When the Cleveland Browns and WKYC TV, decided to release Bernie Kosar from their preseason broadcast crew, did they even consider the American with Disabilities Act  of 1990? Kosar claims he was replaced because of his slurred speech.

The former Browns quarterback also claims his slurred speech is a direct result of the concussions he suffered while playing in the NFL. If Bernie can prove there was talk about his slurred speech, and  he can get a witness to testify to the fact that WKYC, did indeed use his disability as part of the reason they replaced him, he could sue and recover damages.

The American with Disabilities Act was signed into law by President George H. W. Bush on July 26, 1990. The law was put into place to protect people from being discriminated against because of a disability.  All Bernie Kosar has to do is to find someone that can back up his claim that they replaced him because of his slurred speech and he has got a case.

There is no doubt that Kosar was an expert at his job. He said what was on his mind and some people inside the Browns organization may not have liked what the former QB had to say. The team could of also  been concerned about what Kosar would have said about the new coaching staff and some of the players at the start of the preseason.

Bernie Kosar should hire a lawyer that specializes in handling work-place discrimination cases. If Bernie truly feels his slurred speech was the reason he was let go, he could have a case against both the team and the television station.

The American with Disabilities act was put into place to protect the rights of people who suffer from any kind of disabilities. If Bernie feels that is the reason he was replaced, than he should take the proper action.

You can read more about the Americans with Disabilities act by clicking here.

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. JIM V

    well here we go again! If I’m not mistaken the Browns have a say so and have to approve the broadcasters and color commentators are when it comes to radio and TV. I’m sure that the front office and coaching staff were not happy with Bernie’s comments on their screw ups! We’ve seen this before, I assume that they were unhappy with Tony Grossi, who used to do after game show in the past. However, I do not know if that is a fact or not? I do feel that Bernie’s arrest for DUI gave them ammunition to use against him for not coming back to do the color commentary. I’m sure other people have noticed that may have changed that took place where there anchor news people are gone from Channel 3 along with some other reporters, and are now with channel 19! the last I heard in the ratings, channel 19 is number one in Cleveland and channel 3 is at the bottom last!I believe they call that poor management! So I’m sure it had to do with first and foremost money! Especially since I saw Jim Donovan who the last I heard was sports director for channel 3. I saw him do the news by himself one evening. So that tells me they’re cutting corners. It still does not make any difference what we fans like in Cleveland, ( we are the ones that pay the bills). I hope you’re right LG that they let him go because of his speech impediment and that Bernie can nail their butts! I just know that Bernie Kozar is very loved in Cleveland and hope to see him involved in some way with the Browns.

    • LG

      sooner or later the truth comes out Jim V, it always does…

  2. james kirk

    Great insight Larry , never would have ocoured to me .

    • LG

      Hey I really think they are in violation if Bernie can prove they got rid of him for slurred speech….

  3. muttklingon

    I’m big fan of Bernie Kosar was drunk at times.& DUI. A color commentator. it dose not look good on Cleveland Brown or OHIO SPORTS .

    • LG

      Do you have any prof he was drunk during a broadcast?


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