Brandon Weeden has no business being a starting quarterback in the NFL. In an offense that was rebuilt by a new offensive coordinator named Norv Turner, Weeden failed miserably. The Browns took on the Miami Dolphins in their home opener to start the 2013 NFL season.

Weeden played like crap. He completed only 26 of the 53 passes he attempted and threw 3 interceptions. Now before all you Weeden lovers start making your typical Weeden excuses, I strongly urge you to listen to Weeden’s post game press conference.

Weeden himself states, he threw the ball behind his intended receivers. Weeden sucks. He doesn’t have the mindset to compete in the NFL and that is why 21 teams pass on him in the 2012 NFL draft. Nothing has changed with the Browns offense.

It is the same old song and dance that we have witnessed for the past 14 years on opening day. Because the Browns have picked Weeden to start at quarterback, be prepared for another losing season. Unless Chudzinski smartens up and sits Weeden, the Cleveland Browns are going to go through another losing season with an ineffective offense.

Every team in the NFL has to know by now. all you have to do is apply pressure and Weeden is going to faultier. He doesn’t have it to compete on the NFL level. Get used to it people, as long as the Browns continued this failed Weeden experiment, the Browns are going to lose football games.

He ran the worse red-zone offense in the NFL last season and he is quickly doing it again this season. He comes out of the opener with a QB rating of 48.4. He can’t sense the pressure when it is coming and if he does, you can expect a panicked player to make poor choices.

Norv Turner is faced with his biggest challenge ever if the Browns continue to start Brandon Weeden. It is just a matter of time before he realizes there is little hope of Weeden becoming successful in the NFL.

Before the Browns sacrifice an entire season, the fans have to be hoping the new head coach will pull the plug on this bum. Weeden turns 30 on the 14th of October and if the old saying, you can’t teach an old dog a new trick is true, it is time for the Cleveland Browns to get rid of this bum……..Simply put, Brandon Weeden sucks. His immobility only adds to his problems.

Lets hope the brain trust of the Cleveland Browns can see this and they activate Brian Hoyer next week.

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  1. Jeff

    Why do you always twist things LG? two of those interceptions bounced right off the hand of our receivers. THATS NOT HIS FAULT….though you will say it is….because you dont know much about football. ALSO..what do you expect when we throw the ball 53 times? i mean what the heck? we were winning 7-6 and we come out slinging it?!??! we ran trent 13 times….it was like shurmer was the head coach still. I like also how you fail to mention the td weeden threw that was called back because of holding. Im not saying weeden is or isnt a good qb….but you hate on this guy every chance you get. Fact of the matter is we had a terrible game plan today. 13 running plays for trent? COMON MAN

    • LG

      You should have listened to his post game, then you would know even he knew those were his fault, he puts the football in the wrong spot and he throws behind the intended receivers…..

  2. marty

    I never thought weedon was of NFL caliber.Yet something wasn’t right about the team. There wasn’t the right attitude, the intensity wasn’t there. I strongly agree the quarterback has to be a leader that sets the tone.He is someone that has to make something happen. This is where Weedon fails. He can’t make things happen. Others have to make him look good.The offense line did not show the dominance of last year.The running game got abandoned too early.Buster Skrine or whatever he’s name, is still a bust. He doesn’t have the right mindset for a player. Cousins is usually dependable, his head was surely up his ass.Even the coaching made huge mistakes, why would they have a running back block a linebacker that you knew was going to be an impact on the play. Weedon stared down the receivers, his passes were block, threw passes away. Yes, he had three interceptions. They were his, but his receivers should of done more to stop them. That’s were a Antwon Bolden would of never let happen. It will be a long and boring season.They will not pull weedon, unless by injury alone. Weedon can’t and never will be a leader of the game. I’m not impress with Tanyhill, but yet he shows poise and doesn’t panic. I picked the Browns today, because there is talent there, and home field advantage.Without leadership—–The Browns aren’t going anywhere.

  3. Sam

    Ok, Weeden certainly didn’t play well, but he was far from being the biggest problem during that pathetic opener.

    The drops are the most frustrating things I’ve ever experienced as a fan. Greg Little and Travis Benjamin make catching a football look like rocket science.

    The front office doomed this season by not bringing in a second, strong corner. Skrine and Owens are not NFL starters. Teams will simply throw away from Haden the entire game.

    What the hell happened to Mitchel Schwartz?

    • LG

      Don’t you think some of the drops are because he has no touch on the shorter passes? He guns them in like they are fast balls…

      • 54CLEVELAND

        LG….You are right. Weeden throws a 5 yard pass just as hard as a 10 or 20 yard pass. No touch on the football. Chudzinski even alluded to it in his own presser.

        • LG

          That is why he gets so many drops too….

  4. bob

    Its a suck for Luck scenario


      Yesterday, Luck had the highest Total Quaterback Rating in the league. Weeden was next to dead last. It’s laughable that we had some in the offseason comparing Weeden to Luck. Simply laughable!

  5. JIM V

    Well Lg I told everyone that when they first drafted him. I’ve been writing you that these past few days. What scares the HELL out of me is,”Why does the so called Professional Coaches & Management play this guy”??? I’m glad you finally put in print what You always knew! That’s why you wouldn’t bet me dinner! Well here we go again! Bet you dinner he will start against the Ravens!

    • LG

      That too is a bet that I won’t take. The problem seems to be the Browns are more worried about admitting to making a mistake than they are with winning games…..

      • Tom Wynne

        seems like Weeden is the whipping boy for 10 years of organizational dysfunction…

        • LG

          You think it is that Tom or do you think it was the fact that he was said to have a highly accurate strong arm and he can’t even hit a wide open receiver with a screen pass?

