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Josh McCown
Browns Josh McCown becomes the Ravens punching bag on Monday Night Football.

Cleveland Browns quarterback, Josh McCown had the hell knocked out of him on Monday Night Football. The Cleveland Browns offensive line could do little to protect the 35-year-old, who got the start ...

It’s Thanksgiving 2015 & the Cleveland Browns have very little to be thankful for.

Here we are, it's Thanksgiving day 2015, and the Cleveland Browns are still an embarrassment to the city of Cleveland. This year, the Browns are 2-8 with 6-games left to play. The ...

Mike Pettine
Mike Pettine is a pathetic excuse for a head coach of the Cleveland Browns..

Mike Pettine has the Cleveland Browns winning just 2 of the 10 games they've played this season. The Browns are worse in Pettine's second season, and the team lacks any kind of ...

Johnny Manziel
Johnny Manziel gets the start & the Cleveland Browns were beat by the 8-0 Cincinnati Bengals.

The Cleveland Browns started their first round draft pick Johnny Manziel against the 7-0 Cincinnati Bengals. The result wasn't pretty as Manziel complete only 15 of his 33 pass attempts, for 168 ...

Johnny Manziel
Can Johnny Manziel go into the Jungle and lead the Cleveland Browns to a win tonight? 2 guys he must avoid.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel will get a shot at redeeming himself tonight. The last time Manziel started against the Cincinnati Bengals, things didn't go his way. The Bengals beat the Browns ...

Johnny Manziel
Why is Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine so reluctant to start Johnny Manziel?

What is it about Johnny Manziel, that  Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine despises?  Even with Josh McCown barley able to breath, Pettine still didn't want to name Manziel the starter heading ...

Joe Thomas
Ian Rapoport reporting the Cleveland Browns want more than a 1st round pick for Joe Thomas.

Just moments ago Ian Rapoport sent out a tweet saying the Cleveland Browns want more than just a first round draft pick for their all pro tackle Joe Thomas. With the NFl ...

Joe HAden & AJ Green
Browns CB Joe Haden won’t play against the Bengals Thursday night so we won’t have to see Green burn him.

The Cleveland Browns defensive secondary will play another game without their so-called shut-down corner Joe Haden.  Joe is back in the concussion protocol, and once you walk through that door, it takes ...

Jimmy Haslam III Ray Farmer & Mike Pettine
Is it Jimmy Haslam’s goal to destroy the Cleveland Browns? First he hired Pettine,then he names Farmer GM.

When Jimmy Haslam III bought the Cleveland Browns fans thought things were going to be different. The team quickly changed front office people, and the coaching staff . Then the front office ...

Dwayne Bowe
Browns fans should see Ray Farmer’s 9 million dollar man Dwayne Bowe against the Cardinals.

Here we are entering week 8 in the NFL, and the Cleveland Browns have yet to play Bowe the receiver GM Ray Farmer signed to a 9-million dollar contract. Because of injuries ...

Johnny Manziel & Josh McCown
Does it really matter if it’s Browns QB Josh McCown or Johnny Manziel against the 5-2 Arizona Cardinals on Sunday?

Lets be honest. The 2-5 Cleveland Browns take on the 5-2 Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. Is it really going to matter who the quarterback is for the Browns? The Cleveland defense  is ...

Johnny Manziel
Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel takes heavy hitting NFLPA attorney Heather McPhee to his NFL meeting.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, had his meeting with the NFL. Now it's time to wait and see if the NFL finds him guilty of committing domestic violence. On the NFL's side, ...

LeBron James & Tristan Thompson
LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers fall to the Chicago Bulls 97-95 in their season opener.

LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers fell to the Chicago Bulls 97-95 last night. James picked up exactly where he left off last season. He scored 25 points, had 10 rebounds, 5 ...

Marty Schottenheimer
Who remembers when Marty Schottenheimer was the head coach of the Cleveland Browns?

Since 1999, the Cleveland Browns have tried to find their way in the NFL. The team has struggled miserably, and they have wasted more first round draft picks than any team I ...

Johnny Manziel & Colleen Crowley
NFL set to interview Browns QB Johnny Manziel about the domestic violence incident. Time & place unknown.

Isn't that just the way things go in Cleveland? The NFL has set up a meeting to interview Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, about his domestic violence incident that took place on October ...

Mike Pettine
The Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine has lost his team and probably will soon lose his job too.

Mike Pettine the head coach of the Cleveland Browns, has obviously lost his team. The Browns stunk against the Rams, and they couldn't do anything well. One of the strong points of ...

Joe Haden
Browns Joe Haden ruled out for Sunday against Rams despite the NFL Network reporting he has been cleared.

Joe Haden won't be playing against the St. Louis Rams Sunday. Haden is ruled out despite both the NFL Network and ESPN reporting he was cleared from the NFL concussion protocol. The ...

Joe Haden & Johnny Manziel
Cleveland Browns have plenty of investigations going on, can they get ready to play the St. Louis Rams?

The Cleveland Browns have to be distracted, with all the investigations going on. First there's the Federal investigation into Joe Haden supposedly laundering money. Then there's the NFL investigating Johnny Manziel, to ...

Joe Haden
Reports have Browns pro-bowl CB Joe Haden involved in drug money laundering Federal investigation.

Joe Haden who was supposed to be side-lined because he in the NFL concussion protocol, is now rumored to be involved in a money laundering investigation. First off I'm hoping this story ...

Johnny Manziel
If you were the Cleveland Browns GM would you cut Johnny Manziel or keep him?

By now you've had to hear the news about Johnny Manziel and his girlfriend Colleen Crowley getting into a fight while driving on the interstate. Both parties were drinking and there were ...

Mike Pettine
The Browns loss should be on the shoulders of head coach Mike Pettine not the QB, kick the field goal dummy!!!

The Cleveland Browns had a chance to beat the Denver Broncos and had Peyton Manning his first loss of the 2015 season. The Browns didn't capitalize on the opportunity, and this loss ...

Peyton Manning
Will the Cleveland Browns defense show up to stop Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense?

The Cleveland Browns take in the Denver Broncos, and the legendary quarterback Peyton Manning today. Manning isn't haven't a Manning type year, and it's clear father time has caught up to the ...

Johnny Manziel
Now you know why Johnny Manziel isn’t the Browns starting QB, he still has a drinking issue.

The Cleveland Browns haven't committed to Johnny Manziel, and Johnny Manziel hasn't committed to putting a halt to his problem with drinking either. That's why the Browns haven't moved forward with Manziel ...

TJ Ward
How will Browns fans react to the return of T.J.Ward when Cleveland takes on the Denver Broncos?

Former Cleveland Browns safety T.J. Ward will be returning to face his former team with the Denver Broncos on Sunday. Ward was a fan favorite when he played for the Browns. At ...

Cleveland Browns
Josh McCown and the Cleveland Browns will have their toughest test of the season when they face the Broncos.

Josh McCown and the Cleveland Browns offense have surprised a lot of people this season. McCown has performed above all expectations. No one expected this guy to pass for almost 500 yards ...

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