Josh Cribbs the Browns outstanding return man since walking on to the team in 2005 has 5 NFL teams showing interest in the non-restricted free agent. Non of those teams include the Cleveland Browns, the team that Cribbs busted his butt for over the past 8 seasons. The 3 time pro-bowler is getting interest from the the Giants, 49ers, Patriots, Cowboys, and Cardinals. All 5 teams see some value in this talented player. All five think Cribbs can contribute in helping their teams win.

Most of the teams have winning records, this is something Cribbs hasn’t been a part of that often with the Cleveland Browns. Cribbs came out a week or so ago and said he would take a small pay cut to return to the Browns and finish out his pro football career. After Josh Cribbs talked about taking less money the Browns still didn’t show any interest in having Cribbs return. The team must feel that Cribbs has little to offer the Browns.

If the 2 time all pro takes an offer from one of the 5 teams showing interest the Browns will be losing one of the most dynamic players on the team. Cribbs always wanted to do what ever it took to help his Cleveland Browns win football games. It is difficult to figure out what a team like the Cleveland Browns with 40 million dollars of cap space is thinking. Maybe the new regime doesn’t want an out-spoken player like Josh Cribbs in the locker room.

Cribbs has never felt shy about voicing his opinion about the things that take place during games or at practice with the team. Cribbs always felt he could contribute more to the team and when the head coach wouldn’t use him more on the offense, he had no problem letting the media know his feelings. Not only was Josh Cribbs an exciting return man each time he touched the football, he was one of the best cover men on special teams.

Many times it was Josh Cribbs making the tackle on punts or kick offs. He was a true proven leader which is something a young team like the Browns could use. Cribbs always was a stand out in Cleveland and the Browns could be making a mistake by letting him get away in the free agent market. It could be that the Browns are letting Cribbs test the market to get a feel for his free agent value before they make a last-ditch effort to re-sign him. But my gut tells me otherwise.

It would be great if the Browns would grant Cribbs his wish of finishing his career in a Browns uniform. It just doesn’t look like it is going to happen. I would like to thank Josh Cribbs for his years of dedicated service to a team we all love. Thanks for bringing excitement to a team that had very little of it. Thank You Josh Cribbs. You were something to watch on the football field.

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  1. muttklingon

    Josh cribbs has not had a great return in a longtime!!!

    • ABrown

      It’s been a couple of months since the end of the 2012 season. Do you think that’s a long time?

      Cribbs repeatedly made long returns on KOs and punts to give out offense field position to score immediately, without having to move the ball. And that was essential last year because we were terrible in converting on 3rd down and keeping drives alive.

      As a specific example, think of the 2nd Bengals game. A good part of the 2nd half, we couldn’t move the ball on offense. That’s when Cribbs and the defense took over. Cribbs gave us field position for 2 FGs and the defense got a TD and more field position for a FG.

      We won that game but wouldn’t have without help from an all time great player whose records for yards per touch will keep him on best in the NFL lists for a long time.

      • LG

        People don’t seem to remember that the NFL ruined kick returns with Goodell’s stupid changes.

  2. mb

    done with this 360 site…….lg must have read foxsports Cleveland Brown page comments, because this article isn’t about Weedon. yes you where getting bashed and for good reason. all you do is bash Weedon, really? must not be a true Browns fan if you cant support their players…come up with your own sources and stop piggy backing off real journalist you “blogger”

    • LG

      MB, did setting the Clock back an hour upset you this weekend? And now I haven’t read Fox sports would you be kind enough to supply a link???

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi LG … MB is talking about the browns page on fox sports. that’s where i’m a regular poster & this is also where your articles pop-up. i’m not sure who he is.

        • LG

          What he tried to do was to slip in a porn link in his reply….We don’t go for that stuff here at CS360….

    • LG

      Nice try to get your garbage porn link put in your reply…..Don’t try it again otherwise you will be banned for life from leaving any comments on this site. We don’t go fro that garbage here…..

    • ABrown

      mb, I don’t think a person has to be an idiot to be a Browns fan. But if you say a person can’t be a Browns fan and criticize bad play, then you are saying anyone who isn’t an idiot might as well find another team.

