. The Cleveland Browns are a less than mediocre team. Their offense sucked today and they are lucky to get the win.

If the Chargers didn’t suck as bad as they do, the Browns would have lost another game. To be 2-6 is terrible for a team that plays in the AFC North. You could see the discuss on Jimmy Haslam III’s face.  If a picture tells a story the shot of his face after the half told it all. The Cleveland Browns are going to have to make major changes to become competitive in the NFL. They escaped with a win today, it was ugly and it is still a win. Weeden didn’t play well at all today. The only thing we can say positive is he didn’t throw any interceptions today. He even held onto the football when he was sacked twice.

Lets face it the Browns are not a very good football team. The Offense couldn’t bring any excitement today either. Is Brandon Weeden the answer to the Cleveland Browns problems? Who knows with this play calling.

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  1. Bob

    Poorly played game by both teams. Also, very boring, but maybe the weather had something to do with that. At least this time the Browns had luck on their side. After all, what matters is a win.

    Go Browns!

  2. fan

    You are an idiot and how you even have a blog is beyond me. Weeden has outperformed all the rookie quarterbacks when it comes to yards and the offense looks 100% better than it has for many years. The conditions sucked out there and yeah he missed a few throws but the game that I watched showed a quarterback of the other side that wasnt very impressive either and Rivers is considered one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. So if you think McCoy is the quarterback who is going to lead this team to the promise land (which in my mind is what you are getting at) then you my friend need to get off the juice.

    • LG

      So we have the very best losing quarterback in the NFL isn’t that NICE? Glad you enjoy it…This is some of the worst football the Browns have played since returning in 1999….Not the worst but some of the worst….

      • fan

        You know LG I am sick of losing football as every Clevelander must be but we wont know what we have in Weeden in 8 games. I saw a stat last week for Peytons first 7 games of his career and he had 4 TDs and 12 INTs. I sure the talent he had on this team was comparible to what we have on the field. I think we should maybe give it a season or two before we just toss another QB along the wayside. Maybe if we keep some consistency at key positions then maybe we wont have to blow top 5 draft picks on the same position every year that never seem to pan out.

        • LG

          If that is the case they should have let McCoy play this year. I am not saying this because I think Colt is a better q.b. than Weeden, I am simply saying it because of what you wrote. He does know the offense a lot better than weeden. and he has more wins than weeden too.

        • ABrown

          Fan, Peyton Manning set the record for most TD passes by a rookie (26) that still stands. He threw 28 INTs. At the midpoint, he had 11 TDs and 16 INTs. the 2nd half of the seasons he was 15 and 12.

          A lot of sports commentators, like those who write for the local newspaper, tell fans what they want to hear, but not the truth.

          LG tells people the truth bluntly, and that’s a very good thing.

  3. Bobby D

    They played better than your grammar.

    Let see he didn’t throw a pick. Is that 2 games in a row? He has improved every game. I was at the game and trust me the weather was horrible. SD couldn’t do it via the pass and they have Philip freakin Rvers.

    Can’t wait for them to beat the ravens next week. I know you will make excuses for the ravens. Stop being a malcontent.

    Trent was great today. He just needs to eliminate his starting and stoping on the run and push through.

    • LG

      Hey Bobby D you ever go to Fox Sports and read some of their articles? My Spelling and grammar is just as good as some of theirs. What are you some kind of English Teacher. This team sucks and I am tired of seeing garbage football in Cleveland. We had the wool pulled over our eyes…..

      • Zach

        No, it’s not. Also, “What are you some kind of English Teacher.” made me double over laughing. That has to be one of the better lines I’ve heard in defense of grammar. Go take a technical writing course and try again.

        • LG

          OK Zach…..Thanks for the advice

        • ABrown

          What is this, the National Grammar League? This is about football. Can you argue against LG’s argument or just commit a logical fallacy (ad hominem)?

          As far as the game went, the best thing Weeden did was talk to the press and name someone besides himself. He said the Defense won the game and should get the game ball.

          Another place Weeden improved was to play more like McCoy by moving to run, when he was pressured, and then throwing to complete a pass just before he got to the line of scrimmage. He also threw passes away to avoid a sack or INT.

          Other than that, the offense couldn’t do much yesterday and never took a single snap inside the red zone.

          San Diego gained more yards, more first downs, and made drives into the red zone twice but only came away with field goals. The Defense hung tough and truly pulled out the win. D’quell Jackson led the league in most tackles, but the whole group made plays when we needed them.

