Josh Cribbs Last Game In Cleveland The Cleveland Browns take on the Washington Redskins this Sunday at the Cleveland Browns Stadium. Will this be the final performance of the great Josh Cribbs in front of the home town fans? Cribbs is in his last year of his Contract. Many are speculating this could mark the end of his Career as a player for the Cleveland Browns. Josh Cribbs came to the Cleveland Browns in 2005, his impact as a return man on kick-offs and punt returns brought a high level of excitement to the team and the game. Cribbs made an immediate impact on the Browns special teams and he continued to do so for the next 7 seasons.

In the 2011 season Cribbs was one of only a handful of players to bring an impact to the team. Cribbs was a guy who really wanted to win and it showed. After 8 years with one team in the NFL, Browns fans could be seeing the last game for Josh Cribbs this Sunday when the Cleveland Browns take on the Washington Redskins. When asked in a recent interview Cribbs responded by saying he can’t control what is going to happen with regards to a contract in Cleveland. Cribbs went on to say he is going to keep playing and continue to try and get touchdowns to show he still brings value to the team.

Cribbs may have lost a step and it showed last week when the Browns used Travis Benjamin on a punt, the speedy Benjamin was able to return the punt all the way for a touchdown. If this is the last game Josh Cribbs ever plays in the City of Cleveland the fans should give him a giant thank you. He brought excitement to the team during a time the fans had very little to cheer for.

Josh Cribbs will always be a fan favorite in the city of Cleveland and the fans will always remember the impact he brought to the Browns special teams and the many touchdown he ran for for several years. Thanks you Josh Cribbs for giving the fans something to look forward to when the Browns really needed it. You did great…

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … what a truly refreshing article about a great cleveland brown & a truly amazing guy.

    • LG

      Thanks TB2

  2. isitnextyear

    Fan favorite??? This post was put up at 6:18 this morning and no one has replied, or my computer doesn’t work. Cribbs will be missed, but so long time to move on. Over paid to waive his arm in the air.


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