The Cleveland Browns hired Pat Shurmur to be the new head coach this season. The problem is the Browns have no explosiveness on the offense this year. Is this Pat Shurmur’s personality? Shurmur never seems to get excited during a game, a press conference or when he is defending any of his teams actions. Can this Browns offense resemble the head coach any more?

The Browns have yet to score a touch down in the first quarter in seven games this year. Shurmur’s play calling offers no excitement at all. I made a comment this afternoon while watching the game. I said “hey if people want to save money on their medical bills they could bring the Browns offense in to put them to sleep before any surgical procedures”.

That’s the kind of offense the Cleveland Browns have put on the field this year, the kind that puts you to sleep. If you ever heard Pat Shurmur speak it could put you to sleep as well.  The team needs some inspiration. They need someone to light the fire under them. I am not saying Shurmur isn’t the guy. I am however saying Pat Shurmur needs to place the spark in this offense.

The team has some talented players. They may lack the deep threat receiver but they still have some talented guys that are able to inspire each other to play in the NFL. Now the head coach needs to find a way to bring some inspiration to the offense. If the Cleveland Browns want to win games they need to get inspired. One way to do it, would be to put some points on the board.

Can Pat Shurmur inspire his team to play some exciting football. We haven’t seen it yet…..


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  1. Errol T. Porter

    This is E.P. of “Unsportsmanlike Conduct”. You are Damn right! We need this coach to start getting angry and show some type of personality on the sidelines. If the coach has a nonchalant attitude I’m sure it rubs off on the players. They need a kick in the ass in a big way. I cannot believe he said that he was not angry yet during today’s press conference. Why the hell am I so pissed off then. That is BS. Its way past the time to get mad Mr. Shurmur!!!!!!!!!!!! Check me out every M.W.F from 3-5pm on Right on L.G.


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