Brandon Weeden will be 29 and 364 days old when he starts this Sunday when the Cleveland Browns take on the Detroit Lions this Sunday. He will turn 30-years-old if he survives facing Ndamukong Suh and the rest of the Lions defense.

The Cleveland Browns are asking Weeden to speed things up for this game. They fail to realize he is going as fast as his brain allows. The guy is old by NFL standards for a 2nd year player and he is slow.

He can't run fast, he can't think fast and he reactions aren't very fast. Asking Weeden to speed things up is like trying to make a mountain grow quicker. It isn't going to happen. If Weeden tries to go quicker than his immature football brain allows him to go, it could be devastating to the Cleveland offense.

There is nothing that can come out of forcing Weeden to go faster that will be a positive. The guy isn't capable of thinking quick enough to go any faster. He is in over his head and the Cleveland Browns coaching staff realize this.

They simply have no other choice as the head coach Rob Chudzinski put it. The Browns are forced to start Weeden in the game against the Detroit Lions and some fans are wondering why.

Jason Campbell better be prepared to play at a moments notice. If Weeden tries to go faster than his soon to be 30-year-old body allows him to travel, the results could be devastating.

The Cleveland Browns better be careful what they wish for. They aren't going to turn Weeden into a speedster and they should know that by now.

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