Welcome to Cleveland Sports 360 soon to be your number one ranked sports social site.

CS360 will be bringing you coverage of all your favorite Cleveland sports teams. We'll  cover The Browns, Cavaliers, Indians and more. We will include The Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland State Vikings, Kent State and many more.

CS360 will be your number one stop for all of your sporting needs. You'll be able to become a member, log in and leave your opinion to our stories which will be posted for all the world to see. Once you become a member you'll have the chance to win tickets to your favorite sporting events, Restaurant certificates and more.

CS 360 will also be bringing you coverage of semi pro football from the shores of Lake Erie. That's right, I'll bet many of you didn't even know there is semi pro football right here in our own backyard.

CS360 will be hosting a page and semi pro coverage will be coming from Randy Brewster former offensive linemen and current G.M. of the Lake Erie Invaders. But wait we're still not done!!

Many of you from the area have heard of the prominent personal injury Attorney Tim Misny, you know  "Misny Makes Them Pay" well, we'll have a page containing  commentaries from Big Tim Misny himself.  That's right,  when Misny is not "Making Them Pay" he takes time out of his busy schedule to watch them play.

But wait just a minute there's more, CS360 will be hosting a on-line poker league. Not only will you be able to sign in to play poker on-line within the site, we will be hosting poker tournaments with our partner site Detroit Sports 360.  Can you imagine the fun of beating a Michigan fan in poker just as the Buckeyes beat them in football? Think of the joy you'll feel.

So check back often and watch the site grow. And remember once the membership sign up is up and running, please join to become eligible for CS360 give-a ways.

You can Visit our Partner site at Detroitsports360.com