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Mike Pettine & Kyle Shanahan
Face it folks, Mike Pettine and Kyle Shanahan don’t have the maturity to run the Cleveland Browns football team.

The Cleveland Browns can’t seem to improve their football team. No matter how much talent GM Ray Farmer brought to Cleveland this off-season the defense looked terrible in Saturday’s loss to the ...

Mike Pettine
Mike Pettine has his Browns fans hoping that the pathetic football they are seeing is a decoy in the preseason.

The Cleveland Browns don’t look like a very good football team. Once again the fans are starting to think, it is more of the same. Some are hoping, new head coach Mike ...

Brian Hoyer
Browns QB Brian Hoyer “I’m more relaxed than ever.”

When the Cleveland Browns made the decision to name Brian Hoyer as their starting quarterback, it was like giving a muscle relaxer to Brian Hoyer. He can now stop looking over his ...

Brian Hoyer
Browns name Brian Hoyer as week 1 starter against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Cleveland Browns have named Brian Hoyer as the starting quarterback for the team, in week one. The Browns will travel to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers for their first game ...

Kyle Shanahan
Is the Cleveland Browns offensive play calling to complicated for the NFL? Why does Kyle Shanahan make it so difficult?

While watching the Cleveland Browns on Monday night football, I couldn’t help to notice the Browns offense looked out-of-place. Guys like Alex Mack and Joe Thomas were making mistakes. These are 2 ...

Braxton Miller
The last thing Urban Meyer & the Ohio State Buckeyes needed was an injury to Braxton Miller. Did he try to return too soon?

When Braxton Miller re-injured his surgically repaired shoulder in Monday’s practice, the entire Ohio State Buckeyes football team, was hoping this wasn’t happening. Miller who had surgery to repair the  damage he ...

Johnny Manziel
It’s starting to look like the Cleveland Browns wasted another 1st round pick on QB Johnny Manziel.

When the Cleveland Browns drafted Johnny Manziel with the 22nd pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft, some people were excited. People who really know about NFL football, didn’t ...

Brian Hoyer & Johnny Manziel
Browns head coach Mike Pettine now thinks he has 2 starting quarterbacks in Hoyer & Johnny Manziel.

Here we go again. The Cleveland Browns coming into the 2014 season, not knowing who their quarterback is going to be. Pettine thinks both, Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer would be capable ...

Cleveland Browns
Head coach Mike Pettine has plenty of work to do to get his Cleveland Browns ready for the 2014 NFL season.

The Cleveland Browns have started their new era, with a rookie head coach leading the team. Mike Pettine has to be a bit upset with what he saw, in Detroit last night. ...

Ndamukong Suh
It’s too bad the Browns are starting Hoyer, it would have been interesting to see Manziel facing Ndamukong Suh.

When the Cleveland Browns named Brian Hoyer as their starting quarterback against the Detroit Lions this Saturday, they took away an interesting match up. It would have been interesting to see how ...

Terry Francona & Danny Salazar
The Cleveland Indians continue to struggle in games on the road losing to the Cincinnati Reds 8-3 last night.

The Cleveland Indians have now lost their last 2 games against the Cincinnati Reds. The Indians play on the road this season, has been terrible. The Tribe has a record of 23-35 ...

The Cleveland Cavaliers being viewed as the most improved team in the NBA. Just wait until Kevin Love gets here.

When you think about the Cleveland Cavaliers, you might think about 26 game losing streak. Yes life after LeBron James wasn’t very pleasant for Cavs fans. The team struggled, and they continued ...

Corey Kluber
The Cleveland Indians win round 1 of the Battle of Ohio behind the arm of Corey Kluber.

The Cleveland Indians beat the Cincinnati Reds 7-1 last night. It was the first game, of a 4 game series in the Battle Of Ohio. Corey Kluber once again pitched a great ...

Johnny Manziel
Johnny Manziels first team reps didn’t go so good for the Cleveland Browns.

There is a lot of excitement in Cleveland these days. People need to stay clam, and remember Johnny Manziel has yet to take a snap in the NFL. Sure he is working ...

Josh Gordon
Browns WR Josh Gordon participating in practice at camp today. He will phone into his appeal hearing this afternoon.

Cleveland Browns wide receiver, Josh Gordon is back at practice this morning in full pads practicing with the 1st team. Gordon who is taking part in his appeal hearing, will do so ...

Cleveland Browns
Both Cleveland quarterbacks have plenty of work to do before the season starts.

If you were one of the people who attended the Browns Family Day scrimmage, you already know there is no clear leader in the race to become the starting quarterback, for the ...

The Cleveland Indians
Indians completely dominate the Texas Rangers. Sure they are the worse team in the league, but the Indians just need consistency.

The Cleveland Indians dominated the Texas Rangers last night. The Tribe was able to put 12 runs on the score-board to beat the Rangers 12-2 last night. Danny Salazar pitched for 6 ...

Josh Gordon
Browns WR Josh Gordon’s appeal lasted 10 hours and it isn’t done yet. To be continued on Monday. Is there hope?

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon had his day in court so to speak. He and his team of experts spent 10 hours in the appeal, and they still aren’t finished yet. ...

zach McAllister
Why is Zach McAllister still in the Indians starting rotation? He pitched for just 3-1/3 innings in last night’s loss.

Cleveland Indians pitcher Zach McAllister, didn’t learn anything from watching his teammate Corey Kluber the other night. While Kluber has become the iron-man of the Indians starting rotation, McAllister has become a ...

Johnny Manziel
The numbers are in for Johnny Manziel’s first few days in the Cleveland Browns training camp & they’re not pretty.

If you watched Johnny Manziel perform in the Browns training camp, you would know the man they call Johnny Football is not ready for prime time. It’s going to take Manziel weeks ...

Corey Kluber
Corey Kluber back to back complete games to get the Cleveland Indians a win over the Seattle Mariners & Felix Hernandez last night.

Corey Kluber was spectacular in his start against the Seattle Mariners last night. He pitched his second complete game in a row. He is the first man to do this since 1914 ...

Justin Masterson
The Cleveland Indians trade Justin Masterson to the Cardinals for an outfielder.

The Cleveland Indians have parted ways with pitcher Justin Masterson. He was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals for outfielder prospect James Ramsey. It is a shame that’s all the Indians could ...

Josh Gordon
Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon claims it was second-hand smoke that gave him positive numbers in his test. Appeal Friday.

The Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is hoping to win his appeal this Friday. He claims it was second-hand smoke that made him test positive. The NFL has acceptable numbers when ...

Josh Gordon
Browns WR Josh Gordon hires same attorney the Seahawks Richard Sherman used to reverse his suspension.

When it comes to the Cleveland Browns most talented receiver Josh Gordon, you could say the fans patients are running thin. People can’t believe a player with this much talent is willing ...

Justin Masterson
Are the Cleveland Indians trying to shop Justin Masterson? Who would buy with the season he is having?

The Cleveland Indians could be trying to trade Justin Masterson. Rumor has it his name is circulating around the MLB as a possible trade. Masterson is having a lousy season thus far. ...

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