Josh Cribbs interviewThere are lots of people in the city of Cleveland that support the Cleveland Browns and think they have a clue when it comes to football. The Fans of the Cleveland Browns just want a winner and who can blame them?  There is a whole generation of Browns fans that have never been able to see a winner, they have seen season after season full of nothing but struggles. They have witnessed coach after coach come through the revolving doors at the front entrance of the Cleveland Browns head-quarters in Berea, Ohio. They still haven’t gotten to see what they have waited for. This season the Browns fans had the wool pulled over their eyes. They were duped by the management of the Cleveland Browns and their head coach Pat Shurmur, they were told the Browns would be a better team in 2012.

We the fans have watched the Cleveland Browns lose 6 of the 8 games the team has played and now with the truth starting to show, the Browns are not a better team than they were last year. For the last 8 years the Cleveland fans have seen one guy go out on the field week after week to provide thrills and give his best to the fans of the Browns no matter what. That man is Josh Cribbs and when Josh Cribbs talks I think the  fans should listen. Cribbs recently did an interview where he was asked point blank who the better quarterback would be for the Cleveland Browns, without hesitation Cribbs pointed to Colt McCoy. As fans I think we should listen and you can.

Thanks to Bob for furnishing us here at Cleveland Sports 360 the link to the interview. Bob is a guy who knows football and leaves intelligent comments at the Cleveland Sports 360 site. Here is the Link to the Cribbs interview and I think if you are a Browns fan you should listen to this Cribbs interview.

The interview really gets interesting around the 18 minute mark. The Cleveland Browns would have won more games this season if they would have stuck with the quarterback they already had in place. The Browns head coach went out of his way to screw the fans of the Cleveland Browns and now we get to live through yet another losing season. Have a listen to the Cribbs interview, it is well worth the time…. Oh yeah, when you are done, please don’t leave a bunch of stupid comments telling us Cribbs don’t know football. I think he does and I think he is one of a few that knows Cleveland Browns football better than most.


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  1. Bob Bower

    Jesus, Larry. What a bullshit title to this, Josh thought McCoy might have been better to START THE SEASON only because he already knew the idiot Shurmur’s system. What’s this “without a doubt” lie? You’re reaching again and I’m really fxxking tired of it. Give it a rest huh?

    • LG

      Bob, first of all with out a doubt when I listen to the interview with Cribbs I hear him say Colt is better in this offense, to me that makes him a better person to play than weeden is…Second of all please don’t use this kind of language in your replies kids might read this stuff…I had to edit your comment …3rd of all Bob I am sick and tired of watching losing football in Cleveland…..And 4th of all Bob you’re damn right I am reaching, Un-like the IDIOT that is running the Browns I would do anything to win a freaking football game for the fans who have poured out millions to support this piece of crap football team over the past 13 years. It doesn’t take this many years to build a winner BOB, just look at the Houston Texans….They came into the NFL 3 years after the Cleveland Browns…..

  2. Anonymous

    Lol…mccoy couldnt carry weebems jock. This id some funny shit.

    • marty

      tigerbrown, Yes, your’re right. Joe thomas is a probowler, He just isn’t good enough to cover the whole defensive line by hisself.What a stupid remark. Weedon did great, he lost to a badly injured team. His passes were off, left his brain at home.Beautiful interceptions right to the defender. Even with Reed not 100% he put it right in his arms. With the great protection he had today, and he was protected as no other he still is ” Howdy Doody ” out there.His throw the ball away–Don’t hit me attitude stinks.Luck of Indianpolis set a record today. The only thing Weedon is good at is throwing the ball away. Abrown if there is a stat for that, Weedon is the leader.Can’t find a open receiver in a beat-up defense. Where do you get Colt has a weak arm.Your mind and the Shurmar’s media tells you that.In your world maybe its even, Colt no arm — weedon no brain.

      • Abrown

        Hi Marty, no stat that I know of, but when the line gives Weeden 7 seconds to get off a throw and he can’t find the open receivers and then throws away to ball, we call that a mistake and start to count them.

        What I counted this game, though, was the time Weeden had to throw. I used the 1001, 1002, 1003 method so it’s not perfect, but I believe Weeden had between 4 and 7 seconds on every play.

