Here we go gain. The Cleveland Browns want to put over 125 million dollars of improvements into First Energy Stadium and they want you to pay for it.

The City of Cleveland will be approached by Jimmy Haslam III and Joe Banner this Friday, both men will be holding their hands out expecting the city to help fund improvements that they say will give the fans a better experience when they attend Browns games.

The cost could be passed onto the tax payers and the tax payers don’t want to pay for it. Not only is the smooth talking Jimmy Haslam III trying to get funds from the city, he is throwing the city under the bus with the time frame he wants to get the money.

The City of Cleveland still has a high unemployment rate and many people living with the county that pays the sin tax can’t afford to attend Browns games.

The City said the first they heard of these needed improvements was yesterday and they are wondering why it wasn’t presented with more time to put something together.

You also have to appreciate the fact that Haslam and Banner waited to come forward with the stadium improvement plan until after the elections were over, this way they avoid having the issue of putting this sin tax extension on the ballot for people to vote on.

Yes sir, Jimmy Haslam and company are some slick business men. They will make the City of Cleveland look terrible if they don’t pass the tax.

I couldn’t help to notice the mock-ups the Browns used featured large letters on top of the Jumbo-Trons that said “Cleveland Clinic.”

How much cash is the Clinic going to kick in? The Cleveland Clinic is about to have a massive lay off as they try to trim 350 million dollars out of their budget.

But, hey they have the money to have their name included in the Browns improvement project. Here’s an idea.

Why doesn’t Haslam III use some of the money his company scammed out of the truckers in the rebate scam they were running over at Pilot Flying J?

There are other owners in the NFL that pay for their own stadiums. They don’t expect the tax payers to take on the burden of improving their teams stadiums.

Then we come to the question of how are these improvements going to improve the team? Will they put the Browns into the play-offs? This is the kind of improvements real Browns fans want to see, a winning team.

The real fans used to attend games at the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium and while the place was great, they enjoyed it because the team could win there.

The Haslam team are some smooth operators, they put the improvement idea in front of the media and the public before they secured the money to do it and then they go to the city with their hands out. This way, the city becomes the fall guy if they don’t kick in the bucks.

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Readers Comments (9)

  1. What

    The Browns can’t take that $125 million and use it pay players or “improve the team” as most would put it, the NFL has a little thing called a salary cap now, remember? Cities that don’t show interest in investing in its team, lose its team. It will be the same people that are complaining about the renovations that will be complaining when the team skips town AGAIN! Whether you like it or not your team is a business run by intelligent business men, and intelligent business men don’t stay somewhere when they know there is more money to be made elsewhere. With other cities like L.A. offering to build brand new Stadiums for a team, it would be foolish to think the Browns will remain in Cleveland, a city that shows no interest in improving its 15 yo venue. Don’t underestimate the financial value the Browns and the stadium have on the city, that would be the true downfall to Cleveland.

    • LG

      The Browns were way under the cap space this season.

      • What

        Yep, and each team must spend a minimum of 89% of their cap space in the future.

    • Tom Wynne

      funny how these days a stadium gets “outdated” in 15 years. The only thing a “jumbo-tron” will do is give the real fans of bigger view of the team’s ineptitude in putting an updated quality PRODUCT on the field. If you need venue props, or heated seats in the bathrooms…just stay home!!!

      • What

        Do yourself a favor and don’t question the passion of a Browns fan you don’t know, as I highly doubt you have even thought about going to as many games as I have actually attended. There is no need for me to stay home, I am a fan that actually cheers for the team instead of complaining about the “PRODUCT”.
        Once again, this isn’t going to be funded by money allocated for the “product on the field”. The upgrades consist of new audio and visual equipment, additional seating and better sight lines, not venue props and heated toilet seats. If you actually read the article before commenting it will help you understand what your trying to write about.

    • Tom Wynne

      run by “intelligent business men?” Is it their goal to have a profitable enterprise or suiting up a winning team? Gerge Steinbrenner did both with the New York Yankees for instance…i haven’t seen any of this “intelligence” trickle down to the Brown’s playing field. And before you pull out the “i go to more games so I’m a bigger fan” card…I’ve been to plenty and have been a fan since 1969. I”m tired of the “wait till next year” mantra they’ve been feeding us. You apparently just keep on gobbling!!!

      • What

        George Steinbrenner took over a baseball team with a losing record in 1973. The stadium at that time was owned by the city and leased to the Yankees. In 1974 the stadium underwent a $48 million, 2 year renovation, also funded by the city (which is equivilent to over $225 million today). Does any of this sound familiar?
        If you have been whining since 1969 then find yourself a new team, and let the real fans press on. It shouldn’t take a person 44 years of crying to realize they are not making a difference. Are you really claiming the people who have put themselves in a position to run a billion dollar football team aren’t “intelligent”. Your inability to identify obvious improvements in this team and coaching staff are no ones fault but your own.

        • Tom Wynne

          LOL “what”…after 44 yeears i have earned the right to be critical of our team. I too have sipped the “kool-ade” a lot. Maybe you should ditch It and wake up and smell the coffee. Plenty of us are sickened by the annual rebuilding portions they keep spoon feeding us…you probably have more years in your life to possibly see success…

  2. Paul

    If the university of Oregon has taught us anything, its that they have ugly uniforms. All kidding aside, if you want to attract the best talent, you need the best facilities. They have already renovated the practice facility, now they need to enhance their stadium. The same thing is going on in Jacksonville and other cities around the league.
    Yes, they have a lot of cap space. Why not save the money for when you have something worthwhile to spend it on? Would you rather see them piss their money away on some washed up big name player, or do it right?

    Paul Avery (not PA)


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