The only man who played on every Browns team since they returned to the NFL has landed the kicking role on the San Francisco 49ers. Phil Dawson says goodbye Cleveland, it was a lot of fun. Now the Browns let a guy go who average around 95% accuracy. Dawson was money for the team when inside or near the 50 yard line.

Phil Dawson was the guy the Browns used a franchise tag on one year, and they simply let him walk away from the Cleveland Browns this off-season. After playing for the Browns for 14 years, Dawson has landed on a team that not only gives him a real shot  at play-off football but a return trip to the Super Bowl.

Dawson could walk away from the 2013 season wearing a super bowl ring. The 49ers have a real chance at repeating a super bowl appearance in 2014.

The 49ers have built up their team with some good free agents and they have a boat load of draft picks they can use in the 2013 NFL draft. Nobody deserves it more than Phil Dawson, he is a real class act and he should get a shot at post season play. Every kicker has to dream about making a kick that can get your team a super bowl win.

Dawson now has a chance at making that dream a reality.

The Browns are going to miss the guy they were used to sending out on the field to make those 3 points at a time. Most of his career in Cleveland he was the leading scorer on the Browns. Many times the Cleveland offense sputtered and it was Dawson who put points on the board.

Many fans have to be wondering what this new ownership in Cleveland is thinking. Phil Dawson could have been a been a valuable asset to the Cleveland Browns in the 2013 season.

I sure hope who ever they get doesn’t miss a field goal that cost the team a win. If he does the fans will let him hear about it.

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