        It’s generally accepted that QBs should get rid of the ball in 4 seconds, but Weeden gets very uncomfortable with less than 5 and starts to make mistakes. When he doesn’t throw the ball away after 7 seconds, he throws late to his check down receiver and that usually doesn’t work. When it really doesn’t work, that late sideline pass is a pick 6 waiting to happen.

        Our offensive line is basically performing a miracle on every snap to create the conditions Weeden requires to function in the NFL.

  3. Matt

    I dont even have to listen to this interview to make a comment . I love Josh Cribbs but Colt Mccoy does not have a strong enough arm to throw in the NFL. All the elite quarterbacks in the NFL have 1 thing in common . They all have the ability throw the ball down field and have strong arms and alot of them are pocket passers like Weeden . As a matter a fact the only good mobile quarterback this year is RG3. The rest of the elite quarterbacks are more less pocket passers.Yeah Colt is more mobile than Weeden but his arm sucks. I’m so tired of watching 3rd and 10 and 3rd 15 and Colt Mccoy or Brady Quinn throwing a 5 yard pass.We finally have a quarterback who can throw the ball down field and have got a runningback to open up the play action pass.Stop bringing up the past and look to the bright future. Colt Mccoy doesn’t have and arm. There is not a elite quarterback in the that has weak arm . I’m going to listen to this interview now but I had to comment first because its crazy to think Mccoy is better than Weeden . Maybe Josh Cribbs is mad because he has not been a part of the offense I dunno but clearly the future is better with Weeden and by the way I think Cribbs should be more involved in the offense. He is too talented and too much of a playmaker not to be more involved

    • LG

      Matt McCoy has a lot stronger arm than you think. He was playing with a damaged nerve in his arm. This year his arm is healed.

      • Pete

        I’ll be the first to leave a stupid comment, Cribbs don’t know football.

  4. DawgPile

    ” Un-like the IDIOT that is running the Browns”

    His name is Jimmy Haslam LG.That is the man signing the checks in Browns Town.

    This YOUNG team is less than 3 years old in FACT. So suck ‘em up there cowboy and LET’S RIDE!!!

    GO BROWNS!!!

    • LG

      Lets get some Freaking Wins…….

  5. Jimmy

    Weeden is breaking records, and its sad you can’t appreciate how much better he is. Most improved player from beginning of season. Broke rookie Browns QB record for pass yards, BEAT AN AFC NORTH TEAM, #2 #5 longest rookie pass’s. More yards than most starters. Oh well dude..

    • LG

      Jimmy what good is breaking records if you can’t win football games?

      • Abrown

        And this week he will have the 2nd worst passer rating in the NFL, instead of 3rd worst. And he seems determined to reclaim his lead in the most interceptions category, as well.

        In the other accepted quarterback rating system, the ESPN NFL Total Quarterback Rating, Weeden holds the 34th spot out of 34 QBs who have started this year.

        And about all those yards for a rookie QB. Andrew Luck now has 2400 yards to Weeden’s 2000 after today’s games, and Luck has played in one less game than Weeden because of his bye week

  6. Denny Dice

    From the Experts and a Real News source

    Weeden Haters and McCoy lovers enjoy–nfl.html

    • LG

      Why don’t you ever call it what it really is Denny? We are losing haters Not Weeden Haters we hate losing football games, sure you can’t win them all but to lose 6 out of 8 suck!!!…

  7. Denny Dice

    Thanks Larry for taking down my previous post. I see you don’t like bring called out!!!

    The article you refer to was in the preseason not during the regular season


    If this article was NOW the CLEVELAND MEDIA would be all over this and it be a underlying story for CBS and their pregame crew to talk about

    Guess what???

    It’s not a story cause its not REAL!

    • LG

      Denny I have Never taken down any of your comments….I think you know better than that…..The Point is Cribbs thinks the Browns could have won with McCoy on the field. We sure aren’t winning now.