          The weather helped, too, when Rivers threw a pass perfectly on target to a receiver who had beaten all the coverage and had a clear line to the end zone. But, as the receiver gathered the ball into his midsection, it squirted right back out. No TD.

          The weather was terrible for both teams and the fans, the Browns were lucky, and the Browns defense was good. But it was a pretty sucky game.

    • marty stys

      BobbyD: You may of been at the game, but you definitely didn’t watch it. When the browns were at their 6 yard line,brandon’s pass was tipped and should of been intercepted. He was flat out lucky it wasn’t. Weedon was sacked, all because of his stupidity. The line held a full 3 seconds. Oh maybe the line holds a average of 4.5 sec.Offensive line last year was rated dead last as 1.9 sec. of protection of a quarterback.Who in the history of football can get a long throw off in that time. How far can a receiver run in 1.9 seconds. BobbyD you are not smarter than a 5th grader. You have no insight to the game.Learn to check actual stats.The offensive line can make a quarterback look better than he actually is.

      • Bob

        Nice comment Marty.

  4. muttklingon

    only time will tell?.

  5. jonah

    Wow LG u r truly a sensationalist! When I said that on the last comment I had I didn’t think u would run with it. You spewed forth so many statements that r totally beyond the pale and u should be ashamed. Who ever said weeds is the most accurate qb in the nfl, or to use words like he totally sucked ect. Come on lg even the titles of ur articled r sensationalized! What do u have against weeds. U must b from texas or somethin. I litterally disslike colt more now because of u! This article is totally hypocracy with what u been sayin. When all the intelligent people who actually don’t delude themselves have been writing comments on ur articles we have been makin the points of his stats and how great they are, and u keep coming back with the same thing when u have nothing intelligent to add, all u say is weeds has no wins! Now that he won today u revert back to stats. Dude it was a crrappy cleveland fall day of course the passing statistics aren’t gonna b great and that’s why we got TR! Will u just get on board bro its just gettin sad now.

    • LG

      Jonah, Football is played in crappy weather, it has been for like a 100 years. Lots of the so called experts who run the Browns told us for months how accurate Weeds arm was. I haven’t seen it but we were told about it. Yes he has two wins. The Browns still put a less than acceptable product on the field and the people who take money from the paying public should be charged with some kind of crime.

    • ABrown

      Titles are often sensationalized. That makes people read articles. The Question is “Is the assertion in the title true?” Did Weeden Suck in yesterday’s game?

      Let’s look at the Quarterback rating systems.

      According to the widely used passer ratings system, Weeden’s 55.9 for this week was lowest in the league.

      According to ESPN’s newer and more comprehensive Total Quarterback Rating system, Weeden is 24th out of the 26 quarterbacks who started this week. He rating was 18.4 out of a possible 100.

      Statistics are not as sensational as words, but these stats back up “Weeden sucked” pretty convincingly.

      • marty stys

        I want ABrown for coach.I might be somewhat cocky atitude, but ABrown tells it like it is.The offensive line is the biggest improvement.Trent has the muscle, not sold if he durable. Weedon is like the strawman from the wizard of oz–no brain. I wish the editor would explain what blackballing is.If you think the NFL likes the Cleveland Browns Management,your’re wrong. The new owner they do.

        • ABrown

          Thanks for the thought, Marty, but I don’t know nearly enough to be a really good coach in the NFL. However, if the choice were between Pat Shurmur and a committee we could put together, I’d go with our committee.

  6. RB

    Hmmm. Where to start? How many dropped passes were there today? 4 or 5? Quite a few. In actuality, the were considerably more dropped passes than missed passes by Weeden. Call out the receivers that dropped the the catcable passes.

    Let me ask you this? If Weeden makes a mistake, it’s Weeden’s fault. If anyone else makes a mistake, it’s Shurmur’s, Holmgren’s or the old regime’s (Lerner’s) fault.

    As far as playing McCoy over Weeden because he knew the offense better – that’s old school thinking. Nearly all rookies are now thrown into the fire these days. They learn quicker. That’s been the trend for the past few years.

    • ABrown

      How many dropped passes? Lots on both sides, and we Browns fans should be very grateful.

      A Charger receiver dropped a sure TD pass in the first half.

      Then Marty reminded us of a Pick 6 that a Charger DB dropped in the second half when the Browns were backed up inside their 10 yard line.

