The Cleveland Browns, certainly have their fans stunned. With the hiring of Hue Jackson, and then the loss of several free agents the fans aren't sure which direction the team is heading in.

Then there's Jimmy Haslam's new front office personnel. When Jimmy went out and hired a baseball guy, the fans didn't know what to think. Can money ball work in the NFL?

That's the question Haslam's move had people asking. Well, is it really money ball? Or is it let's save Jimmy Haslam's money? Can the Cleveland Browns field a team during the 2016 season, to be competitive?

Just think how the season ticket holders are feeling. So many key players have left through free-agency, people have to be scratching their heads.

Hue Jackson insists the team is heading in the right direction. Do you agree with him? When we stop and think about it, the Browns weren't winning many games with the players who left.

Maybe the team is heading in the right direction. But how long is it going to take to get to their destination, of fielding a winning team?

Some experts think it could take years. How many years? Well, no one knows the answer to that question. The Cleveland Browns have worked at it for years already, with very little success.

In the history of professional sports, I don't think it has taken any other team, this long to build a winner. Maybe Jimmy Haslam III, isn't the right owner of this NFL franchise, labeled the Cleveland Browns.

Maybe he is employing the same thought process, his company Pilot Flying J used to get millions of truckers to buy their fuel from him.

After all, it was Jimmy Haslam III who brought Johnny Manziel to the Clevland Browns. How did that work out for his team? Haslam made a ton of money, off of jersey sales, but he failed to make the team a winner with that move.

Make no mistake about it. Haslam is the kind of guy who  uses his power of persuasion, to get people to do what he wants. Countless times we've heard him say how dedicated he is to put a winner on the field for the fans.

Frankly, I don't see it happening for years to come. How would you feel, if you made your living in the NFL, and you aren't sure about the future of the franchise?

Indictment after indictment's were handed to Haslam's employees over his companies rebate scam. People have to be wondering when this is all going to catch up to Jimmy.

Would you want to work somewhere, where the future is UN-clear? What if Haslam does get indicted? What will happen to the Cleveland Browns? Will it be a forced sale? Will it be another rebuilding process, in the ever continuing rebuilding process, the Browns have been stuck in since 1999?

Who knows, the only thing I can say is, we are all hoping the Cleveland Browns will become a winner in our life-time.

There are already a generation who haven't seen the Browns win. It's starting to become old. Vote in our poll now, and let us know if you're happy with the direction of the Cleveland Browns......





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