  8. kevin

    we didn’t break up a super bowl team. we never had been to a super bowl. we have two solid nfl starting cailaber qb’s. can they be franchise qb’s maybe or maybe not. fact is we need this kind of depth at all positions to be a super bowl contender. did anyone want a 28 year old qb ,in the first round with building young and able to pick him later. of coarse not everyone was shaking there heads angry. fact is mccoy and weeden can play in this league. both are new to the league and both have strengths and weaknesses. i like both qb’s and want them both on browns. i think they can grow together and learn together. both are smart and can help each other and the team. 49ers had montana and young…..packers had farve and rodgers…along with other teams having more then one good qb. i’m not saying these qb’s are in the same class yet as the those other qb’s but they both can play. both have heart and guts and leadership. one can make plays with his legs and control the game with short to mid range passes. one can stretch the field and sees and takes his chances and shots to keep defences honest. nobody likes to lose. browns players feel good about our team and what we are doing.also and who we play and play with.many are speaking and loud and clear including cribbs,some of his words——–The vibe is really good,” said receiver Josh Cribbs. “We really believe we can beat the Ravens [Sunday], not just come close. They’re a good team, but we feel like they’re ripe to be beat.There’s no question we’re a better team than the one that played them the first time,” said Cribbs, who was knocked out of the first meeting with a concussion. “Our special teams are a lot better and we plan on making some big plays. Our rookies on offense, Weeden, Richardson, Gordon and Mitchell have all grown up a lot, and we’ve gotten some guys back on defense.”

    • Abrown

      You’re right, Kevin. I tend to point up Weeden’s faults and defend McCoy because I get so frustrated by all the McCoy bashing I hear, and because the Head coach is actually making up stats to try to prove that McCoy was the whole reason the 2011 had problems and dodge the responsibility that is his as the coach.

      Weeden and McCoy are both being hurt and their professional development is being handicapped because the Head Coach is doing such a bad job.

  9. LOL

    HAHAHAHAHHAHA….AHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….BUUUUAAAHHAHAHAHAA, OH! Sorry, Colt McCoy won 4 games last year didnt he???? The quarteback isnt the problem… thus far in my eyes it has been the DEFENSE, not the QB. As for the injury Colt McCoy had, that all you people keepo pointing to as an excuse for a weak arm, He, COLT MCCOY, SAID OUT OF HIS OWN MOUTH, that this had no effect on his throwing, say what you want, but Colt said that himself… You keep saying that we arent winning freaking game and thats all you want, well what was yoiu saying when McCoy was stinking up the joint… oh I know, you was point out every other excuse other than the QB…

    • Abrown

      LOL, the person we blame is the Head Coach.

      I can’t believe you watched the games and thought the defense played badly. The defense was the reason we won the games against the Bengals and the Chargers. When the offense couldn’t move the ball against the Bengals, the defense and Cribs long returns gave us the ball in field goal range so we got points even if the offense couldn’t gain yards. And then the defense scored a TD on its own.

      Against the Chargers, we never took a snap inside the red zone. We scored on a long run by TR and then the defense held the Chargers to field goals when they got in the red zone twice.

      You’ll enjoy the game more if you learn more about it.

      • Bob

        I think Denny Dice is sending people here from his facebook fan page.

  10. marty

    The editor does well at his job.The browns management did what they intended to do. Ruin a man’s career to get even. That’s why I believe the new owner will clean house.My personal view is colt was never put up for a trade. Media has their way of making articles gospel.The facts don’t lie. Weedon supporters never make a comment about the offensive line from 2011 to 2012. They feel it didn’t make a difference. Anyone who feels this way doesn’t have a clue about football.Worst protection of a line for 2011. Player they have didn’t contribute anything, a player that was crippled thru the season,had no laterial movement. a great lineman who tried to help others shortcomings. This is why 1.9 seconds protection procurred. The offensive line can make or break a quarterback. I believe will make a good quarterback, but as of yet has shown me nothing. If he didn’t have a great line of protection, he would be curled in a little ball crying.I hope and always will for the browns to win. If they do win, big deal. They would of beaten a team were their best players are out.Their impact players that make a difference.The browns are up to being healthy and just about everyone back. They beat cinncinnati which obviously is in trouble. A San Diago team which performs in slow motion. They lost to a team that outplayed the browns.At least in that game, the ball bounced our way. ( Which I am grateful for )The browns biggest enemy is not players.Shurmur hasn’t impressed me for a pick as coach. Fans would like Cower, but he was a brown and a steeler. I think he likes what he is doing and remain there. Grodin, would be a choice but probley would chose the same path as cower.

    • LG

      Marty, you are spot on with this reply. The Browns management should be cleaned out. And I personally think it happens as soon as the season is over….

