Brandon Weeden ContractBrandon Weeden has to be out of his freaking mind. The 28-year-old quarterback thinks he should get four years guaranteed in his rookie NFL Contract. This guy has to be kidding us. He is 28 years old and will turn 29 a month after the season starts. Weeden isn’t in the same class as a 22-year-old kid coming into the NFL. Where he gets off thinking he is due for four years guaranteed is anyone’s guess. This guy is lucky he got drafted in the first round. What makes Weeden think he is due that kind of guarantee?

The fact that Weeden wants a guarantee like this makes me nervous. Weeden knows he is one hit away from a career ending injury. I know what you are thinking, all the players in the NFL are only one hit away from a career ending injury. With Weeden, it is different. Brandon Weeden left professional baseball due to shoulder problems. The last time I looked they didn’t knock your butt down in Major League baseball, at least not on purpose. If Weeden were to get hit under his throwing arm, (which is highly likely by the way), a hit like that could end his career in the NFL.

Weeden was in the area working with the AFC rookies and when asked about getting his contract done he replied saying,”We’re working. It takes two sides, though”. What is Brandon Weeden trying to say? The Cleveland Browns aren’t stupid, they know what they got in the draft and they realize Brandon Weeden is 28 soon to be 29 year old. The Browns are well within their rights not to offer Weeden the fourth year guaranteed. The Browns have been through 17 quarterbacks since returning to the NFL in 1999. They know how things can happen and not one of those guys they drafted in the past were 28 years old.

Weeden must think being drafted in the first round of the NFL draft is like taking a all expense paid trip to the fountain of Youth. You have to admit, the Browns taking Weeden after all the press conferences Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert held saying how they want to build a NFL team that is going to last for years and have the Browns in serous contention is pretty humorous. I mean come on, it is not very often a NFL team takes a 28year old quarterback in the first round of a NFL draft. Let alone a guy who wants all Four Years guaranteed.

Hey be sure to leave your comments below and let us know what you think of this four-year guaranteed Deal Weeden wants…..


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Readers Comments (5)

  1. Autopilot

    I would want four years guaranteed, too, if I was a Cleveland quarterback. Just look at their track record with quarterbacks over the past several years. Today’s “star” is tomorrow’s “trash-heap”. I’m not saying that he is worth a four-year guarantee, it’s just that he is realistic about who his employers are.

    An opening-day 29-year-old rookie quarterback is probably not going to last four years in the NFL. That’s the really ridiculous part of this situation. It will be at least two years before he is “NFL ready” and that will realistically give him two quality years with the Browns before his game starts to slip because of age.

    For the Browns to pick him as the number 22 pick in the draft with the intention that he is their “future” is absolutely crazy…that’s why all the other teams backed off him. Should they give him four years guaranteed? No way. But, should he be wise to ask for it? Absolutely. Because a team that is dumb enough to put so much stock into a “near expiration date” quarterback just might be dumb enough to give him what he asks for.

    • rick

      With the kind of wisdom they have already demonstrated with thier handling of McCoy, Weedon is probably looking at his fate next year. He will have to be the next coming of Tom Brady to even look decent considering what surrounds him. I like some of the draft picks but it looks like a couple of management types are hanging thier careers on a handful of rookies.
      A NEW INEXPERIENCED head coach who decides he can be the HC and OC at the sme time and then say’s “he has seen all he needs to, to make a decision on McCoys’ futuree me nrvous as a wet hen if I was Weeden.

  2. Vapurtrale

    The Browns may not last another 4 years.

  3. jim

    I can tell you he’s worth it.

  4. Bob Bower

    I think he wants to play. It’s probably his agent doing this. 3 yrs and incentives should make his dick hard!


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