trent richardson knee surgery Trent Richardson just had his left knee surgically repaired for the third time since high school and the second time this year. The Cleveland Browns are saying they expect Trent Richardson to be ready to go opening day. It that realistic? Richardson had to have his knee repaired after a brief time in Browns camp, he wasn’t taking hits from opposing defenses. T-Rich was just practicing the Browns plays and running around. The Cleveland Browns put a lot on the line to pick up Trent Richardson in the draft, they may have caved into what the fans wanted, nonetheless it doesn’t matter at this point. What does matter is how well Richardson’s knee will heal and how fast it can heal.

T-Rich may have super powers when it comes to rushing the football, that doesn’t mean his body can repair itself any sooner than anyone else. The human body can only heal so fast, Richardson just had his left knee penetrated with a scope that enables the surgeon to go in and have a look around. Then the surgeon locates the impingement and has to cut it away. Sometimes these procedures can produce scar tissue that can impede ones abilities to regain normal movement of the joint.

Under normal circumstances, the Doctor would ask the patient to reduce their activities for at least 4 weeks following a procedure like the one Richardson just went under this past Thursday. Then the patient will be able to start resuming their normal activities. Now, keep in mind most people’s normal activities don’t include taking hits to their knees by 350lbs guys trying to bring them down. The normal person is allowed to return to walking and maybe some slight jogging, the doctors I have talked to don’t urge full-out  running until six weeks have passed.

If we compare Trent Richardson’s knee to everyone else, this would make it sometime at the end of September before he could start running. Then the torque placed on a guy like Richardson’s knee is a lot like a race car drivers head being jerked around when he hits the corners. Experts say in certain positions the human knee takes 9 times the weight of the human body, in the case of T-rich this cold even be greater.

With all this being said it is easy to assume if the Cleveland Browns hurry Trent Richardson back into the line-up they cold see him returning for another procedure to his knee before the season even ends. The question the Cleveland Browns experts in the front office need to ask themselves if the benefits outweigh the risks int he Richardson case. The Browns front office and the coaches shouldn’t use this chance to rush Richardson back into the line up to keep them from looking stupid. They should do what is best for the athlete. Trent Richardson is a lot like a thoroughbred race horse, he is no good without his legs.

Now, before you start slamming me for this article, I recommend you to do some research on your own. Google these knee procedures and see what the  proper recovery time is.

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Readers Comments (11)

  1. Ron

    Agree. While I wish the best for this guy’s career and the Browns overall, statistically he’s damaged goods with a proven knee problem from the getgo. Can’t really understand why they would take a financial risk like this.I hope the new owner will make significant organizational changes where decisions like this can be avoided in the future.

    • LB

      They should rest him as much as possible .They should try to save him for the long-haul over his career because with or without him there only Going to win 3 to 5 games this year

  2. Leon II

    What is best for the team is also what is best for TRich. Investing a 3rd pick on a player means you are making a LONG TERM investment in the player. If TRich has 3-7 great games and then his career is ended because of the knee the investment has not paid off. If the Browns have to sit him for a few weeks but he goes on to be a Pro Bowl caliber player for the Browns for the rest of his career then the investment has paid off.

  3. RICK


    • LG

      Hey Rick, you don’t know Medical. Use some common sense dude. You play Trent his knee gets banged up and he is done in football…What good would that do anyone? Look up recovery time for this surgery….

  4. RICK

    There is no set time everybody heals different. Every runner has the threat of injury even when they are healthy. You dont know how his body will react. The coaching staff knows when hes ready and wont risk his health they have too much rapped up in him. How about a little positive news for a change instead of bashing them all year (they will be better than you think)

    • LG

      Rick do you think if I write nothing but positive articles the Browns will win more games? I only write the Truth I can’t help the way things happen to this team….I truly wish it was nothing but great news to write I would be smiling from ear to ear if that were the case..

      • RICK

        Sorry but positive does win games. Thats why we have a brain

    • ABrown

      Calling someone “moron” and “idiot” really lowers the level of the discussion, Rick. I’ve had this operation myself and LG is just giving fans a realistic understanding of what it means, especially when an athlete needs to repeat the procedure after only minimal physical stress.

      Let’s hope Richardson heals miraculously, but let’s not cripple him for life just to get him back in September.

      That’s not positive or negative. It’s realistic.

  5. bcharron

    Good question, but missing one point: Most people don’t get paid to work out and rehab their one after surgery like athletes do. That’s why they come back quicker. Most of us have to go to work, then rehab when were can. For them, it’s their job to rehab.

  6. bcharron

    Damn “smart” phone, and its “autocorrect”. That’s not my typical grammar.


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