Undoubtedly, center Alex Mack has been one of the best players on the Cleveland Browns. For some reason Mack has no want to return to the team. He has yet to sign any offer sheet the Browns have prepared for him, and he wants out.

You could understand, Mack’s decision if the team hadn’t made all the changes to the team’s front office this off-season. But the Browns have recommitted themselves to winning. They went out and made some great free agent signings and they are trying to build a play-off caliber team.

What did the team do to make Mack have ill feelings? This is the million dollar question. Mack has always been treated well while playing for the Browns. The team seemed to appreciate his efforts, and they gave him a 10.3 million dollar offer, when they put the transition tag on him.

But Mack still doesn’t seem to want to return the the Cleveland Browns. Why? Why is Mack being so stubborn? He is one of the guys that has played every game for the Browns since he was drafted by the team.

He doesn’t have to live through another Weeden season, and the team is going to be competitive this season. Mack should want to finish what he started with the Browns. But that isn’t the case.

Alex Mack seems to be holding a grudge. If only we could understand why. The team is trying to reach out to the center, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting Mack’s decision.

Something had to take place to piss off Alex Mack. If only we knew what that was, it would be easier to understand. Nothing would be worse for the Browns than to have a guy playing center that doesn’t want to be here.

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Readers Comments (17)

  1. Ronald

    We don’t want players who do not want to be a Brown. He’s been given a great offer, and he hasn’t signed along the line. Let him go. There are good centers in the draft; get one and move on. It would be great to still draft a center and let him learn from Mack, but it can still happen without Mack too.

  2. David

    If he doesn’t want to be here, let him go. Farmer and Pettine seem to be doing good things and I’m hopeful for next season.

  3. Wayne

    Did you askhim how he felt about Jason Cambell before you cut him? I heard hey were good friends. Waynedawg

    • LG

      Now I didn’t ask him. Do you think this is his problem? He had his problem before they cut Campbell…..

      • Wayne

        I thought it started this off season,I didn’t know it was there before that.

        • LG

          Too Funny Tom

  4. wallst89

    Mack is networking for next year, when he will be a free agent. No team in their right mind would pay him $10 mil under normal conditions. If the Browns could trade him and get anything for him, they should.

  5. joe

    don’t let the door hit you in the aasss on the way out.. treated like a star act like a 2 year old….. let him go NOW

  6. kevin

    He doesn’t have to live through another Weeden season, and the team is going to be competitive this season. lol

    • LG

      What is so funny Kevin?

    • Anonymous

      The problem is he loved Weeden at QB and his hands. He know Weeden was gone, so he wants out too. Send him to the Cowboys.

  7. evansvc

    There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    Don’t turn your back on this man before giving him a chance, even if it’s third string…
    GM/Coach, sit down and talk to this guy…I think he can help…..

  8. Tom Wynne

    someone said Mack has had his fill of LG articles…he wants out(LOL)

    • LG

      probably, but I don’t think I ever wrote a negative piece about Mack…..

  9. 64 brownsfan

    Hey, Kevin Mack is one the best running backs in Brown’s history. He should get his sails righted and stick with the Browns. He can get past the crack episode.

    • LG

      aren’t you talking about the wrong Mack here?

  10. Leon II

    Drafted 2009 by new GM George Kokinis and HC Eric Mangini to a rebuilding team. During the season you had Brady Quinn, then Derek Anderson, then Brady Quinn start at QB. On Nov. 2 of that year Kokinis is gone as GM in less than a year.

    Tom Heckert comes in as GM in 2010. Quinn is traded and Anderson is released. Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace are brought in and Colt McCoy is drafted. All three start at QB that year. Mangini is fired as HC at the end of 2010 after his 2nd year and Delhomme is released.

    Pat Shurmur hired as HC in 2011. McCoy, Wallace are still with the Browns but Thad Lewis is brought in. For the first time Mack has a single starter at QB.

    In 2012 Randy Lerner sells the team to Jimmy Haslam. Brad Childress is brought in to replace HC Shurmur as OC. Haslam gets rid of President Mike Holmgren in November and elevates Joe Banner to czar. Brandon Weeden is drafted and becomes the starter, Wallace is released but McCoy and Lewis remain. All three will start games that season. At the end of the season Heckert and Shurmur are gone.

    Enter Lombardi as GM and Chudzinski as HC. McCoy and Lewis are gone, Weeden still there, Brian Hoyer and Jason Campbell are brought in. After this season everyone of them is gone.

    Five years – two owners, two “presidents”, three GM’s, three HCs, four OC, 12 starting QBs, and we haven’t even discussed all the changes to the line. Now he gets to start all over again in year 6. I think we can figure out why he is frustrated, and may want to go somewhere with a little stability.


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