The Cleveland Browns entered into the 2017 NFL season, giving their fans high hopes that they finally had some pieces of the puzzle in place to win some football games in the NFL.

Man, were they wrong. The Browns are 0-10 already this season, and don't look like they are able to win a game the rest of this season.

Remember this is a team that went 1-15 in 2016. You would think the team would have made some adjustments in the off-season that would have enabled them to be competitive in the NFL.

Well, they didn't. It's clear at this point of the season what ever moves the team made were the wrong moves.

It's also clear the Cleveland Browns front office is clueless when it comes to building a NFL franchise. How in the world did Jimmy Haslam III get talked into making Sashi Brown vice president of football operations?

Then there is Paul DePodesta the Browns chief strategy officer. What strategy is he using? It's pretty safe to say whichever one he is using kind of sucks.

How can a team be in the NFL for this long and suck this bad?

The Browns are regressing, and they need to clean house from the top down and replace everyone who has anything to do with making football decisions.........

It's happened far too often with this team, and it takes years each time they do switch front office and coaching people.

But how long can the Browns expect the fans to support this garbage they put on the field year after year?

This team is an embarrassment to the City and should be an embarrassment to the NFL. Something needs to change and it should be the owner selling the team to someone who knows how to run a football team.

It's highly unlikely that will happen, so expect more changes after this season.




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