There has been on constant since the Cleveland Browns returned to the NFL in 1999. That is Phil Dawson, the Browns kicker. He has been on the team in every opening game since the team came back to Cleveland. Dawson made 93.5% of the kicks he attempted in the 2012 season. That puts him at a tie for 8th on the list for field goals. Dawson would have finished higher had the Browns offense been able to get into field goal range more often.

With free agency getting ready to kick off in just a few days there is still no word of the Browns making an offer to Dawson to return for his 14th season with the team. The Browns may think he is too expensive. Now that word is out about Cribbs lowering his asking price to return to the Browns, some wonder if the team is expecting Dawson to do the same. Should Phil Dawson take less money to finish his career in Cleveland?

Dawson said at the conclusion of the 2012 season he hoped to return for the 2013 season. The team has made no moves to help that happen for Dawson. While it would be great to see the veteran field goal kicker and kick off man return to the team he has been a part of since the team returned to Cleveland, I don’t think he should have to lower his asking price. The Cleveland Browns should sign Dawson just to show the NFL they can be loyal to a player that has been part of this team for so many years.

Making almost 94% of his kicks is a good number. The Browns know they can count on the man who has been there for 13 seasons. One more year isn’t going to break the bank. The Browns should reach out to Phil Dawson and bring him back to Cleveland…..It is a no brainer.


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Readers Comments (6)

  1. muttklingon

    Phil Dawson is a great fieldgoal kicker the Browns do well to pay . the prise for Phil Dawson!

  2. ForeverABrownsFan

    One can only hope.

  3. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … good article.

    i agree … no-brainer … sign dawson.

  4. Bob

    Hope he stays, but would not be surprised if a Texas team or New Orleans grabs him, so he he can be close to his home.

  5. dan dyer

    LG-1st article that I can agree with you on. If there is one person who deserves to be overpaid it is Dawson. They need to get this done and show him the respect that he has shown the organization, city, and fans of Cleveland.

  6. Anonymous

    Browns need to get phil dawson!


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