Brandon Weeden will be 29 and 364 days old when he starts this Sunday when the Cleveland Browns take on the Detroit Lions this Sunday. He will turn 30-years-old if he survives facing Ndamukong Suh and the rest of the Lions defense.

The Cleveland Browns are asking Weeden to speed things up for this game. They fail to realize he is going as fast as his brain allows. The guy is old by NFL standards for a 2nd year player and he is slow.

He can’t run fast, he can’t think fast and he reactions aren’t very fast. Asking Weeden to speed things up is like trying to make a mountain grow quicker. It isn’t going to happen. If Weeden tries to go quicker than his immature football brain allows him to go, it could be devastating to the Cleveland offense.

There is nothing that can come out of forcing Weeden to go faster that will be a positive. The guy isn’t capable of thinking quick enough to go any faster. He is in over his head and the Cleveland Browns coaching staff realize this.

They simply have no other choice as the head coach Rob Chudzinski put it. The Browns are forced to start Weeden in the game against the Detroit Lions and some fans are wondering why.

Jason Campbell better be prepared to play at a moments notice. If Weeden tries to go faster than his soon to be 30-year-old body allows him to travel, the results could be devastating.

The Cleveland Browns better be careful what they wish for. They aren’t going to turn Weeden into a speedster and they should know that by now.

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  1. superdouche

    your funny how old is breez how old is manning how old is vick how old rothlesbugerhow old was that grocerybagger for st Louis how old was brett farve how old was Montana I could keep going you jeep telling us how slow and dumb weeden is Bernie was never gonna run there was a reason manning took 5 years to rush for a td you are just a hater we get it but guess what hes the qb and your not the coach so like the rest of us deal with it there is no one who will come in and do better period without 3 games of bad play by simply not knowing the offence anyone can go faster but an o line could try to block for longer than 3 seconds they are playing bad and that’s why hoyer is hurt he was running for his life you are just biased and single minded period

    • LG

      It doesn’t come down to age alone. It comes down to how long those guys have been playing football. Most have years of experience in the game long before they reach the NFL. In Manning’s case I can imagine him throwing a football before he could walk knowing who his father is. In Weeden’s case the guy was a baseball player, His only football playing experience comes from riding the pine for 2 years at Oklahoma state because he wasn’t good enough to play in front of their starter who has been tossed around the NFL from team to team and has yet to become a starter and the 2 years that Weeden played at OSU.

      This is part of his problem being a 30-year-old. He doesn’t have enough experience in the game to be an NFL caliber QB.


      Super….Your rebuttal does not hold water. The QB examples that you give all had successful careers. By the late stages of their careers they had learned to be elite readers of defenses and make quick reads and releases when necessary. Weededen’s advanced age in athletic years prevents him from ever having the opportunity to play like your above example quarterbacks.
      Weeden lacks both technical skills and instinctive skills necessary to be a consistent quality NFL starter. He’s simply too far behind the learning curve.

  2. Wane

    i think the browns are concerned that Campball might not be able to get the job done eather. why was he not the back up QB when Weeden had no rep’s last week?

    • LG

      Why in the hell did they bring in a guy they don’t believe in then? This new regime signed him.

      • Jeff

        I don’t think they brought in Campbell to actually play. I think they brought him in to put a little pressure on Weeden and to mentor a little bit. My biggest concern with Weeden is there doesn’t seem to be any fight in that dog. (no, not a reference to Vick. Just an old saying.) Hoyer throws three pix and still fight and gets a TD. I don’t get that vibe from Weeden. He’s not Charlie Frye. He’s not going to say everyone is picking on him, There are a whole slew of QBs that have played in the NFL that didn’t have off the charts skill, but they did have the go for the jugular attitude. I don’t see in this guy.

        • LG

          Agreed he has no fight

          • James

            I disagree about him not having any ‘fight’. When he came in against Buffalo he was booed relentlessly, yet he dealt with it and actually performed pretty well. I agree Weeden is young when it comes to football, but I really believe that watching just how fast Hoyer went through his progression and got rid of the ball is exactly what he needed to see.

            He has no excuses now – he has seen someone with less tools than him come into this offense and succeed, it is all on him to prove that he can be a legitimate starter in the NFL.

          • LG

            He will come up with plenty excuses you wait. Besides Hoyer has a lot more NFL experience than Weeden, I can see it now. He will get rid of the ball quicker and throw a bunch of Int’s….

        • 54CLEVELAND

          I agree, Jeff. He’s more suited to be a politician. He talks a good game but the talk never translates to on the field consistency.

  3. Bobby D

    Really you can’t figure out why the new regime hates Campbell? How about the 4th preseason game. He couldn’t play because his tummy Hirt. Then the bring him in when Weeden went down and he complained to the coach about being in a no win situation then gives the pansy underhand throw on fourth down.

    Campbell is gutless and a pussy. No one respects him.

    • LG

      Why did they bring him to Cleveland if the guy was going to act this way? Now if Weeden goes down there is only Campbell….

      • 54CLEVELAND

        Quite a conundrum. No good choices.

  4. Bobby D

    Don’t worry I hear Cam newton may be on his way to Cleveland for our 1st and 2nd round pick.

    He is hated in NC and wants to be back with Chud.

    No real intel like the Gordon situation just a hunch.

  5. marty

    The Brown’s management should of tried harder for Alex Smith.I don’t see Weedon changing from what he was born to be. His age has nothing to do with it. Maybe Campbell had some spark to him at one time. He is probley a bitter QB that gave up on his chances. LG, I said several times the past year, The browns will win some games, but the games won’t be won by Weedon.

    • LG

      Yes they should have.


      I too wish they had taken the Alex Smith opportunity more seriously. It’ll be a wash if they get a viable franchise QB in the spring. But, that’ll require some finger crossing.

  6. Swarming Defense

    I don’t know about you guys but I remember a lot of passes that were on target that our receivers just plan dropped. If these guys catch the ball and make plays, then it takes a lot of wood out of LG’s boner for Weeden.

    • LG

      They dropped the ball when Hoyer was in there too. They drop the ball on Brady’s team too. They drop the freaking ball all over the NFL. How long we going to make they drop the ball excuse for Weeden…

  7. Swarming Defense

    LG,Now where did you play college football?

    • LG

      Didn’t play in College

  8. Jim V

    I don’t know how many times I have to say this. My fiancée who watches OSU and the Brown’s with me, knows Weedon is not a good quarterback, she did not play high school, college or NFL football! You don’t have to be manager at the Jiffy Lube to figure that out! I hope I’m wrong and wish Weedon would come out and pick the Lions apart and show us that we were all wrong! But I think I could find chicken lips easier than that happening! I hope the Brown’s can turn it into one hell of a battle! Go Browns!!!


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