    • tigersbrowns2

      ummm MARTY … there were 2 pro-bowlers playing on that 2011 o-line … and just how many sacks did they give up ??

      • LG

        Tigersbrowns2 with all due respect their is no way Joe Thomas should have made it into the Pro-bowl last season. It is becoming a popularity pop vote contest these days and the best players are not always included just like the MLB All-star game….

      • ABrown

        Tigersbrowns2, that’s a good question about the line and how many sacks they gave up.

        I’d say only half as many as they would have given up with ANY OTHER QB under center. Since he was sacked the 8th highest number of times in 2011. A less mobile QB would have been flattened for an all time league record.

        You watched those games last year and saw the right side of that line collapse over and over again. You know that the right tackle was injured and had problems and the right guard was still trying to adjust to the NFL. And beyond that, once the line starts to break down it’s all over.

        And I can remember so many times seeing McCoy get swallowed up by the whole defensive line before he could even get 2 steps away from the center.

        That was a truly awful situation to put a young QB in and when you compound that with Shurmur’s atrociously predictable play calling, it’s beyond awful. It was a disaster.

  11. Denny Dice

    It’s McCoy arm to it was the Wr to its the Oline to the coach don’t like McCoy??

    Do you guys read your own comments???

    The difference between Weeden Fans and McCoy fans is

    Weeden fans don’t make excuses for Weeden..

    We just SEE what you can’t!!!

    Weeden a big time Qb who is 10 times better than Cult McCoy will ever be!!!

    That what us Weeden supporters know and believe and why we don’t need excuses for our Qb!!!

    But please tell us more about Cult McCoy and all his excuses cause I know his Daddy and his Brother have plenty!!!!


    • LG

      We all see one thing Denny, The Browns are 2-6 and they suck when it comes to winning football games. In the end the only thing that really counts for anything is how many times the team wins. Just think Denny if you win more than any other team in your division the NFL rewards your team with something they cal play-offs. If your team wins in the play-offs enough times you get this thing you hang in your stadium called THE AFC Champions. I never visited any stadium in the NFL where they had a flag hanging any where saying “our rookie quarterback broke a lot of rookie quarterback records”. Have you seen any banners like those hanging anywhere Denny Dice? And if the Browns brass would have said last season the team is going to suck as bad if not worse than they did in 2011, then I wouldn’t have had any expectations going into the 2012 season.

      That wasn’t the case Denny, we were told the browns would be better AND WOULD WIN MORE GAMES. They didn’t say the browns would be better and still lose a ton of games they said we would win more games. And that statement came from a guy who was suppose to know football, Former team president MIKE HOLMGREN…..So Denny can you see where all the disappointment is coming from….?

      • LOL

        So what you are saying LG is you are fine with last years 4-12 record because that is what Colt McCoy and the browns went last year… because you are defending a QB that went a stellar 4-12 and showed NOTHING….????? Why cant you step back and look at the big picture and stop going from week to week…? I agree with Denny Dice 100% when it comes to Weedens flaws, you guy pick him apart but when it come to your boy toy McCoy, the excuse are non stop… itt the coach, the recievers, the o-line, blah blah blah… Even when Weeden wins, you make excuse for why he won…lol… unreal!!! But i gotta say, its entertaining though

        • LG

          LOL. I don’t think I have made a ton of excuses for Colt McCoy. I think if you look through the articles I have written I say there is one common denominator between McCoy’s problems last season and Weeden’s problems this season. The problem is Head Coach Pat Shurmur. Neither Q.B. has the chance to win with Shumur as the head coach. McCoy might have the slight edge because he has been exposed to the IDIOTS offense a little longer….You see Shurmur isn’t smart enough to build a game plan around his guys strengths…2013 is going to be a much better year. As long as Shurmur is gone….

        • Abrown

          LOL, I bet you didn’t even follow the Browns last year. If you did you’d know that McCoy didn’t play in 16 games because of a serious concussion in game 13.

          So McCoy was 4 and 8 and the Head Coach let him play in the 13th game against league rules and risk his health when he was barely conscious enough to know where he was.

          In the record books McCoy was 4 and 9. That’s not good enough either, but we lacked healthy receivers, healthy running backs, and a sound offensive line, and were managed by a disastrous head coach.

