Brandon Weeden Throws 2 more interceptions Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden came out today in New York and showed me and everyone else he could get the Browns down field and he could do it quickly. The Browns largely due to Weeden’s accurate pass jumped into the lead over the defending Super Bowl Champs in the first minute of the game. The Cleveland fans thought at last, the team could get their first win of the season and the teams first win after the premature quarterback change. Weeden even had me “LG” believing the Cleveland Browns just might be able to pull this off.

Then the Browns defense took the field, they looked like they could hang with the Giants too at first. Then as the game went on the finally tuned instrument that goes by the name of Eli Manning showed the world why the New York Giants were able to come back in last years Super Bowl to secure the win.  Manning starting tearing the Browns defense apart. The Browns who had trouble stopping the run last season showed us  the moves Tom Heckert made in the off-season weren’t the right ones. The Browns still couldn’t stop the run, it has plagued the team all season. Today the Cleveland fans would watch in horror as the Browns allowed Ahmad Bradshaw to rush all over the Cleveland Defense for 200 yards on the day.

Now you have to remember Cleveland fans have been haunted by the name Bradshaw for years. The saga continues. The New York Giants would tear the Browns defense apart this afternoon and Brandon Weeden would start to make mistakes. Brandon Weeden forced to play from behind, couldn’t repeat the huge play we saw in the first 52 seconds of the game when he found receiver Josh Gordon with a 62 yard connection. Weeden would throw 2 interceptions and make some in-completions. One in particular that sticks out was funny as hell. Weeden fired the ball into his own offensive lineman’s back, when the ball bounced off the guy he caught it. Instead of realizing he couldn’t throw another forward pass on the same down, Weeden fired the ball into the end-zone for what he thought was a touchdown. Even the announcers thought it was funny Weeden didn’t know the rules in football. The ball came back of course.

The loss today can’t be pinned on Weeden, the Browns defense was just out-played and out-classed by the New York Giants and Eli Manning. Shurmur’s play calling didn’t help Weeden either. Why they didn’t stick to what worked in the first few minutes of play is a further demonstration of Pat Shurmur’s inability to coach on the NFL level. The Cleveland browns have now lost the last 11 games they have played.

Brandon Weeden completed 22 of 35 passes he threw, he threw 2 interceptions to extend his streak of games with multiply interceptions and he had 2 touchdowns today. remarkably the Browns offensive line didn’t allow one sack of their quarterback. The Giants have one of the best front fours in the NFL and the Cleveland Offensive line was able to keep them from Brandon Weeden. That in itself is a victory.

Trent Richardson got a few more touches today to give a further demonstration why the Browns need to get the ball in his hands. If only the Browns defense could find their way to the NFL level and the Browns didn’t have to play from behind, maybe then Weeden and Richardson would be able to control the tempo of the game and get this Cleveland Browns team a win.  The Browns are now 0-5 and the fans are getting tired of losing. It may be time for a change to take place in the Browns play calling. There is no reason why Trent Richardson shouldn’t be in the game on a 3rd and 1. None. The Browns would fall to the Giants by a final score of 41-27  and the team had a 14-0 lead over the Giants after a few minutes. You tell me what the hell happened out there today. Just leave your comments below…

For the record, it is going to take more than just the return of Joe Haden to fix the holes in this defense……



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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Len

    We now need a new offensive coordinator upstairs to tell Pat Shurmur better plays than a short pass. Brandon Weeden already prove that he can make big plays. Why should he throw short passes most of the time. That’s why opponets’ defense were able to stop knowing that the Browns offense tend to throw short screens or short slants most of the time.
    Get rid of Childress!

  2. RICK

    I dont believe Childress is calling the plays. I thought Shurmur was calling the plays , if so hes needs to go.

  3. KC

    You know Weeden is pretty good but people are getting tired of the same excuse “the Browns have a young team” Weeden is 29 yrs old he is not a young quarterback. He seems not to motivate the team and look at the real rookie quarterbacks out there. You have five other real rookies and they are doing a decent job with their teams. McCoy got the blame last year for all the failure and he was really a rookie QB but no one wants to blame Weeden. I feel that he needs to take charge and get the team behind him. Everyone is out there playing their own game instead of playing like a team together. I believe McCoy did have the team together he just had nothing to work with. He was 25 and Weeden is 29 it seems he does not know how to be a leader.

  4. Northcoast

    I don’t think that you can blame just Weeden or Shurmer. The Browns record of 0-5 clearly shows that their are many problems with the team. Weeden is throwing for more yards, but is still not outscoring his opponents. Shurmer definitely misses on his offensive play calling. While Trent Richardson has rushed for more yards, he still missed on a crucial 3rd & 1 play. Wide recievers still look sloppy. What happened to our DEFENSE? Browns defense looked so good early in the season, but now look confused and make sloppy plays. ALL of the Browns must start playing cohesively, or we may be 0-16. Haslam is SURE to make many changes then.

    • LG

      Northcoast, the Browns defense has only looked good twice all season. The Philly game and the Ravens game. Other than than they haven’t played well at all….

  5. ABrown

    I think a lot of what happened on Sunday was that the script ran out.

    Last week we talked about how slowly the Browns started and how they gave up almost half of the game before they started playing, how they had used scripted plays effectively in preseason. We also complained that Richardson wasn’t being used enough or effectively, lacking plays with enough run blocking to succeed.

    This week, the first score was a gift and a chance to show a new blocking look for Richardson. On the second possession, we saw excellent play calling topped off by a beautifully executed pass play for a TD. The team had practiced these plays, especially the long pass to Gordon all week. It was a well conceived play for a slot receiver lined up on one side of the field to cross the middle and pick up only a LB for coverage and then outrun him to the opposite side of the field, beat the coverage, and catch the pass in stride to score.

    Then the script ran out. They threw to Gordon 5 more times and he couldn’t catch any of them, until the end of the game and Shurmur decided to try the same play again and it worked again. If the team could work on a few more scripted plays during the week, we might win. Or if we had players and coaches who could adapt to game conditions, we might win once in a while.

    I think right now that Richardson and Ogbonnaya are the only players among the backs, quarterback, or receivers who can adapt to whatever happens on the field. they need to be on the field at the same time all the time, to block for each other or for Weeden, slip into both flats and catch a short check down pass, or run for more yards than we have yet seen when the defense can’t tell what play is coming at them.

    Unfortunately, our coach can’t adapt quickly to anything. He’s known since spring that he would have a great RB to work with but only now is he beginning to put together the plays that can break him lose down field. It probably took a while because the guards aren’t really fast enough to pull and lead running plays. But Shurmur finally figured out that the tackles could actually pull instead.

    But then Weeden started making mistakes, the Giants started to score, the QB for the defense got hurt, and Shurmur only called on TR to run twice in the 2nd half.

    There actually is enough talent on this team to win but almost no clutch leadership from the coaches or the quarterback.

    The good news is that’s not so hard to fix.


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