The last thing the Cleveland Browns needed coming into the 2013 season was a distraction. The team can’t help being distracted as the lawsuits keep piling in against the team’s owner Jimmy Haslam III. Coming into his first season with his hand-picked staff in place, Haslam made promises to the city of Cleveland that some are wondering if he will keep.

Haslam in involved in a legal struggle to keep himself out of prison. He is being accused of defrauding hundreds of trucking companies out of refunds they had coming for making fuel purchases with his Pilot Flying J truck stop company.

Haslam has done a great job trying to make it look as though he knew little about the scam his sales team was running to fraud these trucking companies out of their rebates. The problem is, this has to be a huge distraction for the Cleveland Browns.

Should Jimmy Haslam III step down and let someone else run the team? Be sure to vote in our poll to let us know how you feel about Haslam III running the Cleveland Browns. Cast your vote and tell us if you think he is going to be a distraction to the team.

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Readers Comments (23)

  1. Brian

    LG ,
    Do you ever write anything positive ?

    • LG

      Brian, this is a poll. Not negative nor positive. Put it to the people and lets see the results. And to answer your question, yes I write lots of things positive. Ya have to win though. Then positive things happen to write about….Check some of the Indians articles there are more than a few positive articles there….You know why? They won more than they lost how about that???

      • Tim

        Well it looks like the people spoke!

        • LG

          Yes they are speaking….

      • chris

        how can the browns win when its the offseason they are hammering on something that nooone knows. and that’s why I don’t respect many writers and media covering. if the person in charge isn’t a fan they badger. look at 92.3 the fan in the morning they must be from new York. its all about the promoting. so many teams have great games and then just 1 or 2 runs and they get blown out by the red sox or the Yankees and ect. sorry for the rambling but get the point.

  2. Bob

    I think he should step away while this is going on. I don’t necessarily think he should be forced to sell…yet.

    • Bob

      imposter BOB

      Not REAL Bob. Real Bob (ME) is gone until the fall, but will blog when imposter Bob shows up

  3. PETER

    his legal problmes? SPELL CHECK

    • LG

      It is called a typo…It is spelled right below. Cut us a Break We are trying hard….LOL

  4. longhaul

    don’t really have an answer for this. I think he is a good thing for the browns as far as wanting to build a winner and spending money on the right people. on the other hand it is kind of a distraction towards whats going to happen with the team. some people just like to bash others on there comments.with that being said I love the browns but u have to admit they have done some dumb things over the years

  5. JohnnyV

    The headline says lasuits pile in against Jimmy Haslam.

    1) Although more are expeceted, as of yesterday there were 5 suits filed.

    2) The suits are against Pilot / Flying J – not Jummy Haslam specifically.

    That said – your headline did what its supposed to do. It got me to read it.

    • LG

      Johnny, Thanks for reading and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. First off there is a new suit filed yesterday, secondly there is a suit filled in Illinois that names Haslam himself as well. It also charges him with Racketeering… Not a good sign…

      • 1stAnubiis

        Well, if its just a lawsuit then that is a lot different that legal charges. As another poster stated people now a days will so for anything and they will especially sue the one they think they can get the most money out of too.

        • LG

          The grand jury will decide if charges will be filed…

  6. OldIndianFan

    He seems like a good team owner. Hope he isn’t force to sell the team.

  7. ripper1fl

    i think everyone should just back off of jimmy right now and let him handle it unless you are going to chip in with everyone else in cleveland and buy the team and let the city of cleveland own it like they did in gree bay…
    you know thats not gonna happen………

  8. Spider

    LG you should work for CNN. Your over-sensationalistic views about Haslem’s or should I say Pilot’s troubles are more of a distraction than it will ever be to this group of professional athletes. If and most likely not that Haslem wil, ever be charged criminally, then you will have something to talk about. How about focusing on the rebuild and and the influx of new talent we have (players and coaches). That is what Browns fans (outside of you obviously) are focusing on.

  9. Dana

    Sensationalism at it’s finest.

    Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat…

    Huge difference between being guilty and being involved with a company being investigated for a civil matter.

    You are assuming way too much and your “news” lacks proof of any kind. This can lead to

    This may be worth reading also,

    Mr. Haslam is much less a distraction to Browns fans then your current crusade to make Browns fans more upset than they need to be. Worrying about the whatifs and whatcouldhappens isn’t just pointless, it’s a waste of time and disservice to fans.

    IF Mr. Haslam is found guilty of any criminal wrong doing in a court of law, by all means fire up the doom and gloom pen. Until then, you may want to think before you write in the off chance you actually get Mr. Haslams attention. I’m honestly a little surprised your articles get published without anything to back them up.

    • LG

      I think you should read the 120 page report filed by the FBI…..

  10. Randy

    Hey I know a guy who has told as many lies and is currently committing fraud globally and they call him President Obama! When is he going to be asked to step down?

    • JohnnyV

      Fraud is intentional deception. Our President is just not doing a very good job. Lets stay on topic.

  11. chris

    Hey jimmy I wish you best to right this and be able to continue I believe you would make the right move I also think you should stick it out support you team and be strong and do what you can to make it work out. hope the people understand you want to right this and still be able to be the owner but hey your still a fan you be here right with all of us. best of luck Haslam hope yor players don’t let it bother them its all about what your players act like you should not step down.


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