      If not for dropped passes, we would have lost 20 to 7.

  7. T

    If you all would just quit listening to this guy and letting him get under your skin. He’s not an expert, he doesn’t know anything about the game. He’s just a pathetic malcontent who wants to sit around and whine. Just ignore him and he’ll have nothing to do all day except sit in his basement being the little house husband he is and cry about how the whole world sucks. Try getting out of your tattered robe on Sunday and actually go see these guys play, oh, that’s right, you can’t you don’t have the money cause you won’t get out of your robe on Monday and get a job!!

    • LG

      Too Funny, I probably make more money than you…..

  8. RICK

    LG, Most of the people left by half time the weather was so bad. You say that you just want to see Cleveland win and then you bitch more when they do. Rivers is one of the best in the league and he couldn’t get it going either. I guess a win isn’t good enough for you. Sorry your savior didn”t get in the game but we will take the win and look at the positive things they did instead of the negative that you strive for. GO BROWNS

    • LG

      Rick it is almost like we won by luck. Yes the weather was bad, I said it before football has been played in bad weather for 100 years…

      • RB

        Luck is a factor in most sports, professional or otherwise. Were we lucky their receiver dropped a pass while being wide open – indeed we were. Last week the Colts were lucky the Browns dropped a pass in the end zone that would more than likely would have won the game. I seriously doubt those individuals pretending to be Colts experts complained about being lucky in their win against the Browns.

        As far as Weeden being unable to scramble – who cares. Is he funtional enough for the Browns to be a contender – more than likely. To early to tell if he’s a franchise QB, but he’s definately a step up from last years talent.

        As far as good day are less than a typical NFL QBs bad day – please spare me the drama.

        I hate to tell you this LG, but one of your favorites to be coach with the initials of BC thinks very highly of Weeden.

        • ABrown

          RB, I hate to tell you this, but sportscasters really like just about all the players they are called upon to discuss. If not, they would lose viewers.

          Now if you hire a sportscaster to come back to the NFL as a Head Coach, I guarantee you he will look at all the players very differently. You’d here more of “That bum’s not playing on my team!” and less of “He’s looking very good as a rookie. . .”

          • ABrown

            RB, did someone say that Weeden’s good day is worse than most NFL quarterback’s bad day?

            Interesting and absolutely correct! Good QBs rarely score less than 80 on the older passer rating. If they score less than that, say the 55 that Weeden scored this week, good quarterbacks would be appalled.

            On the ESPN Total Quarterback RAting system, a really good game rates in the 90s our of a 100. For a season, anything over 70 is very good, and 65 or better over a whole season ir roughly Pro Bowl level.

            Anything under 30 or 40 is awful. Weeden’s 18 for this week is awful, and his season score of 18 is the lowest in the NFL.

            So whoever said that is correct and has a lot of talent as a writer.

  9. RICK

    LG, We didn’t win by luck we have no luck. We beat the Chargers. Sorry they didn’t played to your expectations but they probably never will.

    • LG

      Sure they will play to my expectations Rick. I am sick and tired of being lied to by management. They told us we were going to be a much better team this season and again they lied to us. The Browns use to play to my expectations, we have to go way back to the 80′s to see that though….Look how fast the Houston Texans built a winner. They came inot the NFL 3 years after the Browns came back….

  10. Ron

    There is no way that Weeden can be the QB of the future for the Browns, if they are to develop into a contender. He can’t scramble or run and is too old to change. Weeden’s good days are less than a typical NFL QB’s bad days. Sure, he may be an improvement to the Brown’s QB’s of recent years but that’s not a very good comparison considering their lack of talent

    • LG

      Finally a guy who talks sense….

      • fan

        Then who shall be the quarterback then. Don’t say McCoy because he can’t make throws down the field. If he could do that then we wouldn’t of drafted Weeden. I like McCoy as a backup but the offense was even more offensive last year than what we have this season and wouldn’t be any better with him in there because Gordon would be ineffective as McCoy wouldnt be able to make the deep throw and teams would stack 8 in the box constantly to in essence make Richardson a non factor. Any way you spin it to make McCoy sound like the answer your just kidding yourself.

