There are some people in Cleveland that think Brandon Weeden is the next coming. Even though some of his teammates aren’t sold on the fact that Brandon Weeden can get the job done, this one fan in particular thinks, Weeden is the next Joe Montana. Obviously just because Brandon Weeden said he is  “absolutely” confident he can beat out any competition for the team’s starting quarterback job. We must remember Weeden felt that same way when he was trying to beat out someone to become one of the New York Yankees starting pitchers.

Brandon Weeden is no stranger to competition. What is strange to Weeden is actually going into a camp and winning a starting role with out the contest being already predetermined. In 2011 the Cleveland Browns had a coach that wanted to insert Weeden in the starting role regardless if he was ready or not. The Browns had a coach that would let Weeden struggle just so he could say, this is the guy I picked to run my offense.

It isn’t going to happen that way in the 2013 season. No matter how many times Weeden says things like; “I completely expect to be the starter,” it may not happen that way this year Mr. Weeden. Weeden comes to the Browns this year facing a fair amount of scrutiny over his rookie season.  People will be watching him this year in camp as if he was under surveillance.

The Cleveland Browns top decision makers weren’t sold on the job Weeden did in his first season with the team. There are a fair amount of  rumors going around about the Cleveland Browns liking what they saw with Geno Smith. Although I don’t think the Browns would really seriously go after Smith, you never know what to expect in professional sports. How many times do we hear rumors? Sometimes they pan out and sometimes they don’t.

Just like Weeden’s confidence, I’m sure it was running just as high when he was draft into the Yankees organization, and we can all see it is running high with the thought of being the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns in 2013.

The Weeden quotes were taken out of an article that a Weeden fan sent me from around the NFL.


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  1. ForeverABrownsFan

    Well if Weeden plays like he did in last seasons preseason’s games and it is a “Fair” competition, then he would fall short.

    Weeden doesn’t have the best accurate arm either. It may be strong but not accurate.

    I would rather see a QB with a little less arm strength and being accurate, than what Weeden brings.

    All I want to see is a “Fair” competition this comming year and not just handed to him on a silver platter.

  2. john

    right now it is weedens control.i think lewis will give him all he can handle.there is not much on market for qbs either one of these guys can win games.maybe better call playing really could help weedman.i think weeden will be the mccoy lewis is backup

  3. Bob

    Of course Weeden is going to say he is confident that he will be the starter. All Qbs say that. Weeden learned a month ago how to properly answer that question. Remember, last month when he said he could not do Kelly’s offense when Kelly was close to being the new Browns coach. And then turned around and said he was joking? Ha! Ha! What a comic!

  4. RICK

    I see nothing wrong with being confident. I hope somebody (whoever it is)gets the job done.

    • ABrown

      It would be better for Weeden if he would stop being so confident and start really working harder to becoming a better QB.

      Weeden’s unrealistic confidence caused a lot of problems for the Browns last year when he was so confident he didn’t think it was important learn the play book or study film to improve his ability to read defenses.

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi ANONYMOUS , er , i mean ABROWN …

        i would say it was HOLMGREN’S unrealistic confidence in weeden that caused alot of problems for the browns last year … don’t ya think ??

        • ABrown

          Yes, he wasted a draft pick.

          But once Weeden got here he has the responsibility to do his job and prepare for each game. He has to take the blame for not doing that like the adult everyone said he was.

  5. Brian

    I have a question for you , If the Browns would have won 10 games last year or even 9 with Weeden as the QB , would you feel diffrent about the 2013 season?

    • LG

      Are you kidding me Brian? It they would have won 8 games I would be feeling different about the team.

      • Brian

        I ask that with this in mind , i am sure sports writers ( not that I think you have reached that as of yet ) in Indy( Manning) 1st season 1-15 were ready to give up on him, Hummmmm. or lets say Dallas ,( Akman ) 1st season 1-15 maybe 0-16 not sure but bad , Hummmmm. Just a thought. You might want to think a little bit

        • LG

          Trust me Brian I have looked at all that. Do you know the scores of all the Manning 1st year losses? Very close games….

          • RICK

            LG,so was this year very close games. What’s your point?

          • LG

            My point is that Weeden is not Peyton Manning or Troy Aikman ether….He don’t have the football mindset….

          • Anonymous

            Manning threw 26 touchdown passes that first year and set the record for rookie QBs that still stands. It’s not so hard to accept 28 INT with a QB who got you 26 touchdowns.

