The Cleveland Browns new coaching staff must not have too much faith in Brandon Weeden’s abilities to turn things around this season. The team held mini camps last week, it was the first chance of the new coaching staff to have a look at Weeden in the Browns offense.

The talk around the NFL is about the Browns wanting to draft another quarterback, in the up-coming NFL draft. If the coaches had the same faith in Weeden that some misguided fans had, there wouldn’t be talk about the team taking another quarterback this week in the NFL draft.

Could it be the coaches aren’t totally convinced about Weeden’s football ability? He didn’t have the best rookie season and he sure doesn’t show the work ethic to turn things around. Over the off-season reports have surfaced talking about his lack of work ethics and this could be a major concern for the Browns new coaching staff.

This draft is weak at the quarterback position. There isn’t the depth of talent in this draft that there was in last years draft. The Browns could be making a mistake thinking about taking one of the quarterbacks available in the 2013 draft. The team has other needs to fill. They really need a good corner back and a couple of line-backers.

What is it about Weeden that keeps the NFL talking about the Browns wanting to draft a quarterback? He did have problems reading the defense last season and he did make some bad decisions on the field too. He finished the year near the bottom of the list and had one of the worse T.Q.R.’s of anyone.

Some attributed some of Weeden’s poor performance to the former coaching staff of the Cleveland Browns. Perhaps the new coaching staff still doesn’t totally believe that Weeden is the right fit for the Cleveland Browns.

According to’s Albert Breer and Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, the Browns want to draft West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith. Please say is isn’t so…….If the team does draft Smith, they would have to be setting a NFL record for taking more quarterbacks than any other team in the history of the NFL, over the past 14 years.


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Readers Comments (11)

  1. RICK

    LG, These goofy anaylists keep changing their minds and they all say something different so who knows. They are usually wrong so we will see.

  2. marty

    Draft a cornerback, put weedon in a corner sucking his thumb. Move on with the other two Quarterbacks.Weedon flat out doesn’t have it.

  3. mike

    i have been watching the paths to the draft and I have never heard one mention of Gino Smith…i heard Guard,def end or def back

  4. mike

    This is so horrible. It all comes down to new coach and wanting to have their own personnel in place. Part of Weeden’s problem might be that ever since they hired the new coach their has been no confidence shown to him. I understand he struggled last season but he was a rookie for pete’s sake. Now because he is learning a new system with a new staff, show him some confidence and see what he can do. And oh by the way, it ain’t going to happen over night. I think he deserves a season to prove himself. What do you have to lose because their isn’t a game breaking QB in this draft anyway.

    • Jeremy

      I agree Mike. They will probably look for Tyler Bray or the like in the 3rd or 4th round, just to have a youngster with upside. Then try and groom the kid for a year or two, and see what they have if Weeden blows this year. Otherwise, replacing him seems counter productive…

  5. Leon II

    Well Mel Kiper, Peter King and Phil Savage have all suggested that Browns will take Smith. Either the Browns are putting out really good misinformation or they are serious about taking Smith in the first round. At this point it just wouldn’t surprise me if the team takes him despite having more pressing needs.

    • LG

      Leon II, that tells me they have little faith in Weeden…

    • Anonymous

      Lets remember what Phil Savage did in Cleveland. Derek Anderson was pathetic. CB from Alabama would be awesome and the kid actually wants to come to Cleveland to play along side Haden. He WANTS to come! That in itself is amazing.

  6. ABrown

    LG, I think you are definitely right. There are several mock drafts with the Browns taking Smith. But a week ago Monday the Browns had EJ Manuel in Cleveland for a workout, and then all the offensive coaches flew to Florida to talk and work with him some more.

    Chud said several times how much Manuel reminds him of Newton.

    The talk about trading back in the draft is with the teams wanting to make sure they get a tackle and the Browns are trying to get a 2nd round pick to go along with the later 1st.

    I think the overall hope is that they will be able to pick a QB and a CB with these two picks.

    The Browns draft history since ’99 has been a disaster caused by repeated and tragically bad talent evaluation.

    The revolving door might never have started if the coaches could have used repeated top 1st round picks to put real players around Couch.

    And it continues all the way to the present — although we have started getting a few good players since we chose a great offensive tackle in the first round.

    The last big mistake we made was probably the trade with Atlanta — giving up the right to pick a top 10 NFL receiver to take Atlanta’s 1st round pick in 2011 and 2012, their 2nd round pick in 2011 and 4th in 2012. For a great receiver, we got a tackle who ranks between 20th and 30th in the league, Greg Little who ranks between 87th and 111th, Marecic who probabably isn’t still in the league, and Brandon Weeden who ranks at the bottom of the league.

    The only way the Atlanta trade works is if the Browns could have used those picks for excellent players. Most people in the league now believe that Atlanta made the right move to trade so much for Jones — that they gambled and won big time.

    This will be our 15th year as an expansion team. At some point our luck and talent evaluation has to change. Maybe it’s this year

    • LG

      Well, we are just days away from seeing what this new staff pulls off….

    • Leon II

      Well I have to say Heckert seemed really good at finding late round talent but not as good at selecting in the first two rounds. I’m not sure if that was pressure from above or his own inability to asses top round talent. Hopefully, we will see better results out of the new front office.


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