Did the Cleveland Browns show case the talents of their best receiver Josh Gordon yesterday to increase his worth in trade talks? Are the Browns really considering trade Gordon? The chatter coming out of Berea say yes. You have to wonder if the Browns have a trust issue after Gordon violated the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

Gordon is down to his last strike,if he is found to be in violation of the abuse policy again, he could be kicked out of the league. The Browns would get nothing for him if that happens. The team used a second round draft pick to take Gordon in the supplemental draft and we all understand that team CEO, Joe Banner is less than thrilled with that.

Browns line-backer D’Qwell Jackson has stepped up and had talks with Gordon. Now it is up to Gordon to take the advice to straighten up and fly right or be kicked out of the NFL.

Will Gordon find a way to avoid trouble for testing positive for a banned substance in the future or is he the kind of player that thinks he is smarter than everyone else and he can beat the system.

Gordon troubles date back to his college days. He abuse drugs and was busted and kick out of playing in the NCAA.. You would think once he was given the chance to play in the NFL, he would have learned from his past mistakes.

He has an incredible amount of talent. He is a pro-bowl caliber player and he should want to play in the NFL. We have seen guys like him a thousand times over. They throw everything away to catch one more buzz. If Gordon learned anything from his 2 game suspension, he should know he can’t beat the system.

Now, the Browns thought process could be to trade him before he strikes out on his NFL career. Even though he is the best offensive player on the Cleveland Browns, he could be on the trading block and that is a shame. Lets hope he can convince the Browns front office he can keep his nose out of trouble and they buy it. Otherwise it could be good-bye to the best weapon Cleveland has…..



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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Jim V

    LG . I didn’t realize till now how bad the problem, Josh Gordon had or has? I certainly hope that he is working a program to deal with is addiction. I personally have a great understanding of addiction! Being in recovery myself for many years along with going to college to do counseling, I understand what he’s going through. But if management and or the media has come out about trading him because of his affliction could be what would pull the rug out from under him! Since I don’t know what his circumstances are? I can’t really say one way or the other.I just hope and pray that the Brown’s are helping him with this, and the fans will support him! Due to the fact that he is a professional athlete would make it all the more difficult for him! Just to give you an idea, when I was in treatment, there were also a president of an oil company a professional basketball player, Dr. lawyer and eight airline pilot just to mention a few! Sorry, not trying to preach on the subject but the Brown’s need this player as we now know from yesterday’s game!

    • LG

      I hope so too. It would be an incredible waste of a great talent.


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