      • KC

        To bad Shumur, the new Eagle’s offensive coordinator want take Weeden since he was totally sold on Weeden being one of the top 2012 QB’s. The Eagle’s will need a QB regardless if they believe Vick will be there starter. Shumur go and get your man Weeden and lets see how good you believe he can be.
        Also, I get so tired of Weeden telling all of us he has confidence he will be better. He stated that after every game, telling us he looked at the films and learned and he will be better in the next game. He played the same way each game making very little improvement. I forget he is a slow learner though. Cleveland, if you have some years to wait and hope Weeden, this slow learner could be your man well good for you. He might finally learn when he is in his mid 30’s, time when many retire.

        • LG

          Hey should take him especially since he already was just joking around how he couldn’t run the Chip Kelly offense. This way the Eagles would have a pair that couldn’t run the offense..Shurmur & Weeden..

  6. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG …

    I hope we go defense with the #6 pick , but geno smith is a good qb …
    for the sake of argument , let’s just say the browns do take geno smith , this regime would be smart enough not to toss him into the fire his rookie season.

    not unless there is thought he is super-special like luck or rgIII.

    • LG

      I hope we get a corner back or the LB from A&M not anther q.b.

  7. dan dyer

    LG-Do you remember 2011? Colt McCoy was given the starting QB job without any competition. He had an average rookie year, less impressive than Weeden’s IMO and statistically, and management named him the starter right after the draft. So why do you bash Weeden for being given the job? Obviously they were not impressed with the year of games that they had witnessed with McCoy leading this team to a staggering 13 pts a game. He was given the job…Weeden was given the job. If you’re gonna bash one then bash the other as well.

    • LG

      Of course I remember 2011, I remember Colt had 14 Td’s and 11 ints. I remember the team could have won 2 more games by kicking field goals and the long snapper blew the snap. I remember the opener against the Bengals when the Browns D fell a sleep and the Bengals pulled off a quick snap to beat us….I remember McCoy moving the Browns right down the field in Pittsburgh on thursady night and Hillis not being able to get the ball into the end zone on three runs…..What about the 20111 season?

      • dan dyer

        Woulda, coulda, shoulda…if that is the case then remember 2012 week 1 against Philly, Little letting a TD pass in the endzone bounce off his face and Shurmur kicking an x-pt instead of going for 2 that would have put them up by 7.
        Or week 7 against Indy when Gordon dropped a perfect bomb in the endzone that would have put us ahead in the 4th.
        Or the 2 PI calls with less than 1 min in the Dallas game after Weeden had just thrown a go ahead TD. And the obvious fumble in OT that we were not awarded.
        If that is your argument then the 2012 team would have been 8-8 at least. And according to another post you had that would have been totally acceptable.
        The fact of the matter is that you can woulda, coulda, shoulda either one and make them sound better. My point was neither had competition and both were given starting jobs. HOW ABOUT WE STOP BASHING BOTH OF THESE GUYS AND FOCUS ON RHE GOOD AND BUILD THEM UP. tHINK THAT WOULD MAKE FOR A MUCH BETTER QB COMPETITION IN CAMP IF THEY COULD BOTH COME IN WITH SOME CONFIDENCE AND SUPPORT.

  8. autopilot

    I’ve been quietly watching the Browns’ offseason “chatter” and quite frankly I believe that they don’t know what to do with the quarterback situation. They’ve said that they wanted to bring in a quality quarterback to engage in a legitimate quarterback competition, and yet they haven’t made any moves in the offseason to do that.

    The draft doesn’t have any legitimate “sure-fire” starting quarterbacks. Geno Smith is NOT first-round talent. He’s probably the best of the lot (as I said a few months ago in a previous post), but the Browns would be foolish to burn a first-round pick on him.

    So, where does that leave the Browns with their quarterback situation? Honestly, I don’t think they have a clue about what to do except to sit tight with what they have and work to “coach up” Weeden, McCoy and Lewis. I do think that they will take a quarterback in the draft, but it won’t be in the first round. And, I don’t think that they will spring for a trade at this point. There just aren’t any proven quarterbacks out there (with the “possible” exception of Matt Flynn…and he is a question mark in my mind since he sat all last season).

    With all that being said, it’s a toss-up as to who will be the starter for the Browns in 2013. I don’t think that Weeden will be given any favoritism by the new coaching staff and that the spring OTAs and training camp will be an actual quarterback competition between all three.

    Of them all, I know that McCoy’s work ethic will help him because he is 100% into training all year long. My oldest son recently attended a weekend church retreat that McCoy was at here in Texas (along with Jordan and Jaxson Shipley) and they worked out why at the camp.

    It’s that work ethic that will win out come summer training camp. I’m not saying that Lewis or Weeden don’t have it, but whoever wants it the most will not sit idly by until training camp or the OTAs but will work 24/7/365 to improve their skills.

    I guess that we’ll just have to stay tuned to see how it all plays out.

    • LG

      I think you are 100% correct sir…


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