          • Bob

            He agrees with Denny Dice 100% so that says it all.

          • LG

            Who in there right min would agree with Denny Dice 100%

  12. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … nothing personal , but aren’t there many many other browns subjects to write about instead of beating the “mccoy got the shaft” horse to death ??

    • LG

      Hopefully we will have a load of highlights to write about after the Ravens game today Tigersbrowns2 lets all pray that is the case….

  13. RB

    I listened to the interview. Cribb’s was answering a question as to who should have started at the beginning of the season. He answered McCoy, not because McCoy was more talented. It was due to McCoy’s familiarity to the offense.

    Cribb’s also said that as the season goes on and Weeden improves, that Weeden is better suited for the offense.

    Long term, Weeden is the better option. We may have sacrificed a win or two from playing Weeden from the start, but I believe the team will be better served with Weeden at QB.

    I honestly believe the Browns are better this year than they were last year. Better doesn’t necessarily translate into more wins. We have more talent this year than we did last year. I see that as being better.

    We are also younger this year than last year. Young teams tend to be inconsistent. This is expected, and this is what we have been experiencing.

    I’m not convinced McCoy’s shoulder injury was an issue since it happened in college. Last year was Colt’s 2nd year in the NFL. Wouldn’t we have heard about this “injury” his rookie season?

    I understand your frustration, but the Browns have more pressing issues than who’s playing quarterback. You’re fixated on Weeden. Maybe you should understand our frustration that every other story yours seems to be about Weeden/McCoy.

    • LG

      That’s funny RB. I heard Cribbs say McCoy was better to run this offense and Weeden is the guy the fans want to see. Never once did I hear Cribbs say Weeden would be better to run this offense. What minute mark does Cribbs say that at? I’ll go back and listen again…

      • Bob

        Cribbs said at 18:40 that Weeden is “What our staff wanted to see” that means Shurmur.

        • Abrown

          Bob, that’s what I heard, too. And there are serious limits to what a player can say, especially with a coach a desperate and malicious as Shurmur.

          What he could say was what he thought about McCoy as a potential NFL quarterback in the future. He said he was young and still had time, and that he will be a great NFL quarterback. Which I took to mean that even if McCoy doesn’t get to start here for whatever reason, he still has a bright future in the NFL.

          I also heard him express some regret that McCoy couldn’t have played this year because he was prepared for a real breakout season with the playbook we are using.

  14. Bob

    Thanks for the compliment LG. After listening to Cribbs, I feel Shurmur is a very, very vengeful little man, who threw Colt under the bus to sacrifice wins to save his job. I feel very sorry for the team, both quarterbacks and the fans. This was probably not only difficult for Colt, but also for Weeden, who has pressure on him due to Shurmur’s locker room politics. In conclusion, saving Shurmur’s job was more important then winning is the bottom line. Therefore, Shurmur is NOT a team player but a selfish angry hateful person. I bet veterans on this team did not appreciate another year of “rebuilding”

  15. LOL

    After watching this game today…i think its safe to say that Pat Shurmar put the nail in his coffin because this was the worst coaching performance that I have ever seen thus far by any coach in th NFL…

    • Abrown

      I can definitely agree with you on that, LOL.

  16. tongue_it

    weeden your a bum and i’m glad Phil Dawson is on our team!
    Weeden you choke under pressure and you can’t scramble.
    Weeden enjoy your time here while you can, because you may or may not be here next year. If you are ask McCoy how he felt sitting out this season because if your still here thats where you ought to be a back-up QB!

  17. Bob

    Shurmur & Weeden beat the Browns today. So let’s have them for the next game.

  18. MushroomStamp

    Colt is a JV QB at best. This article is boarder line retarded. I don’t live in Cleveland, but I’ve been a die-hard fan for 20+ Years. We are close to becoming something, but every time I read the crap that comes from CS 360 I want to mushroom stamp the writer right in the eye! I feel like the articles are written with the intelligence of most Bengal fans. Why don’t you lock it up and support a guy that can throw the ball more than 25yds. You got what you got! I agree Pats not that great and Weeden is old, but I have faith Jimmy will turn it around! I’d rather stay in games and get a good draft pick then win 6 or 7 leaving us with a mid-draft pick and putting us right where we are right now! A couple more choice players and we’ll beat anyone in the league.