        • LG

          Have you seen weeden’s passing average isn’t as high as you think McCoy could do just as well in average if not better

          • fan

            Colt would not be able to do much of anything except for short routes and thats if they were not getting jumped. The thing about not being able to throw the ball deep consistently is that the DBs will jam the reciecver at the line knowing the chances of getting burnt are less likely to happen. Then the safties can step up and play more like middle linebackers to stop Trent. And please get off the age thing with Weeden. I know that Brady is 34 and seems to be doing just fine being a pocket passer not needing to scramble. How many super bowls has Brady been to since hes been 29! GET OFF THE AGE ARGUMENT.

          • LG

            Weeden has a 6.4 per pass average. Colt McCoy had a 5.9 per pass average. We are talking .5 yards per pass average and less wins at this point in the season. What is the big deal about Weeden?

        • Bob

          The “McCoy can’t throw” argument is old, boring and not true. lol. If McCoy could not throw the “long ball”, he would not have been a college QB or an NFL QB. Who do you think called McCoy’s plays? Not McCoy.

          See Marty Stys’ comment above in regards to McCoy last year . Marty wrote, “Offensive line last year was rated dead last as 1.9 sec. of protection of a quarterback.Who in the history of football can get a long throw off in that time. How far can a receiver run in 1.9 seconds. “

          • LG

            Most of these people have no idea about real football Bob, they just like to see the long pass and once in a while someone may get lucky enough to catch one of them. Weeden has a .5 yard per pass average better than McCoy had last season and a hell of a lot better O-line than McCoy had last year too….

          • fan

            Well I know football as I played it for quite some time so I know a little about the game. I bring up McCoys arm strength because when it comes to throwing a 10 to 15 yard out you need to zip it out there to get the reciever when hes open. With the little amount of arc that McCoy needs to compensate for this allows the DB recover to either bat the ball down, jarring the ball loose from the reciever, or INT. Not all his throws ended up this way but a good portion. The line definately has a lot to do with this and well it is what it is. I know you never are never going to change a mind of McCoy lover and the same goes for a Weeden lover. I just think that the points I bring up cant be overlooked.

  11. JoeC

    All you guys bring up excellent points of why these are such poorly and crappy blogs that are written by a person you would swear had a cognitive disability, but what really amazes me is why he is regularly on the Foxsports feed. I thought Fox had somewhat better class and overview of what was being put through their company.

  12. KC

    All I can say is that most of the NFL teams are less than good this year, just look at the standings. FB games are boring this year as many QB’s, coaches, WR’s, and RB’s are not bringing it. The Brown’s are not the only team that is placing blame on individuals, just look what coaches are on the chopping block now. Taking a serious look at 2012 and future QB’s a team needs both a running and passing one. No QB can just stand back and wait to be tackled because they cannot find a receiver. Weeden will do for now but his age is his handicap plus he cannot move around well. How long will hi last in the NFL? The Brown’s made the mistake of going after him this year. They could have kept McCoy and wait for a better QB put this is what they did so this is what they will live with. I wish McCoy would be traded and get another chance for another team. I would like to see what he can truly do. It will never happen in Cleveland and him leaving will stop all the people wanting him to come back out.

    • ABrown

      KC, try to watch Peyton Manning leading the Broncos — amazing stuff. Or Andrew Luck’s 90 yard drive in the last few minutes to tie the Titans, and then his 80 yard drive in overtime to win the game this weekend. It’s also possible that defenses are playing better this year and causing even the best quarterbacks and offenses to look bad.

      I tend to wish McCoy would be traded, too, to get a better chance to show what he can do.

  13. RICK

    LG, The only people that make sense to you are the ones that say what you want to hear unfortunately. I’m not sure what you expected from the game in those conditions buy I’m guessing it wasn’t a win sorry for the let down.Things will be Rosie for you soon though.

    • LG

      Not true Rick

  14. jonah

    Why r all u people from texas idiots? Get over it colt is not the qb of the browns and will never b a starting nfl qb. Get over it already u just sound like a child lg. I’m from colorado and u texans ruined that beautiful state by cluster fn all the mojuntains and turnin all the ski resorts into uptight azzez

    • Bob


  15. jonah

    And stop with all the old talk. Is aron rodgers old cause if u think weeds is then u must think rodgers only has two years left in him too. Weeds never took hits. He is fresh! If he takes care of his body he can b in the league for quite sometime. Id say weeds is more like a twenty seven year old camparable football qb as far as true physical condition of the bodys r.