      Browns fans have had to watch a lot of bad play, but let’s hope most of us still remember what good play looks like. Cribbs in a good example of good play.

      Why don’t you start your own site where you can show us how to praise bad play.

  3. ABrown

    LG, thanks for this article about Cribbs. It sound like teams that know how to win also know how to spot talent.

    If he can’t retire here as he would like I hope he goes to a team that he can help go to the Super Bowl. That would be sweet.

    The Browns are really at a disadvantage with Free Agents. Those guys get to choose and they all say they want to go to a team that is a Super Bowl contender, and most say they want to play in a warm climate. That’s not the Browns . . . yet.

    I think we need to treat guys who have been willing to make sacrifices to be a Brown with some respect, even if the management feels they need to let them go.

    • LG

      I wish him nothing but the very best. Cribbs always laid it on the line for the team….

  4. Leon II

    I don’t like it but I get why the Browns will not likely resign Cribbs. First, even the most ardent of Cribbs fans have to admit he has neither elite speed (I’m talking about on pass plays not in the return game) or route running skills. He will fight for the ball but he really doesn’t have the size or strength to play as a large bodied “possession” WR. He is at best an average WR for an offense putting him in a back-up/situational role. His bruising style of play has value but that is primarily on special teams.

    Which brings us to the second reason he is likely gone. The reality is that his value on special teams has declined. This isn’t solely his fault. As LG pointed out in his comments the rules changes in regards to kick returns reduced not only his, but every return specialists, value. Also you can see a slight, but still detectable, slowing of his step and that he had some ball security issues this past season lowers his value. He is still a still an above average special teams player but is that enough for the Browns to pay him what he wants?

    The last, and most significant reason, is that he is so outspoken. He is a veteran player on the team but sometimes he runs his mouth like a rookie. He is often critical of the coaching staff and fellow players, and has more than once said something he shouldn’t. Sometimes he simply just doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut, like last week when his agent had to do damage control over him stating teams break the rules in regards to free agents. Joe Thomas or Joshua Cribbs – which would you rather have your rookies emulate?

    We have to keep in mind that each team in the end has a 53 man active roster. Each player has to be chosen based on what the team needs and what the player brings. The Browns have holes and question marks literally all over the team and must look to the future not the past. They are extremely young and need every veteran to be a complete role model (both on and off the field). As a result Cribbs is expendable, not cost effective, and will want a contract that lasts too long. Yes we have cap space now but look who will need to be resigned in the next few years. Do you really want Joe Haden to walk in the future because you spent too much on Cribbs now?

    For a team like say the 49ers who have very few holes, especially in the skill positions on offense, and who have established veterans who aren’t a distraction Cribbs is a different story. The 49ers can afford him in every sense of the word. Not only can they afford him but he represents one of the missing pieces in the puzzle to a Super Bowl win.

    Good business for the Browns suggests the best choice is to let him walk. Unless of course he is willing to sign a short-term contract with a significant reduction in pay that is heavily incentive laden instead of guaranteed as it progresses. Good business for other teams will be to sign him even at a slightly over inflated price. It is a sad part of the game but one that is reality. Like I said at the start – I don’t like it, but I get it.

    • LG

      Great Comment as always Leon….

  5. tigersbrowns2

    in regards to this article … cribbs will probably will have to take a pay-cut to remain in cleveland.

    with other teams willing to throw some big bucks his way & with us having travis benjamin as a viable option , cribbs is probably gone.

    • LG

      TB2 Cribbs already said he would take a pay cut. The Browns still didn’t make an offer…

      • RB

        It could be they are waiting to see what he’s being offered elsewhere, or they have determined that he’s beginning the downside of his career and may not be worth the money.

        • LG

          I thought that too. But the closer we get to the day he can sign the more I think he is going to leave…

  6. Tom Wynne

    once the dude got some money last time…he hasn’t broken a thing! We have Benjamin and others. lets just draft a speed burner to do the old guy’s job…bye bye Mr. Cribbs(thanks for the old memories)


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