  6. David

    Hello LG. I know it’s been a long time, but here goes. Once again, we lose a season opener. I am not going to commit myself about Weeden for this season just yet, but he needs to start getting his you-know-what together and fast. Despite having a different coaching staff(I’m still not sorry that we got rid of Shurmur) and offense, he still has the immobility issues, telegraphing by locking onto a certain receiver, and especially his indecision when under pressure. Bernie Kosar was another QB who was not exactly mobile but the difference was that he played smarter and was better at decision-making. Once again too many idiotic penalties to boot. However, Jordan Cameron had to be in my mind one of the only bright spots in the game.

    • LG



      David….Good points indeed. Only difference is I’ve already recognized that Weeden is not our answer.
      If he had not lost 5 years of football development playing baseball he might have succeeded. Plus, he did not play in a college system that prepares one for the NFL. At his advanced age in football years he’s just too far behind the development curve to be given further consideration.

      • Jim V

        I’m not sure if I have my facts right? But wasn’t Weedon drafted by a pro baseball team? how much time did he spend in the minors and why was he never called up? Maybe he couldn’t cut it? I personally have nothing against this kid is probably a very very nice man! However, he’s not a and NFL quarterback!!! Stevie wonder could see that!

        • LG

          The Kid was in minor league baseball for 6 years………He couldn’t cut it and he has a bad throwing shoulder. And as far as kid goes, he will be 30 in a month….

  7. RICK

    LG, How you can blame Weeden for the loss is beyond me. I believe we had the lead at halftime even with the picks so that had nothing to do with it. Cousins and Skrine and Gordan pretty much cost us the game. So put the blame were it belongs and quit using Weeden as a scapegoat. The upside is that the Browns are still in first place so big deal. At least you will nave some negativity to write about this week.

    • LG

      Rick, are you blind? Weeden isn’t an NFL caliber QB….He was out played out matched and out classed…He threw 3 ints. They were all his fault and it is only going to get worse as the season goes on. The pressure will be greater and he folds under pressure…..

    • JIM V

      Hey Knucklehead! I’m only going to say two things! Number one, have you watched other NFL quarterbacks when there protection starts to fold? Number two, colt McCoy is the backup for San Francisco 49ers! But what do they know compared to the geniuses we have in management and coaching for the Cleveland Browns!


      Rick….You Weeden followers have almost reached cult status! Escape while you can!

      • Jim V

        Here we go again! To all you Weedenites!I have been a Browns fan for 60 years, I’ve seen a lot of quarterbacks with the Brown’s and other NFL teams, and if you think weeden is a NFL quarterback? then, I have some oceanfront property in the state of Arkansas. I think you might be interested in!

  8. G

    Anybody know why Benjamin was not returning Kicks more often? Dude is not on the team because of his receiver abilities. It’s his kick/punt returning that excites.

    • LG

      Good question, they only used him on punt returns yesterday.


      Just a guess…..but, without Gordon they had to rely on Benjamin more as a receiver. I’m assuming that they wanted to minimize his exposure to injuries and thus avoid losing another receiver……as if it mattered.

  9. Tom Wynne

    wonder if LG really watches the brown’s secondary(Buster Skrine…I told you so)or the offensive line play. San fran’s QB wouldn’t have been able to avoid the beating Weeden took. yes, he stunk…but so did the OL, his receivers for the most part=drops and deflections leading to INT’s, and the high school caliber secondary. Why they failed to address the secondary is mystifying…oh wait..NO IT ISN’’s the Browns annual draft boners. happy 5-11 again!!!

    • LG

      Bull Tom…..San Frans qb would have done better than Weeden…Hoyer would do better they beat the heck out of him in Chicago and he performed……….

      • Tom Wynne

        then why isn’t he in Chicago? Their starter(over-rated) hasn’t won anything in many years…imagine you’re crying with him considerind your lack of patience with Weeden…

        • LG

          He sure won this past Sunday in Chicago didn’t he?


      Tom…..You just keep hoping against hope. Folks like you just keep looking for excuses.
      Quit lying to yourself. Weeden is not NFL starter material.

      • Jim V

        Tom, Your thinking reminds me of a “Monkey Trying To Screw A Football”, when it comes to WEEden!

  10. jackrabbit21

    Was hoping Weeden would prove me wrong, but I guess I was right. He should never have been the starter AGAIN!!

    I had a great football watching day yesterday. I set out NOT to watch the Browns because I wanted to have a good football watching day. Here’s what I did and what I suggest to do for viewing Browns game.

    1. DVR the Browns game
    2. Enjoyed the first part of my day not watching the Browns. Had a great brunch with the family.
    3. Picked what I thought would be the best game to watch yesterday, which was the Packers vs. 49ers.
    4. Was right – I really enjoyed watching the Packers vs. 49ers. Two professional, well coached teams with good talent. Really liked that 49ers kicker. lol. He’s good.
    5. Deleted the Browns game from my DVR after I heard and read what happened. After all, I did not need to waste my time seeing repeats of the trash I saw last year.


    LG…..You are 100% correct. Some of these yahoos just don’t want to believe what they are seeing. Weeden is a flop!
    The Weedenites need to remove the rose colored glasses. Weeden was NEXT TO DEAD LAST IN THE LEAGUE IN TOTAL QB RATING yesterday. TERRIBLE! STUNK! He’s not the answer.

    • LG

      Not much of an improvement since he finished 2012 at 33 out of 36 in TQR.


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