Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III got dealt a bad hand today, 91 of the trucking companies he thought he could buy off, told him no deal today. With an FBI indictment looming the last thing Haslam expected was all these trucking companies to walk away from his proposed settlement.

Haslam who continues to say he knew nothing about the fraud his Pilot Flying J company was involved in, was trying to set things right in his eyes, before the FBI follows through with an indictment. Haslam felt as though he could buy the silence of the trucking companies his company defrauded out of millions, with paying them some money back plus interest.

His hopes that he could set things right in front of an indictment, would make the courts go easier on him have all but faded away. Haslam watched as several of his top level employees plead guilty to charges of fraud.

Many expect those employees to cut a deal with the government to testify against Haslam. It’s coming, it won’t be long before the FBI issues a warrant for Haslam himself according to recent reports.

If Haslam is charged with a crime, he is expected to lose control of the Cleveland Browns. Many believe Haslam’s father would take over control of the team. It shouldn’t be long until the indictment is handed against Haslam III.

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. muttklingon

    bye bye jimmy

  2. Jim Kirk

    Not aqnother ” rebuild “

  3. Big Duke

    So will this mean the NFL could assume control if the Browns if Haslam is convicted? If this does happen, an independent oversight team should be hired by the City of Cleveland to monitor the NFL accountability & protection of Browns interests re: transactions e.g. trades, drafts etc. so other NFL owners don’t attempt to gut the team. Am I worried? You bet! Look how the NFL owners changed the rules for the Browns when they reentered the NFL to draft players from other teams. Unlike previous expansion drafts, this time for the Browns, only trash players were available to choose.


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