    • Bob

      You can’t compare Rodgers to Weeden. Aaron Rodgers won a Super Bowl and he was a rookie in 2005, not 2012. He has 8 years experience as an NFL Pro compared to Weeden’s 1 year and they are both the same age. Rodgers is half way through his career while Weeden is just starting. Most people mention Weeden’s age because most franchises would not spend the time and money on a franchise QB at that age, especially take one in the 1st round. If you owned a billion+ team would spend your money on a 22 year old rookie that could be with you 10+ years or a 29 year old rookie who could last 3 – 5+ years? BTW, a 29 year old rookie QB is considered old.

      You also said, “Weeds never took hits”. I believe Weeden has taken hits BTW. But we know Weeden really CAN’T take them though. Maybe that will change. I wonder how Weeden would do with that 1.9 seconds of protection that McCoy had from last year that Marty Stys pointed out above.

      You also said, “He is fresh!” Fresh as a daisy or fresh like a rookie who is learning? We were promised that he would be ready from day one as LG has pointed out before. We were told that he would basically be mature enough not to make those rookie mistakes and he would be better then McCoy. That was a lie. Not a dig on Weeden, it’s just that a rookie does need time, no matter what age. BTW, as LG has also pointed out before, McCoy had a better record at this time last year and the Browns played better, though not good, last year.

  16. Bob


    As far as I see it, not the QB fault or any other player’s fault excuses anymore. Tired of it. Shurmur calls the plays. Show Shurmur the door at the bye week. Not next year, NOW. These players are not being coached properly. His judgements and plays are the problem. He’s messing with players careers with his presence. Colt got screwed, Weeden’s career is being screwed with and other players are also being screwed. And poor Dawson who saves the day. PAY HIM BIG TIME for what he deserves. Does Dawson ever get to be a part of a true winning team? And how about the fans who pay the money to see and support this team?

    Maybe the WCO is not for Weeden or McCoy. A coach should bring out each of his player’s strengths. Eg. Broncos & Tebow last year. After all, didn’t the front office bring in the players they have for their strengths? I am especially tired of the dink and dunks on 3rd downs, the penalties and the poor management of the clock and time outs. How many chances does this Shurmur guy get? The Browns can have the best talent, but a terrible coach can ruin a team. Maybe Little and the rest will stop dropping balls, if they had a coach to inspire, respect and learn from. The Browns have some great talent being wasted.

    Lastly, if they keep Weeden as the franchise QB, which it looks like they will, trade Colt and whoever else and get a WR star/stud. This week is probably the best week to do it because of the trade deadline and the value they can get for Colt. If Colt gets traded, Colt can jump start his career in a different environment who needs a mobile QB and he can be under a coach who won’t throw him under the bus. And the Browns in return can get an experienced WR star/stud the others can learn from. In other words, let’s make up for letting Julio Jones go to the best team in the NFL right now. Yeah, I know they have Gordon, but that is not enough. Gordon could get even better with a experienced WR star/stud mentor.

  17. marty

    The editor is doing his job well,and obtaining his objective.He creates a following of various intrests and atitudes. Fans have favorites and don’t like condescending remarks of their favorites. Actual facts and stats. I don’t hate weedon, I see drawbacks to his playing.I like McCoy because of his aggressiveness. The offensive line was terrible in 2012, a starter career ended,nagging injuries, lineman that never blocked anybody and never pursued.It was a patched up line.The line this year has been addressed. The cancer of the line is gone, they are younger and more aggressive.They don’t stand around with thier hands on their hips.Last week they turned the corner of holding the line.

  18. RICK

    Sorry Bob but I doubt that you get that star receiver for Colt. If that was the case I believe we would have traded him before the season started. I don’t know what you expect to get for a backup but it wont be one of the stars your looking for (nice thought though). He will most likely be a backup the rest of his career.

    • Bob


      You said,”If that was the case I believe we would have traded him before the season started.” Really? Do you work for the Browns? Another NFL team? Do you actually believe what the media and front offices say? I’ll tell you and everyone else on this blog (and I’ve said it before on this blog), the media and front offices do not tell the truth more then 50% of the time. Right LG?

      I disagree with your McCoy being a forever back up. The only thing I believe now is that McCoy is the Shurmur/Holmgren/Heckert #1 scapegoat for last year. McCoy was better then Weeden at this time last year. Time will tell though and I respect your opinion.

    • Bob

      BTW – In my opinion, McCoy was held for other reasons then just being a career back up. I think the new ownership may have something to do with that. But maybe not.


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