    • LG

      Yes you would mushroom stamp me in the eye is that right? You best be careful for what you wish for. Violence is not the answer. Winning football game is the answer and right now there are a heck of a lot of pissed off Browns fans running around….So stop with your useless threats nobody talked to you this way….

    • Abrown

      Mushroom, if you want a high draft pick, then Weeden’s your man. . . remember “suck for Luck”?

      But if you think McCoy can’t complete long passes or isn’t talented enough to start in the NFL, you are brain washed and lack the insight to realize it.

      McCoy has completed long passes in the NFL. In his rookie year he completed 14 passes of 20 yards or more in 8 games. In 8 games this year, Weeden has completed 11. It’s verified and recorded in the clearest possible way at research sites like Pro Football Reference. McCoy actually threw more long passes as a rookie than Weeden.

      In 2011, McCoy rarely had even 3 seconds to throw and that limits what even quarterbacks like Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers could do, but McCoy managed to throw a total of 11 “long” passes in 8 games.

      Weeden can’t really function if he doesn’t get 5 seconds. If McCoy had 5 seconds to work with, he would shred any defense.

  19. marty

    LOL, would you want to repeat what McCoy’s record was last year. You don’t have a clue about football.

    • LG

      Hey by this time last year Colt McCoy had more wins than Brandon Weeden has

  20. ki

    Mccoy rating last year was 75. Weedens is in the 60′s

    All of last year Mccoy had 11 interceptions. Weeden is already at 12.

    Weeden has about 25% more interceptions than TDs. Mccoy had 25% more TDs than interceptions.

    Mccoy had won more games at this point last season.

    And remember the browns could have improved by picking a reciever instead of a QB. Unless Weeden is substantially better than Mccoy the draft pick was a waste.

    You can say Weeden is a better QB only if you ignore their track records.

    • Bill Cowher

      With Massaquiedksjfikajdp playing well, not injured like last year, a good running back, and if they would have drafted a good TE or WR, Colt would have this team at 6-2 at least. Wheeden has 4.5 seconds plus to pass compared to last year for Colt at 1.9 seconds. Colts are is healthy and he can run and is smarter as a QB than Wheeden…….That’s all that needs to be said.

      • ABrown

        Right you are, Bill!

  21. marty

    I have one question. How can Weedon throw a interception with that much protection. The only logical reason, he is waiting for a Baltimore player to get open. They were right on the money, and such pin point accuracy. Such a strong arm they were like a bullit. Too bad for the rest of the browns they were to the other team.Weedon is garbage. Like management has said in the past. Colt was the only reason we couldn’t win. Well it’s the same situation. Weedon is the only reason we can’t win games.

  22. isitnextyear

    Are you kidding me?? Here are some facts, Josh Cribbs is average at best at what he does. He was only resigned because he was a fan favorite. Any one of the receivers or defensive backs could do his job, a few, Haden or Benjamin, could do it better. I don’t care who he thinks should be quarterback, he is not a coach, he is a player and needs to shut his mouth and listen to his coaches. LG, yet another terrible attempt to anger the fan base here in Cleveland, Go back to Pittsburgh!

    • LG

      Isitnextyear, I don’t need to try and anger the fan base. The fans are already pissed off about the crap they see each Sunday. The new owner is even pissed off…

    • ABrown

      Cribbs is leading the league in punt returns and 3rd by just a few yards in Kick off returns. Very few players could do a better job, and his returns have put the team in a position of keep a field goal even though the offense couldn’t gain a yard on the possession.

      Cribbs, never said naything inappropriate to blame the coaches. He’s a professional.

      But as far as advising ANYONE to listen to Pat Shurmur, isitnextyear, you must be suffering from a concussion. It’s still 2012 and the Browns are still held captive by the very worst coach I’ve ever seen in the NFL.

      Free the Browns! Fire Shurmur!

  23. ABrown

    I meant “anything” not “naything”. Sorry.

  24. steve

    all of u bashers are wrong about this game.there were three plays that i know of that would have won this game.the first two were idiot play calls when they had third and two,third and one where they threw two long passes for no reason on a soft run defense. the third play was a touchdown called back because of a penalty

    • ABrown

      Oh good grief, Steve! Get real. There were a lot more than 3 plays that lost that game.


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